7. RVBY-Rugby Turnier in Augsburg U8, U12 und U14
25. Juni 2017


Bericht: Jean de Broissia
We had eight kids registered and we were able to field a full team for the season´s final tournament in Augsburg.In high spirits, we approached the day knowing it would be hard without Antonin and Xavier. As expected, we had a tough beginning against the very big kids from Regensburg and our team was a bit slow to get off the mark. We lost 7-2 and we were never really in the game, we did not manage one single ruck and our tackling was not up to our normal standards. The trend continued against RCU going down 5-0 at half time and then finally we started to play our game. Getting some more ball and finally managing to put some attacking phases together we ended up losing 7-1 but playing a bit better. After some soul searching and some positive talking about how well we had fought, we came up trumps in the third game and handsomely beat Gröbenzell 7-3.
Good rucking and recycling resulted in more space to run into and the corresponding success in keeping the ball alive and scoring tries.The boys were happy and we ended up the season in high spirits having learned to fight together and to never give up.
Overall, a positive experience. Pain, sweat, some tears and a lot of team spirit. The way rugby should be.



Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
München RFC - RC Regensburg 10:35
München RFC - RC Unterföhring 05:35
München RFC - SC Gröbenzell 35:15

Bericht: Spielbericht fehlt
Antoine Miguet, David Clegg
Martin Kerschensteiner, Gennaro De Lucia
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC I Lions:
Connor De Lucia, Giorgio Delli Colli, Noah Eiselt, Patraic Hollow, Christian Pearce, Orlando Tarquini, Bruno Zamolo, Yannik (from RFC Augsburg)
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC II Tigers:
Timote Dupuis, Quentin Moughty, Alexis Kerschensteiner, Eliseo Tarquini,  Leo Tomasi, Francesco Uber, Luis Weber
München RFC I Lions - RC Unterföhring 45:15 (Tries: Connor De Lucia 3x, Orlando Tarquini 3x, Bruno Zamola 2x, Yannik)
München RFC I Lions - RC Stusta München 25:10 (Tries: Connor De Lucia 2x, Bruno Zamola 2x, Orlando Tarquini)
München RFC II Tigers - RC Regensburg 40:00 (Tries: Alexis Kerschensteiner 4x,  Eliseo Tarquini 3x, Leo Tomasi)
München RFC II Tigers - TB Neckarshausen  50:00 (Tries: Alexis Kerschensteiner 3x, Eliseo Tarquini 2x, Leo Tomasi 2x, Timote Dupuis, Quentin Moughty, Luis Weber)
München RFC I Lions - TB Neckarshausen  45:00 (Tries: Connor  De Lucia 5x, Bruno Zamola 2x, Orlando Tarquini, Yannik)
München RFC II Tigers - RC Stusta München 20:10 (Tries: Alexis Kerschensteiner 3x,  Leo Tomasi)
München RFC I Lions - München RFC II Tigers 15:05
Tries Lions: Orlando Tarquini 2x, Connor De Lucia
Try Tigers: Alexis Kerschensteiner

Bericht: John Pritchard
The MRFC U14s participated in the Bayern 7s tournament hosted by Rugby FC Augsburg on June 25th. The team played great rugby, winning a lot of turnover ball at rucktime with quick and effective rucking, strong defence, excellent support of the ball carrier and effective use of the width of the pitch to set loose their speedy and elusive wingers. They convincingly won their first three games against RC Regensberg/Studentenstadt/RC Augsburg, Nürnberg and Turnerbund Neckarhausen, but then faced their season-long nemesis SG Gröbenzell/Fürstenfeldbruck who once again proved too strong despite a strong defensive performance. They thus finished second in the tournament behind SG Gröbenzell/Fürstenfeldbruck but their consistency throughout the season was enough to ensure that they nonetheless were crowned Bayern Meister 2016/2017, just reward for the effort and commitment the team displayed throughout the season. Congratulations to the entire squad for a successful season, and best of luck for 2017/2018!

Trainer: John Pritchard
John Pritchard
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Timo Bode, Vincent Bonetti, Daniel Cunney, Lucas Delord, Anton Eldracher, Miguel Garbino, Theo Gavras, Jeremie Kerschensteiner, Fynn Khiari, Adam Lauvergne, David Pritchard, Chris Riedmeyr
München RFC - SG RC Regensburg/RC Stusta München/RFC Augsburg 15:05
München RFC - TSV 1846 Nürnberg 35:00
München RFC - Turnerbund Neckarhausen 35:05
München RFC - SG SC Gröbenzell/TUS FFB 00:20