Nürnberg, 07. Juli 2013, Bericht: Digvijay Chaudhuri

München RFC/RC Regensburg/TUS FFB U16 - TSV 1846 Nürnberg U16

26 : 52

MRFC combining for the first time in the U16s in this constellation, came up against stolid favourites TSV Nürnberg who had a distinct advantage having played together successfully for a number of years. MRFC team consisted of a number of new recruits who were eager to put thier new knowledge to test. The first half showed both teams more or less equally balanced, although the players from Munich made a number of small but costly mistakes leading to 3 quick tries. The scrums were played with shoving 1 meter and referee Justin Mashford kept this up till almost the end of the match, great discipline! The scrum as always was dominated by the MRFC players, whose strong shove was not used to great advantage. The ball did not find the back line during the first half leading to only two tries grounded by the forwards.
Defence lines were straight although tackling needs improvement. The second half showed MRFC and Co. Getting into gear and moving the ball out to the bacl line. Louis, playing for the first time and on the wing, celebrated his first try with a long run almost the length of the pitch. Johaness's tackling needs a special mention as his exemplary engagement helped to get MRFC out of trouble often.
Referee Justin Mashford praised both teams for thier good work in the line out and scrum.

Tristan Ashley, Johannes Meister, Dario Rossa, Felix Schöllhorn, Moritz Bauer, Till, Philipp Hofback, Zacharias Siam, Alexandre Bonetti, Louis Lenz, Freddy Pace, Sebastian Lunak, (Alle MRFC), Magdalena Haas, Katya, Melanie, (FFB), Dimitry (Gym. FW), Alvin (RC Regensberg)