U16  Rugby Turnier in Wintersdorf

Wintersdorf, 19. Apri5 2014


Trainer: Lance Pace
Philipp Mack
Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC/RC Sstusta/Unterföhring: Freddy Pace, Felix Schöllhorn, Malte Kubsitz
Bericht: kein Spielbericht

MRFC/Stusta/RCU - TSV 1846 Nürnberg 7:41
MRFC/Stusta/RCU - TSV 1846 Nürnberg 21:38

U16  Rugby Turnier in München

München, 16. November 2014


Bericht: kein Spielbericht

Trainer: Lance Pace

Mannschaftsaufstellung: Freddy Pace, Samuel Denise, Mattéo Clarke, Vincent Moser, Felix Schöllhorn, Gaétan Bruneau, Joseph Chain, Sebastian v. Dincklage, Tristan Ashley

München RFC - TSV 1846 Nürnberg 10:22,  Versuche: Gaétan Bruneau, Joseph Chain
München RFC - RC Stusta München 07:24, Versuch: Gaétan Bruneau, Erhöhung: Samuel Denise
München RFC - TUS Fürstenfeldbruck 24:05, Versuche: Freddy Pace, Mattéo Clarke, Joseph Chain, Samuel Denise, Erhöhungen: Mattéo Clarke 2x
München RFC - SG Gröbenzell/Augsburg 07:19 Versuch: Freddy Pace,Erhöhung: Samuel Denise

Nürnberg, 07. Juli 2013, Bericht: Digvijay Chaudhuri

München RFC/RC Regensburg/TUS FFB U16 - TSV 1846 Nürnberg U16

26 : 52

MRFC combining for the first time in the U16s in this constellation, came up against stolid favourites TSV Nürnberg who had a distinct advantage having played together successfully for a number of years. MRFC team consisted of a number of new recruits who were eager to put thier new knowledge to test. The first half showed both teams more or less equally balanced, although the players from Munich made a number of small but costly mistakes leading to 3 quick tries. The scrums were played with shoving 1 meter and referee Justin Mashford kept this up till almost the end of the match, great discipline! The scrum as always was dominated by the MRFC players, whose strong shove was not used to great advantage. The ball did not find the back line during the first half leading to only two tries grounded by the forwards.
Defence lines were straight although tackling needs improvement. The second half showed MRFC and Co. Getting into gear and moving the ball out to the bacl line. Louis, playing for the first time and on the wing, celebrated his first try with a long run almost the length of the pitch. Johaness's tackling needs a special mention as his exemplary engagement helped to get MRFC out of trouble often.
Referee Justin Mashford praised both teams for thier good work in the line out and scrum.

Tristan Ashley, Johannes Meister, Dario Rossa, Felix Schöllhorn, Moritz Bauer, Till, Philipp Hofback, Zacharias Siam, Alexandre Bonetti, Louis Lenz, Freddy Pace, Sebastian Lunak, (Alle MRFC), Magdalena Haas, Katya, Melanie, (FFB), Dimitry (Gym. FW), Alvin (RC Regensberg)

Nürnberg, 07. Juli 2013, Bericht: Digvijay Chaudhuri

München RFC U18 - TSV 1846 Nürnberg U18

21 : 0

MRFC dominated the first half all the way. Tackling was excellent, as was the passing in the back line. MRFC dominated the scrums. The few injuries on the side of TSV led to stopping of the game due to security reasons. MRFC has planned numerous U16 and U18 tests for the coming season, and is sure that with the combination of partners BIS School, they will show some sensational rugby in 2013.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
James, Karim, Kazzi, Magda, Bernhard, Laurenz, Alvin, John, Till, Mel, Moritz and 2 from RC Regensberg.

U16 - RVBY Turnier in München

München, 09. Juni 2013, Digvijay Chaudhuri

Auswahl Süd Bayern : Auswahl Nord Bayern
35 : 15

The first of its kind. To initiate competition and sense of belonging, the RVBy introduced the North vs South Bavaria to be played initailly within the agegroups U16 and U18 principally for the 15s version. MRFC were the proud hosts of the maiden test between the two U16 teams. The North Bavarians were already present and waiting even before the tournament staff arrived. Their mere presence and sense of commitment and drill showed what was in store. The „southern“ players arrived in dribs and drabs, and till the last, were not sure if they would get a reasonable team together. As luck would have it star scrum half Freddy twisted his knee during pregame training and had to sit out leaving the southern team with 14 players. After consultation wirth referee Justin Mashford and opposition staff Alex Michl and co. It was decided to play 14s, leaving out the nr. 8 man. Full of confidence the north team approached the refree, with the south dragging their feet. Justin exlained what he expected from the scrums and the game started. A kick off from the north ended up in the hands of Max playing at first five, who crisply passed to james. James clutched the ball and ran straight down the touchline to score a try! Max converted nochalantly, 7-0. The next quater of an hour saw two more tries with a brace of brilliant conversions. The north were instructed to avoid kicking and to concentrate on keeping ball posession due to the fact that they were weak in the line out. The first scrum showed the south dominating completely, the north being bowled over, leading to non contested scrums after loss of an experienced first row player by the north.
Pierre, replacing Freddy at scrum half brought out the ball quzickly and cleanly at all break downs. Many a time the ball was won by our start flanker Jojo Meister whose tackling and ball stealing skills no to mention counterrucking was a great bonus for the south. Philipp and Dima plyed consistently at second row foloowing on the short ball, and harry made many effective runs and gained ball posession against the feed at nr. 2. Tristan, with good hands and great acceleration matured his defence and improved his attacking play. The last quater of the first half saw another try for  the south coming from James' run through the centre. The north came charging out of the second half, with precise play and great passing skills not to mention immaculate very trained line out work. 2 tries came in quick succession due to fast hands and even faster running from the north. A couple of dodgy decisions (thats what the north said) led to demotivation in the ranks that did not last long. A wonderful long run from thier own 10m right through the opposition by Jojo led to another try for the north. RVBy thanks Justin Mashford the Referee, both teams, trainers and managers, MRFC and the parents for making this successful event possible.

Mannschaftsaufstellung Süd Bayern:
Harry (captain) /MRFC, James BIS, Philipp Gym. FW/MRFC, Samuel MRFC, Pierrre MRFC, Dimitri Gym FW, Jojo MRFC, Tristan MRFC, Dario MRFC,  Alexandre MRFC, Zacharias MRFC, Sebastian,MRFC Felix MRFC, Freddy (injured) MRFC