U18 - RVBY Turnier in München

München, 21. April 2013, Bericht: Rory Donoghue

On a cool but dry Sunday in Munich, MRFC hosted the next round of the U16 and U18 Bavarian 7's series.
4 teams participated in the U18 age groups: Bavarian International School, Icking (trained and managed by our very own Constantin Kuhl), FFB/Kempenhausen (co-managed by Gottfried Jäger, MRFC member and up until recently also trainer of the U16 and U18 MRFC teams) and of course MRFC (trained by Max Lyall with his co-trainers Javier and Paul). Unfortunately only 2 teams played in the U16 competition - BIS and FFB/Kempfenhausen, however it must be added there were a few MRFC Members playing on the BIS team.
In the U18 group, BIS proved to be too strong for the rest of the competition and in fact conceded only 1 try (in their game versus FFB/Kempfenhausen). The MRFC lads recovered well from their opening defeat to BIS to win their next 2 games convincingly and looked stronger and stronger as each game was played. Constantin's lads from the school in Icking were the surprise of the tournament considering that many of them have been playing for such a short time and yet really showed potential. In the U16 group, BIS and FFB/Kempfenhausen played too very entertaining and close games and it was a pity that there were no other teams in this group to give them more game time. For MRFC, we need to make it a goal that we get a strong U16 team together to play in the next tournaments. A big thank you to Marc Sijbers for being referee today and for the the other helpers from the MRFC, in addition to the above mentioned trainers, who came down to make sure the day was a success - Billinho, John, Alex, Rod, Xavier and Anna.

The next tournament takes place in FFB on the 5th of May.


Bavarian International School vs. München RFC, 29:5

Icking vs. FFB/Kempfenhausen, 5:15

Bavarian International School vs. Icking, 26:0

München RFC vs. FFB/Kempfenhausen, 24:7

Bavarian International School vs.FFB/Kempfenhausen, 27:7

München RFC vs.Icking, 36:5