Austrian 7’s tournament in LeobenSamstag, 1. Oktober 2016, Bericht: Line Al Fassih

At the end of the season 2015/2016, the MRFC Ladies team decided to stop playing 15’s for a year because of the lack of players. The perks of this decision are that it gives the team time to really focus on 7’s and become more successful. Moreover, since the team is trying to recruit a lot of new players (with the goal of registering a team in the Bundesliga again in one or two seasons), it gives the new players time to gain experience, playing a fast, fun and strategically less complicated game. But with a maximum of 7 tournaments in a season in the Regionalliga, the girls were worried that they would not be playing a lot this season. That’s why they decided to register to some of the national Austrian Women Rugby 7’s tournaments. After missing the first two Austrian tournaments, we were really eager to play against five new teams. The Austrian teams were also curious to meet us. On their homepage, the host club Leoben wrote that it was the first time that the national tournament welcomed so many participants (9 teams). And that the MRFC, with its first participation, was going to be the “Unknow” of the tournament.

RAK Olimpija Ljubljana : München RFC
5 : 24

The first pool game was against the Slovenian team of Ljubljana who finished 3rd of the previous tournament. Right after the kick-off, the girls in blue were putting a lot of pressure on their opponent forcing them to make a lot of passes in their 22, leading to the interception of Zoé “Stiches” Chioato and the first try of the game after only a few seconds. This good start gave the Munich Ladies a lot of confidence and a lot of good moves were played. The second try came after a messy action, Lisa “Proplife” Goldmann picked-up the ball 5m from the try line and score a typical prop try (running straight through 3 players). Just before halftime, Zoë “Zorry” Vallinga scored the 3rd try of the game between the posts after a succession of beautiful inside steps and hand-offs. The score at halftime was 0:19 for MRFC. The girls in blue were playing well but the girls from Ljubjlana were not taking advantage of the defensive mistake of the MRFC Ladies. The lionesses had to keep up the good work and fixe these few mistakes to secure the win. In the second half, MRFC was struggling more to put their game plan into action. They were making basic mistakes in attack (running into contact without a support, making impossible passes after contact). In defence, they were not shifting properly leaving over-numbers on the wings, that the Slovenians did not manage to convert into points. After a beautiful 30-meters run, steps and hand-offs, Elisa “Captain” Semedo scored the fourth try under the posts. At the end of the game, the Slovenians were keeping the ball a lot and were rewarded by a try on the last play. Even if coach Line Al Fassih had pointed out a lot of mistakes during the game, it was a really good performance from the MRFC Ladies and a good start for the rest of the day. She was sure that the team would fix these details and improve throughout the tournament.
Tries: Zoé Chioato, Lisa Goldmann, Zoë Vallanga, Elisa Semedo
Conversions: Zoé Chioato (x2)

Spartans RUC Melk : München RFC
0 : 34

The MRFC Ladies were determined to play even better for the second pool-game in order to guarantee at least a 3rd place in the tournament. And they did. They had watched the previous game from their opponent Melk and had noticed that they were playing a “15’s style” of rugby. Doing a lot of pick and go and using a lot of players in the rucks leaving a lot of boulevards on the pitch. The game plan was simple: in attack making a lot of passes and using the space on the wings; in defence, being careful around the rucks. The game against Melk was a succession of great collective and individual actions. The first two tries from the MRFC girls came really quickly. In defence, the lionesses were fierce, following the example of Chioato and her aggressive tackles. Just before halftime, one of the Melk players decided to try out a new tackling technique against Chioato and tried to tackle her with her forehead. Both players started bleeding heavily and had to leave the pitch on injury (don’t worry, nothing too serious for Stitches: 3 hours spent at the hospital and 6 stiches). The referee blew the halftime whistle. The score was 0:12 for MRFC. At halftime, the coach asked the team to stay focused and to not get disturbed by the injury of their teammate. The girls in blue showed her that they had a lot of character because they had an AMAZING performance in the second half. Goldmann scored a winger try, beating her defender with her speed on the outside. The two younger players of the team Carlotta “Carlchen” Ludwig and Alicia Liebe played incredibly well and after a brilliant offload from Liebe, Ludwig scored. The last try of the game came from Liebe, who first tried to score on the 5-Meters line, and realizing her mistake picked-up the ball again and scored behind the try-line.
Tries: Elisa Semedo, Zoë Vallinga (x2), Lisa Goldmann, Carlotta Ludwig, Alicia Liebe
Conversions: Zoé Chioato, Victoria Flint

RC Donau Wien A : München RFC
0 : 22

Finishing first of their pool, the MRFC Ladies were going to play against both winners of the other pools: the two teams from Vienna-Donau. The next game was against the first Donau-team, winner of the previous two Austrian tournaments. The Viennese played really well and the girls in blue were not able to take the control of the game. They were defending most of the game. The defence-line was not being held properly and the tackles were not efficient enough allowing the Donau-players to make a lot of passes after contact and to create over-numbers. Even with the obvious domination of the girls from Vienna, and thanks to great defensive efforts from (among others) Vallinga, Semedo and Ludwig, our opponent was not able to score so many tries. Score at halftime: 10-0. In the second half, we could notice that the girls in blue had lost a lot of confidence. They made more knock-ons and forward passes as in their other games and were struggling to hold their defence-line. But even with these mistakes, the first team from Donau had to fight hard to score tries.

München RFC : RC Donau Wien B
24 : 12

The last game of the day was against the second team of Donau for the 2nd place of the tournament. The lionesses were uncertain what to expect against this team. But as the captain Semedo reminded her teammates, the state of mind is really important in close games, and the MRFC Ladies should not loose the game in their heads. The girls in blue were applying their game plan properly this time, passing the ball a lot from one wing to the other. The players were still a little insecure and were not attacking the line. But Vallinga decided to show her team the way. She broke many tackles and quickly scored two tries. Halftime score: 10-7.
In the second half, the Munich girls played with more confidence. They were passing the ball around, making good breaks and defending hard. After another try from Vallinga, the team was rewarded by a superb collective try. The ball was passed from one side to the other of the pitch using the width quickly with players gaining meters by attacking the defence-line and the support being there quickly to keep the ball alive. The action was concluded by a try from Liebe after an after-contact-pass from Ludwig. Definitely the best try of the day for the MRFC-Ladies!
Tries: Zoë Vallinga (x3), Alicia Liebe
Conversions: Victoria Flint (x2)

In conclusion, it was a really good rugby-day for the MRFC Women’s team. The tournaments in Austria are a great opportunity to play against new teams and to gain some experience. The Munich girls played really well and can be proud of themselves.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Audrey Collin, Zoé Chioato, Lisa Goldmann, Victoria Flint, Lisa Steyer, Zoë Vallinga, Elisa Semedo (Capt.), Carlotta Ludwig, Alicia Liebe
Player of the Day: Zoë Vallinga for her outstanding performance in attack and in defence throughout the tournament.
Hammer of the Day: Carlotta Ludwig for making try-saving tackles against the first team of Vienna.

Special thanks to Dorothee Mues, who drove for 10 hours, even though she doesn’t like driving and stayed with Zoé at the hospital, missing by the same occasion half of the tournament.

Frauen Deutsche 7er Liga Süd in Fürstenfeldbruck
Samstag, 1. Oktober 2016, Bericht: Lisa Goldmann

Nach dem Entschluss sich aus der Bundesliga zurückzuziehen, ist der Wille der Löwinnen umso größer in der Regionalliga, Studentenstadt Rugby und TSV 1846 Nürnberg die Führung in der Liga nicht so einfach zu überlassen. Das Oktoberfest 7s in der vergangenen Woche hat schon einmal gezeigt, dass die Frauen auf gutem Wege dorthin sind.

 München RFC : Würzburger RK 2012

21 : 07

Im ersten Spiel ging es gegen die noch recht junge Mannschaft aus Würzburg. München brauchte aber zunächst einige Minuten, das Spielsystem wieder aufzubauen, welches in den vergangenen Wochen ohne Unterlass im Training vertieft wurde. So gelangen zwar zunächst einige Durchbrüche, die aber von Würzburg gestoppt wurden. Auf der anderen Seite war es aber auch der guten Tacklearbeit der Münchnerinnen zu verdanken, das nicht Würzburg in Führung ging. Stattdessen gelang Zoë Vallinga ein schöner Durchbruch, Erhöhung durch Zoé Chioato. So gelang München immer besser Fuß zu fassen und das Spiel zu entscheiden. Am Ende war es ein doppelter Zoë/é Hattrick mit drei Versuchen und Erhöhungen. Einzig eine gut genutzte Unaufmerksamkeit der Münchnerinnen konnten die Würzburgerinnen mit einem Versuch von Nationalspielerin Ulrike Borchardt nutzen, dass die Löwinnen nicht zu null gewannen. Unterm Strich war es ein gutes Spiel die Köpfe einzuschalten, aber definitiv noch Platz weiter als Team zu agieren.
Versuche: Zoë Vallinga 3x
Erhöhungen: Zoé Chioato 3x

 Mücnchen RFC : RC Regensburg 2000

17 : 05

Gegen den wahrscheinlich Gruppenschwächsten wollten die Mädels eigentlich nochmal den Spielplan im Kopf ankommen lassen und sicher gewinnen. Eigentlich. Regensburg spielte sicher und zwängte München ihr Spiel auf. Zwar gelangen in der ersten Halbzeit zwei Versuche von Victoria Flint und Elisa Semedo, erster durch Chioato erhöht, doch mühte sich München sichtlich ab, Spielstruktur aufzubauen. So war es auch nicht verwunderlich, dass Regensburg die Lücke fand und ihrerseits punktete. Nach einer Reihe von Penalties auf beiden Seiten gelang Lisa Steyer der entscheidende Lauf ins Malfeld zum Endstand on 17:05. Es war also nur ein Spiel, das glücklich gewonnen wurde, auf dessen spielerische Kosmetik man aber sicherlich nicht stolz ist. Es galt nun sich nochmal zusammenzureißen und im letzten Gruppenspiel gegen Studentenstadt Rugby zu zeigen, dass man ihnen in nichts nachsteht.
Versuche: Victoria Flint, Elisa Semedo, Lisa Steyer
Erhöhungen: Zoé Chioato

München RFC : RC Studentenstadt München

 12 : 21

Alle Tage wieder Zeit für das Stadtderby. Nach einer Woche war den Löwinnen immer noch sehr präsent, an welcher Stelle es im Finale gegen die StuSta gehapert hatte beim Oktoberfest 7s. Doch ein anfänglicher Durchbruch von Semedo endete sogleich in einem Counterversuch des Gegeners. Und auf eins folgt bekanntlich zwei. Doch genau hier wachte München auf, der Druck auf die StuSta stieg, man tacklte sicherer und ließ sich vom Gegner weniger gefallen. So gelang Carlotta Ludwig der erste Versuch diese Saison gegen die StuSta. Aber es ist kein Grund sich auf sowas auszuruhen und kleinste Fehler werden im Siebener sofort bestraft. StuStas Antwort kam sofort mit dem dritten Versuch. Aufgeben ist jedoch keine Option mehr für München und so kam in den letzten Minuten noch ein Versuch durch Vallinga hinzu, erhöht durch Chioato. Der Schalter wurde in diesem Spiel definitiv umgelegt, doch auch wieder zu spät. Auf der anderen Seite wird der Abstand zur StuSta aber immer kleiner und Geduld zahlt sich hier bestimmt aus.
Versuche: Carlotta Ludwig, Zo
ë Vallinga
Erhöhungen: Zoé Chioato

Halbfinale: München RFC : TSV 1846 Nürnberg

00 : 17

„Erfolge und Siege beginnen im Kopf.“ Nur muss der Kopf das schon ab Minute eins wollen. Nürnberg wollte es von Anfang an, München wollte erstmal beobachten was passiert. Und so stand es nach 7 Minuten 17:00 für Nürnberg. Nochmal auf null fingen die Löwinnen an zu kämpfen und hielten das Spiel nur noch vor Nürnbergs Mallinie. Nur über die Mallinie kam der Ball nicht mehr. Spielt man im nächsten Spiel auch die erste Halbzeit wie die Erste, so wird das Ergebnis nächstes Mal deutlich enger ausfallen. Und auch sollten die Mädels in Zukunft noch mehr auf die Pfeife des Schiedsrichters hören und weniger auf Diskussionen mit dem Gegner eingehen, denn auch das ist Kopfsache.

Kleines Finale: München RFC :  SG Bamberg-Bayreuth

38 : 05

Den Spieltag mit einem positiven Einsatz zu Ende bringen, sodass es das nächste Mal besser aussieht. Ein guter Vorsatz für das letzte Spiel und vor allem ein Vorsatz der gut in die Tat umgesetzt wurde. So Spielte München den Gameplan und dominierte regelrecht das Spiel. So wurden Fehler des Gegners sofort ausgenutzt und in Versuche umgewandelt. Auch die Kommunikation klappte nun deutlich besser. Einzig ein Trostversuch wurde der SG zugestanden. Ein positiver Abschluss allemal, nur kam der Weckruf fünf Spiele zu spät, als das München wirklich alles hätte gegeben können an diesem Turniertag.
Versuche: Carlotta Ludwig, Zoé Chioato, Céline Calvo, Zsuzsanna Jakab, Lisa Goldmann 2x
Erhöhungen: Zoé Chioato 4x

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Audrey Collin, Zoé Chioato, Carly Ludwig, Victoria Flint, Lisa Steyer, Zoë Vallinga, Ely Semedo, Lisa Goldmann, Céline Calvo, Zsuzsanna Jakab, Heidy Pedraza, Alicia Liebe

Frauen Regionalligaturnier in Rottweil
Samstag, 18.06.2016, Bericht: Christina Ehinger

Zum letzten 7er Turnier der Saison reisten die Mädels vom München Rugby Football Club in stark dezimierter Anzahl mit nur sechs Spielerinnen an. Stephanie Mues hatte als neue Trainerin ihr Debüt und wurde von Doro Mues und Elisa Somedo unterstützt.Die Mädels machten sich hoch motiviert an einen schweren und anstrengenden Turniertag.

München RFC : ESC Ksiserslautern


Der Auftakt für die Münchnerinnen begann direkt gegen die sehr starken Damen aus Kaiserslautern. Glücklicherweise erklärten sich die Gastgeberinnen bereit, die Münchner zu unterstützen und so konnte mit Franziska und Anna aus Rottweil mit sieben Spielerinnen gespielt werden. Die Münchnerinnen taten sich sehr schwer ins Spiel zu finden und durch einige verpasste Tackels direkt zu Beginn konnten die Gegnerinnen ihren ersten Versuch legen. In der ersten Hälfte war das Spiel der Münchnerinnen etwas unorganisiert und des Öfteren sahen sich einzelne Spielerinnen gleich mehreren Gegnerinnen gegenüber, da es verpasst wurde, richtig zu shiften. Zur zweiten Hälfte konnte dann etwas besser ins Spiel gefunden werden und immerhin zwei Versuche durch Victoria Flint und Jenifer Edholzer erzielt werden.

Versuche: Victoria Flint, Jenifer Edholzer

München RFC : TSV Handschuhsheim


Im zweiten Spiel fanden die Münchnerinnen deutlich besser ins Spiel und konnten ihre eigentliche Stärke unter Beweis stellen. Die Rottweilerin Franziska brachte dann nach sehr schönem Passspiel auch die Führung. Die Gegnerinnen hatten durch die gute Verteidigung und schönen Tackels keine Chance an die Münchner Mallinie zu gelangen. Audrey Collin konnte noch einen weiteren Versuch legen. Kurz vor Ende der Partie gelangen die Münchnerinnen nochmals kurz vor die Linie der Gegnerinnen, leider konnte Christina Ehinger einen Pass nicht richtig fangen. Der dadurch resultierende Scrum wurde verloren, was den Mädels aus Handschuhsheim mit einem gelungenen Durchbruch ihren ersten Versuch in diesem Spiel einbrachte.

Versuche: Franziska (Rottweil), Audrey Collin
Erhöhung: Victoria Flint

München RFC : Freiburg RC


Da das Losglück den unterbesetzten Münchnerinnen nicht gerade gnädig war, mussten die Löwinnen im Pool mit vier Mannschaften zum letzten Vorrundenspiel gegen Freiburg antreten. Die Breisgauerinnen zeigten sich als sehr harte Gegnerinnen und trotzdessen, dass die Münchnerinnen kämpften und alle Reserven mobilisierten, hatten sie nicht viel entgegen zu setzen. Nach einem sehr harten Spiel ging es also zum letzten Spiel um Platz fünf und sich den vierten Platz in der Gesamtwertung zu sichern.

München RFC : TUS Fürstenfeldbruck


Im letzten Spiel ging es gegen die alten Bekannten aus der Heimat. Nach einem bisher harten Turniertag zeigten die Münchnerinnen nochmals wie gut sie spielen können. München konnte den Ball meist im eigenen Besitz behalten oder sehr schnell den jungen FFBlerinnen wieder abnehmen. Durch schönes Passspiel, gute Defence und einigen schönen Durchbrüchen konnte das Spiel klar für München entschieden werden.

Versuche: Audrey Collin (2x), Lisa Steyer, Victoria Flint, Jenifer Edholzer
Erhöhung: Victoria Flint (3x)

Das Team wurde 5. bei diesem Turnier und erreichte somit den 4. Platz im Ligapokal Süd.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
2.  Christina,
3.  Hilfsspielerinnen
4. Victoria
5. Leonie
6. Lila
7. Jenny

Hammer of the day: Jenny
Rookie of the day: Leonie
Player of the day: Victoria

Frauen Regionalligaturnier in Karlsruhe
Samstag, 04.06.2016, Bericht: Zoe Luna Chioato

As bitch of the pitch (and deserved I might add) I am writing this match report to recapitulate one of our last 7s tournaments of this season. Heavy rain didn’t stop the girls from training hard during the weeks coming up to this tournament. They had worked on their game plan in attack, defensive structure an 7s specific rucking - although with one eye already on the Bayrische Meisterschaft which is coming up on the 2nd of July. A full squad made the long travel to Karlsruhe and as astonishing as this may sound it wasn’t the Augsburg/Mexico-Cooperation that arrived late, but Team Luxemburg. What happened there you might wonder? I was told, Team Mexico decided to pack her gigantic bag the evening before and Team Luxemburg’s car had to carry loads of chocolate, which made them slower on the road. Just sayin’… :)Coach-for-the-day Anne “Wäng-Wäng” Wang made sure everyone got their head in the game and after Heidy “Team Mexico” Pedraza had cut her nails, everyone was ready for the first game against TSV Handschuhsheim Rugby.

TSV Handschuhsheim : München RFC
5 : 26

Munich was on the receiving end of the first kick-off and after two quick passes, Zoé Chioato broke through a tackle to score the first try of the day for the Lionesses. The girls managed to put a lot of pressure on the Handschuhsheim players. The Forwards Lisa “PropPropProp” Goldmann and Céline “WorkWorkWork” Calvo managed to turn over a lot of balls at the breakdown, which allowed the quick backs to break trough a not yet formed TSV-defense. Tries from Zoé Chioato and Elisa “Caralho!!!” Semedo put Munich 0:19 in front at half time. Still, too many handling errors were made and so the girls weren’t too happy with their performance. Changes were made, but the defence still stood really strong. TSV Handschuhsheim had more possession now, but didn’t get past the gain line. After a strong scrum, a well-executed game plan set up Simone “Monster” Unger on the wing and she drove over for her first ever try. The game ended with a try from Handschuhsheim due to lack of concentration in the dying seconds of the game. Special mention to Line “La capitaine” Al Fassih, who played her first game since March and did brilliantly.
Versuche: Zoé Chioato 2x, Elisa Semedo, Simone Unger
Erhöhungen: Zoé Chioato 3x

TUS Fürstenfeldbruck : München RFC
0 : 10

For the second game of the day the girls had to play a well-known opponent, TuS Rugby Fürstenfeldbruck. The girls wanted to apply their game plan, be ferocious in defence, play with patience and that’s exactly what they did. Strong tackles were made by Lisa “Lila” Steyer and Jennifer “Anklebiter” Edholzer, which prevented the FFB-girls from making meters. In attack the dominant forwards won every opponent scrum but one, nice wide passes spread the defence and allowed Elisa Semedo to break through and score her 2nd try of the day. The girls waited patiently for mistakes from Fürstenfeldbruck and capitalised them by scoring another try, this time from our new player Zsuszi “Susi” Jakab. The game ended with a 0:10 win. Bottom line though, the girls still made too many handling errors and were lucky to be so dominant at scrum-time so FFB couldn’t use this to their advantage.
Versuche: Elisa Semedo, Zsuzsi Jakab

Karlsruher SV : München RFC
0 : 12

The last pool game was against the strongest team, Karlsruhe. The girls knew they had to minimize silly errors to be able to win. The game started with strong tackles from either side. No team wanted to give in meters and so it turned out to be a halfway-line battle. Tackling was spot on from Munich and Karlsruhe did not manage to break trough, even though they had big and strong ball carriers on their squad. Slowly, Munich started to put more and more pressure on Karlsruhe and drove them back into their own 22m-line. A clearance kick was successfully charged down by Lisa “Grashopper” Goldmann and by chasing it she managed to score the first well-deserved try for Munich. The second half started with more aggressiveness from Karlsruhe at the breakdown, to which Munich responded really well with stronger ruck positioning. The girls didn’t panic and so it was Karlsruhe who got penalised for lots of infringements around the ruck areas. Still, the girls spend most parts of the game defending, because Karlsruhe threw everything they got at them. The girls became tired which resulted in some high-tackles in particular one by a certain someone (no names here, of course!) that definitely deserved a yellow card, but luckily the ref was benevolent. After a few nice offloads Céline Calvo managed to break through the defence, made a nice pass to her support runner Line Al Fassih who went to score under the post. In the end the girls won, because they made less mistakes than their opponent and were clinical once an opportunity to score arose. This, by far their best game, meant the 1st place in the pool and a semi final against RC Rottweil.
Versuche: Lisa Goldmann, Line Al Fassih
Erhöhungen: Zoé Chioato

RC Rottweil : München RFC

24 : 21

RC Rottweil started better with the first try of the game after a lack of concentration in defence from Munich. The girls didn’t let it affect them and in return, Audrey “Ms. Offload” Collin set up Lisa Steyer, who herself passed to Heidy “the Chihuahua” Pedraza who scored the first try for Munich. The conversion was successful, but Munichs lead did not last very long as Rottweil responded with a second try. The Munich girls were the better team, they played nice rugby and scored their second try to even the score 14:14. The Lionesses could have scored more tries, but due to sore bodies, slow support most line breaks were turned over by Rottweil. After being pinned down for an offside position Zoé “the deserving bitch of the pitch” Chioato, decided it would be a good idea to be overly nice and bring the ball back to the penalty spot, so Rottweil could quickly tab and play out their 7:6 over number to score in the corner - 19:14. It was a really exciting game, no team was willing to let the other win, big tackles were made on both sides, but the girls managed once more to break through and score under the posts – 19:21. The last minute was on and so it came down to who wanted the win more. Unfortunatley, the MRFC girls lacked grit and after a mismatch in defence, Rottweil managed to score in the corner, thus winning the game and leaving the Lionesses heartbroken.
Versuche: Heidy Pedraza, Zoé Chioato 2x
Erhöhungen: Zoé Chioato 3x

Game for 3rd Place
Freinurger rC : München RFC

21 : 12

For the 3rd place the girls were facing the girls from Freiburg. They gathered all their remaining energy - but hélas! – it wasn’t enough to match Freiburg. In the first half the teams were equal and the half time score was 14:12. In the second half though, the girls – in particular Line “the Wall” Al Fassih – tried to put their bodies on the line to prevent them from scoring, but too many missed tackles and empty tanks lead to a 3rd Freiburg try which couldn’t be answered and so the last game of the day was lost. The girls finished overall 4th of the tournament, which is a bit disappointing after finishing first at the pool stages. The girls weren’t able to mentally recover from their late loss to RC Rottweil, who won the final against Karlsruhe. Bottom line, it’s the painful losses that make you train even more to never want to lose like that again next time. The girls learned a lot and are going to work hard to achieve a better result on the 18th of June in Rottweil.
Versuche: Zoé Chioato 2x
Erhöhungen: Zoé Chioato

Hammer of the day: Zoé Chioato
Player of the day: Céline Calvo
Bitch of the day: Zoé Chioato

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Lisa Goldmann
Désirée Jaksch
3. Céline Calvo
4. Zsuzsi Jakob
Audrey Collin
6. Line Al Fassih
7. Heidy Pedraza
Lisa Steyer
Zoé Chioato
10. Jenifer Edholzer
11. Elisa Semedo
12. Simone Unger

Frauen Regionalligaturnier in Regensburg
Samstag, 23.04.2016, Bericht: Elisa Semedo

For their last 7's tournament before the finals this season, the Munich ladies travelled with a full squad and an awesome support from Michaela Sauer, the coach for the day, to the beautiful city of Regensburg. Despite the not so encouraging weather forecast, it turned out to a perfect rugby day.

TSV 1846 Nürnberg : München RFC
12 : 7

The objective for this tournament was clear: guarantee at the least the third place in the overall qualifications. And with that in mind, the MRFC Ladies played the first and by far the most exciting game of the day, against Nürnberg. At the end of the first half the results were a true mirror of what was happening in the pitch as the MRFC ladies were showing that they were well able to compete with the winners of the the last tournament having none of the teams scored so far. The fight continued throughout the second half, though Nuremberg scored first Munich fought back and got the lead. A very disappoint last second try settled the score and Nuremberg's win.
Versuch: Zoé Chioato
Erhöhung: Zoé Chioato

RC Regensburg 2000 : München RFC
0 : 29

After the close game against Nürnberg and the last second defeat, the MRFC Ladies took on the host team, Regensburg. Even though the Pin-ups are a fairly unexperienced team, they were not to be underestimated. This was a good opportunity for the MRFC Ladies to work on their structure and apply some of the skills practiced during training. The opponents defence line was broken in a number of occasions, and tries from Lisa Goldmann, Céline Calvo, Elisa Semedo and Chioato, plus two conversions from Heidy Pedraza settled the final score. Good team work and a well-organized defense line made a clear win possible. Special note to the outstanding performance from Jenifer Edholzer during this game, considering the little experience she's had so far.
Versuche: Lisa Goldmann 2x, Céline Calvo, Zoé Chioato, Elisa Semedo
Erhöhung: Heidy Pedraza 2x

Würzburger RK : München RFC
12 : 29

For the last game of the qualifications, the MRFC Ladies took on the Würzburg team. Considering their last game against this inexperienced team, the Munich ladies were well aware of the fact that it would not be an easy game and the final result shows exactly that. The game was messy and chaotic the entire first half and kept the lack of structure for the first couple of minutes of the second half. Eventually, the MRFC realised that that was not the way to play and the teams managed to raise the game level for the rest of the second half, offering to the spectators a good demonstration of their rugby skills. Having a huge lead in the first half the newbies of the league fought back well and managed to score twice putting Munich off their game plan.
Versuche: Zoé Chioato 2x, Céline Calvo, Sabrina Rott
Erhöhungen: Zoé Chioato 2x

RC Stusta München : München RFC

25 : 5

Playing Stusta is always a welcome challenge and the MRFC Ladies were very confident at the beginning of the game that they were well able to beat their opponent. Unfortunately, and despite all the confidence, Munich Ladies were not able to keep up with the game Stusta was playing and the result was not as close as they were hoping for. The defence line kept being drown to the inside, giving the opposition team the opportunity to get the ball out on the wings and scoring all their tries following the same game plan. It is worth noting though, that MRFC Ladies won all the scrums, which clearly proves that all the working the forwards have been putting into this set piece is paying off. Munich tried their best to fight back willing not to go down without a score. Having Goldmann on the outside Munich managed a quick ball to her and a strong break through to the only try of the game.
Versuch: Lisa Goldmann

Game for 3rd Place
University of Bamberg : München RFC

10 : 19

For the last game of yet another long tournament day the MRFC Ladies had Bamberg as opposition. And this game wasn't only about the third place in this tournament. A victory would also guarantee the MRFC Ladies the third place in the overall championship and therefore it turned out to be the most important game of the day. The game started a bit shaky for the MRFC Ladies and Bamberg was ahead in the scoreboard at some point during the first half. Fortunately the MRFC Ladies realized that it was time to wake up and play with the quality they are capable of, which hadn't happened for this last game. Throughout the up and downs of the game Munich fought their way to third place of the table.
Versuche: Sabrina Rott, Lisa Steyer, Carlotta Ludwig
Erhöhungen: Heidy Pedraza, Audrey Collin

Being the last tournament before the finals, the expectations were the highest they could have been. The girls knew that had what it took to put on great performances. Losing the first game against Nuremberg was a huge disappointment, especially considering how close it was, but it was also an enormous encouragement for the team. It is possible to be competitive and win games and the last few tournaments have showed just that.

Hammer of the day: Elisangela Semedo
Player of the day: Jenifer Edholzer

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Désirée Jaksch
2. Céline Calvo
3. Lisa Goldmann
4. Heidy Pedraza
5. Zoé Chioato
6. Audrey Collin
7. Lisa Steyer
8. Jenifer Edholzer
9. Carlotta Ludwig
10. Elisa Semedo
11. Sabrina Rott
12. Anne Bierwisch