3. RVBY-Rugby Turnier in Nürnberg U12 und U14
11. November 2018



Bericht: Sonia Wennier
The third tournament of the season was played this Sunday at TSV 1846 Nürnberg with a total of five teams participating. This time, MRCF was fully prepared with 11 players in the squad, making the MRFC and RCU clubs the only two clubs with complete teams. In the first game against RCU, the MRFC team showed a lot more organization than in our previous tournaments, with better position playing and a clearer strategy. The team opted for more team play with many of the tries resulting from the joint effort in the attack with good support when required. Even though the team played well, luck was not on our side and we ended losing this match by one point. However, this did not discourage our players who were eagerly seeking to win their first match. The reward finally came in the second game where the MRFC players scored their first win of the season against the mixed team Erfurt/St. George. The third game was again a hard one for MRFC, who consistently opted for good teamwork. This game was loaded with scores from both sides, with the final score being again a tight one, with MRFC losing by one point. The last game of the tournament was played against Gröbenzell/Augsburg. At this point, MRFC had lost one of its players due to injury and played the complete game with only ten players. After playing three very hard and close games, the team was visibly tired. Having no substitutions certainly added up and the team ended up losing their last match of the day. Overall, the MRFC players showed an improvement in their team play. We are certain that as the season progresses the players will get to know themselves better and gain the confidence they need as a team. Last, but not least, it is worth to note that this was Klara’s first tournament, and she did a fantastic job supporting her team.

München RFC: RC Unterföhring: 10:15 (Versuche: Mateo Nieto Deliz, Rupert Hollow)
München RFC : SG Erfurt/St. George: 10:5 (Versuche: Daniel Whitehead, Johann Schmidt)
München RFC : SG RCR/NBC/KSC/BTS/StuSta: 15:20 (Versuche: Rupert Hollow, Frederik Bernrath, Johann Schmidt)
München RFC : SG Gröbenzell/Augsburg: 5:20 (Versuch: Matias Wennier)

Trainer und Manager: Sara, Robin, Freddy, Jose and Sonia

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Axel Meyer, Benedek Scheuß-Somorai, Daniel Whitehead, Frederik Bernrath, Johann Schmidt, Loïc Miller, Mateo Nieto Deliz, Matias Wennier, Philip Kloos, Rupert Hollow and Klara Goracci

?. Platz


Bericht: Gennaro De Lucia
On a beautiful autumnal Sunday morning, which did not look very sunny on the motorway(!), we met for the 3rd time this season to play the 13-a-side U14 Bavarian Tournament. Together with the München RFC, there were other two full teams: the Spielgemeinschaft StuSta/RC Innsbrück/Bad Reichenhall, with the addition of players from the Spielgemeinschaft TSV Nürnberg/RC Regensburg and the RC Unterföhring, with the addition of players from RC Augsburg.
The day started with the MRFC playing against SG Stusta/RC Innsbrück et al. The match started pretty intensive, with both sides going solidly into the rucks and contesting scrums with a bit more passion than the rules in the category would allow. However, with no injuries or committing major fouls. It took approx. 5 minutes, before we could see the first try, this time from the SG. This must have awaken memories of the first Bavarian tournament in the minds of the MRFC lion cubs. They pulled themselves together, increased their attacks and strengthen their defence actions, well intentioned not to stay behind for too long. Shortly before the end of the first half, Philipp received the ball from a ruck and, after cutting through the opponents' lines, scored the equalizer. In the second half, with the confidence re-gained, the MRFC squad intensified the on the opponents and their actions became more and more incisive and better structured. Combined with the opponent decrease in concentration and team play, the MRFC scored two tries (Connor and Philipp again) closing the match at 15 to 5 for our young lions. Unfortunately, none of the tries was converted. The matches against this Spielgemeinschaft have proven to be challenging and very entertaining to watch. The teams are well balanced and both sides play with passion and mutual respect. After three encounters, MRFC won twice and the SG once.
One and a half hour later, after a good lunch prepared by the new managers of the guests house, the MRFC met the RC Unterföhring + Augsburg. Due to an injury suffered in the first match, Connor remained on the bench. On the other hand, Bruno recovered from a morning bug and could move from the bench into the heat of the game. In spite of a relative early try by Philipp, the match did not start well for the MRFC. The RCU/Augsburg squad managed to score an equalizer, after a ball was lost at mid-field. Maybe due to fatigue or to the “after-lunch low”, our young lions did not seem to get things together as they did in the first match. It took another while before, as a result of a beautiful action, filled with passes, support and off-loads, the ball reached Ben, who, literally by pushing his way through a group of opponents, with a last stretch of his arm, deposited the ball beyond the try line. The rest of the match saw a crescendo of the MRFC team scoring 4 tries (2 Leo, Bruno and again Philipp). We also conceded a second try to RCU/Augsburg. In this match, Quentin gained back his confidence in kicking (thanks also to our “mental coach” Fernando) and converted 4 of the 6 tries. Final result: 38 to 10 for the München RFC.
Once again, the MRFC played a good tournament. We were first overall, again and the competition is proving to be more and more challenging. At the same time, our lion's cubs are improving their skills and are understanding the importance of playing as a team and not as individuals. Obviously, there is still work to be done in the rucks, which we do not enter low enough and in supporting the ball-carrier more effectively, e.g. by hatching onto him when stopped/tackled and keep pushing him or protecting the ball by forming a ruck.

München RFC : SG Stusta Rugby München/RC Regensburg/RC Innsbruck/TSV 1846 Nürnberg: 15:5 (Versuche: Philipp Eißner 2x, Connor De Lucia)
München RFC : SG /RC Unterföhring/ RFC Auggsburg: 38:10 (Versuche: Philipp Eißner 2x, Leonardo Tomasi 2x Bruno Zamola, Ben Biess; Quentin Moughty 4x conversion)

Trainer und Manager: Pablo Puyalto, Marco Tarquini, Gennaro De Lucia

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
Eliseo Tarquini, Ben Biess, Christian Pearce, Mathis Closs, Lourdes Wennier, Quentin Moughty, Philipp Eißner, Bruno Zamola, Patraic Hollow, Connor De Lucia, Orlando Tarquini, Eudes Vermersch, Timoté Dupuis, Giorgio Delli Colli, Antoine Ott, Daragh Doyle, Leonardo Tomasi.