U16 Freundschaftsspiel
Nürtingen, 26. März 2017


Ged Owens
Teammanager: -
Ged Owens

SG Nürtingen / Stuttgarter Rugby Club / TV Pforzheim / Karlsruhe : SG München Rugby Football Club / RC Stusta / Munich IS / TSV 1846 Nürnberg
39 : 15

Effectively half of the Bayernkader met in Nürtingen to take on a Spielgemeinschaft from south Baden-Würtemberg, both areas developing rugby but needing to cooperate to play 15-a-side rugby.  This experimental “friendly” gave many a chance to play 15s rugby closer to home, there and back in a day.  I believe that all sides rated this a success, and something to be repeated. Everyone gave it their best and it was great to watch.  The Bavarians “lost” the game 39-15, 7 tries to 3, but you should all be proud of your performance. We – MRFC (Jamie, Jonathan, Lucas, Aron, Alan, Max and Julius) , StuSta (Adrian, Harrison, Timmy, Yannick), Nürnberg (Carl, Max) and Munich International School (Sam, Xander) – played very well as a team, extremely well when we take into consideration a Spielgemeinschaft from 4 clubs.  SG Nürtingen / Stuttgart / Pforzheim did well themselves too, and the teams were well matched.  “South” Baden-Württemberg are also developing rugby as in Bayern, building up teams but not yet able to play the higher level Heidelberg and Frankfurt clubs.  We are at the same level and should continue playing each other regularly.   
Three thirds of 20 minutes each were contested -  the first 3 tries down as we found our feet, but in the second period we came back strongly; 2 more tries for Nürtingen but also a much stronger performance from the Bayern teams, and 2 tries (Timmy and Yannick, I think).  The third and final period saw Bayern fight on strongly, a quick try for Nürtingen but then one try again to Timmy, and one more for Nürtingen.  
Things to work on ?  Rucks, especially what you are allowed to do when, getting the ball under control and playing pro-actively under pressure, and tackles.  
Thanks again to all, also to Wolfgang Krueger, Thomas Schulz, Olivier Toffolo and Sam’s parents for driving,  a wonderful rugby day, and we look forward to playing again soon.
ngen TBN-Tigers / Stuttgarter Rugby Club / TV Pforzheim / Karlsruhe.