2. RVBY-Rugby Turnier in München Freimann U12 und U14
21. Oktober 2018



Bericht: Sonia Wennier
Our team went into the second tournament of the season on Sunday ready to play 10s Rugby this time with a complete team and high hopes. We were delighted to have one extra player from another club, Marie, which gave the trainers the possibility of making player substitutions. The team played hard during all three games and all players were very receptive to the coaches’ instructions. We saw some very nice individual plays, especially from Frederik and Daniel, who scored all the tries for the team as well as some very good tackles in the defense. Overall, organization in the field and defensive efforts have improved thanks to the work of the coaches and the consistent training from most players. However, with many of the players coming up from the U10 and several new teammates, the team is still adjusting to the new rules and regulations. In order to reach their full potential, the team needs to develop more discipline in their position-playing, effective communication in the field, and accurate ball passing. Our team played with motivation, but our opponents took advantage of our weaknesses and, at the end of the day, we were not able to score a win. Surely, at the moment, the learning curve is steep for our players, but they have now gained valuable experiences and insights that will help them in their future development as a Team.

München RFC : RFC Augsburg: 20:35
München RFC : RC Unterföhring: 0:25
München RFC : SG Stusta Rugby München/TSV 1846 Nürnberg: 10:25

Trainer und Manager: Sara, Robin, Freddy, Jose und Sonia

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Axel, Benedik, Daniel, Frederik, Johan, Loïc, Mateo, Matias, Till und Victor

4. Platz


Bericht: Gennaro De Lucia
On a beautiful autumnal Sunday morning, we met for the 2nd time this season to play the, by now regular, 13-a-side U14 Bavarian Tournament. Together with the München RFC, there were other two full teams: the Spielgemeinschaft StuSta/RC Innsbrück/Bad Reichenhall, with the addition of some players from the Spielgemeinschaft RC Regensburg/TS Nürnberg and the RC Unterföhring, with the addition of players from RC Augsburg.
After the captains' meeting, we started immediately with a match of the U14 category, MRFC against SG Stusta/RC Innsbrück et al. It took t10 minutes in the first half, before we could see a try. The MRFC Lion's cubs opened the dance, after an intense attack manoeuvre from our pitch side. The forwards kept pushing, passing the ball, getting into ruck after ruck and finally, following an effective off-load by Daragh, Eliseo deposited the ball behind the try-line. The opponents did not remain watching and just before the end of the first half, the scored an equalizer. The second half started with the Spielgemeinschaft strongly in attack. After a few minutes, they scored a try, which took them temporarily ahead in the match. At this stage, the MRFC was not intending letting the match go. In defence, they intensified their tackles and in attack they applied a more consistent support to ball-carriers team mates. Around mid-half time, Connor, well fed by Bruno with a ball out of a ruck, ran along the “close side” line out and scored the equalizer for the MRFC. 10 to 10. But the two opponents were not going to end this match with a draw! The last five minutes saw sudden changing fronts, until, from the 10mt line, Bruno skid through a number of opponents, into their 22s and was tackled shortly before the try line. In spite of the tackle, he stretched as much as he could and put the ball, just over the line thereby, scoring the 3rd try for the MRFC and the last of the match! End result: 15:10 for the MRFC. No try was converted. Another skill the MRFC need to develop further.
In their second match of the day, the MRFC played against the RCU/Augsburg team. This was also the last match of the day for the MRFC. Playing 13-a-side tournaments allows to play longer each match and, at the same time, reduces the number of matches per tournament day. The play started and, within one minute, the MRFC had scored their first try with Connor, whom the trainers are now trying out as centre, rather than no. 8. Motivated by an early advantage, the Lion's cubs kept pushing and their game seemed more disciplined and structured than in the first match. Bruno followed the example and, within 3 minutes, scored the second try for München RFC. Orlando was not going to watch his team mates scoring, without attempting it himself. Following a scrum between the 10 and 22 metres on the opponent's side and a quick opening through the backs, Orlando scored the 3rd MRFC try of the match. We were just over 10 minutes in the first half. By this stage, the RCU/Augsburg decided that hey had to come back and, just before the end of the first  period, they shortened the points' difference with a try. The second half started similarly to the first one. Few minutes after the re-start kick, Connor placed again the ball behind the try line of the opponents. After that, the RCU/Augsburg team opposed a stronger resistance to the MRFC attacks. It took, at least 7-8 minutes, before the Lions scored their final try of the day by Eliseo. He picked up a ball carried on by Daragh just a couple of metres from the line and dived in the try area. Also in this match, no conversions.
Overall, it has been a good tournament. This time we arrived first, but we notice that the competition is tougher and the results are closer. The MRFC team still needs to work on important skills like scrummaging, rucks, tackling, positioning and creating space. Not all the players have the same understanding of the game or of the expectations. However, trainers and managers alike are confident that by the middle of the season, the combined team skills will reach an overall acceptable Level.
On a more general note, playing regularly 13-a-side is a real improvement for the rugby game in Bavaria. Hopefully, this will bring the U14 category level higher and will allow the Bavarian teams/selection to compete head-to-head with other German Teams.
Last, but not least, it should be mentioned that players of different teams have been lent to others to allow substitution and/or to complete numbers in case of  injuries. Thereby, living the basic rugby values.

München RFC : SG /RC Unterföhring/ RFC Auggsburg: 25:5 (Versuche: Connor De Lucia 2x, Bruno Zamola, Orlando Tarquini, Eliseo Tarquini)
München RFC : SG Stusta Rugby München/RC Regensburg/RC Innsbruck/TSV 1846 Nürnberg: 15:10 (Versuche: Eliseo Tarquini, Connor De Lucia, Bruno Zamola)

Trainer und Manager: Pablo Puyalto, Marco Tarquini, Gennaro De Lucia

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Eliseo Tarquini, Ben Biess, Christian Pearce, Mathis Closs, Lourdes Wennier, Quentin Moughty, Philipp Eißner, Bruno Zamola, Felix Deutschenbaur, Connor De Lucia, Orlando Tarquini, Eudes Vermersch, Timoté Dupuis, Giorgio Delli Colli, Antoine Ott, Daragh Doyle, Leonardo Tomasi.