Herren Regionalliga Bayern

München, 28. Mai 2016, Bericht: Julian Köhnlein


München RFC II : RFC Augsburg
27 :15

Saturday was always going to be a special day for MRFC but it was gonna be even more special... After MRFC I secured the title in the 2nd Bundesliga Süd over a month ago MRFC II won the very competitive Regionalliga after a convincing win over TSV Nürnberg two weeks back. Celebrations were already set and the cup secured but the Lions wanted to continue their winning streak and finish off the season with yet another high. Todays opponent RFC Augsburg travelled highly motivated to the capital eager to maintain their second spot – in other words: it was set to be entertaining match for so many spectators at the Großhadern ground.
After the usual warm up routine and some motivational words from the homecomers Roger Hutchinson and Billinho Buff it was game time! To everyones surprise right after kickoff Augsburg managed to stay for quite a while in Munichs half and play some ball. Munichs defence managed to answer the physicality put in by the Augsburgs forwards and minute after minute the team adjusted their game plan and finally got some ball into hand. After several phases from the forwards and some nice hands on the far right side Ivan 'Iven' Kendzor dived over the line to score his well deserved first try for the club (12min, not converted). Several times the ref had to penalize both sides for illegal actions around the rucks and high tackles which in the end only the Munich sited Sam 'Mr-can-play-anything' Cross was able to use to extend the lead (15min, 8:0). Due to those actions the game became very slow with lots of ball carrying by the forwards, both sides eager not to make too many mistakes and safe some energy on this hot day.
Finally the Augsburg side managed to find a gap in the Munich line and rushed down field chased by several defenders just to be held up on the line, at least so it seems. The ref had to rely on his touch judge and awarded a try – disputable to say the least (28min, 8:7). Just when it seemed Augsburg was going to get a bit of a momentum going Tooks Choice scored under the post after the loose forwards made good ground in the opponents 22m. Special mentions to Mr-can-play-anything who decided not to convert but hit one of the posts instead of slotting in through (36min, 13:7). All 22 players were keen to hear the half time whistle and get a couple of minutes rest in the shade – HT score: 13:7.
Going into the second half the motto from coach/player Alan Moughty was fairly simple: stick to the game plan, tire the Augsburg forwards and also enjoy the last 40min of rugby for several months. Big subs were made (Loders & Degroote in for Hutchinson & Buff) to keep the advantage in the set piece. Two minutes into second half Richie 'grumpy face' Schuster dived over the line after a very well executed line-out move, beforehand the ref yet again penalized Augsburg in the ruck which led to a beautiful placement kick by Den Gill (42min - converted by Cross, 20:7). Augsburg though was quick to answer and scored only minutes later after the Munich line decided not to tackle the Augsburgs backline and let them score in the left corner (20:12). Just like that Augsburg was back in it and was given another chance to tighten the score after being awarded a penalty on MRFCs 22m (52min, 20:15). Because of too many mistakes by the men in blue and unsuccessful penalty kicking by Cross and Moughty it was now a one-score game and MRFCs unbeaten record in danger. On top of that scrum half Juju Köhnlein was sent off the pitch with a yellow card after dirty play in a ruck, so he was told. At this point Munich stepped up in defence und several players lifted their game by putting big tackles in (Degroote, Loders, Lefherz) which resulted into a lot more ball possession. With only several minutes left on the clock MRFC get awarded yet another penalty and with their last try in mind opted for a line out once more. After yet another superb throw by Munichs #8 Borja Mandaluniz a mall was formed which led to a try by Alex Loders who is working desperately on his game-score balance, so far: 123:2. At the end Cross finds his boot once more and hammers the conversion over the post from far out (75min, 27:15).
Fulltime score remains 27:15 which puts a great end to an even greater season for MRFC. Cup winner in the Regionalliga with a clean sheet and also Champion of the 2nd Bundesliga Süd!
Special thanks go out to all the supporters and everyone involved!

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Roger Hutschinson (ab 41. Alex Loders)
2. Constatin Kuhl
3. Guilherme Buff (ab 41.min Quentin Degroote) (Capt.)
4. Owain Williams
5. Richard Schuster
6. Tautuki Choice
7. Caspar Hasner (ab 65.min Henrique Zingg)
8. Borja Mandaluniz
9. Julian Köhnlein (ab 72.min Stefan Strangmüller)
10. Denmarbi Gill
11. Ivan Kendzor (ab 41.min Alan Moughty)
12. Tobias Lefherz
13. Sam Cross
14. Korbinian Vogel (ab 76.min Karsten Konduktorow)
15. Louise Keller

Versuche: Ivan Kondzor, Tautuki Choice, Alex Loders, Richard Schuster
Erhöhungen: Sam Cross 2x
Penalty: Sam Cross

Herren Regionalliga Bayern

München, 14. Mai 2016, Bericht: Henrique Zingg


München RFC II : TSV 1846 Nürnberg
29 : 0

Bayerischer Regionalliga Meister 2016


The most important match of the season started two weeks ago after a tough game against RC Wuerzburg. MRFC had then to focus really hard to ensure his tittle. The moment finally arrived when captain Quentin Degroote gave his pre-match motivational speech and the boys entered that pitch with one goal, the tittle. After the kick off the Munich lions started dominating the opponents half constantly, few mistakes led to missed passes and turn overs. But consistency in the defense, led to recover the ball and start advancing to the try line.  Great commitment by the front lines and passes to the back led to the first try of Owain Williams in the 17th minute, giving the MRFC gents more motivation to keep fighting no matter what. Although the winning team kept dominating the game, it didn’t intimidate the opponent, which after every ruck intended to steal the ball and managed at some point to disrupt the defensive lines of the blue team.  Nevertheless attacks from Nuernberg were not successfully achieved due to miss performance of the back lines and the strong defense of Munich’s backs. Great performance from Ben Coney, who disrupted in three occasions with strong tackles and Kevin Briggs who managed to slipped him self through the defensive line of the opponent running at least 30 meters almost scoring a try. At almost half an hour from first kick off, the ball carrier Den Gill displacing him self through the opponents half pitch kicked the ball and was chased and caught at the try line by Lion Fellner-Feldegg, scoring MRFC’s second try.
The half time whistle was heard and the Munich’s lions gathered for a brief motivational speech, which led them to come stronger in the second half. Dominating almost every opponent’s lineouts by Sam Cross, who managed to steal the ball in the air repeatedly and increase the pressure on Nuernberg. Tension on Nuernberg was growing and the aggression at the pitch was starting to grow. Few encounters at the rucks led to the first yellow card for the visiting team. With 14 men on the pitch, hard efforts of the opponent seamed little. A penalty for Munich, played by Sam Cross, led for another try for the blues. Discipline on the winner’s side led them to advance meter by meter by its strong front lines and allowed Borja Mandaluniz to score Munich’s 3rd try after a couple of minutes.  
Increasing tension between both teams in the scrums and rucks started to bring discomfort to referee, causing this way a warning to captain Quentin, “next one is out”.  With only 10 minutes for the final whistle, the first yellow card for Munich lions shined, after a high tackle from Henrique Zingg. Resulting this way a higher effort for MRFC to keep the score. Finally the moment that everybody was waiting arrived, the final whistle, MRFC wins 29-0.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Quentin Degroote (Capt.)
2. Borja Mandaluniz
3. Sergio Delgardo
4. Owain Williams (ab 67.min Nikolas Eggers)
5. Sam Cross
6. Niklas Graf (ab 72.min Henrique Zingg)
7. Caspar Hasner (ab 75.min Tobias Mies)
8. Kevin Briggs (ab 60.min Constantin Kuhl)
9. Julian Köhnlein
10. Denmarbie Gill
11. Caeil Harnischfeger (ab 75.min Louis Keller)
12. Lion Fellner-Feldegg (ab 55.min Korbinian Vogel)
13. Benjamin Coney-Critchley
14. Tobias Lefherz (ab 70.min Jonas Schulte)
15. Konstantin Bachmann

Versuche: Owain Williams, Lion Feldner-Feldegg, Borja Mandaluniz, Penaltytry
Erhöhungen: Sam Cross 3x
Penalty: Sam Crosss

Herren Regionalliga Bayern

Würzburg, 30. April 2016, Bericht: Nino Haase


Würzburger RK : München RFC II
3 : 5

Another weekend brought two delighting insights: The german summer seems to exist and the MRFC is presenting itself in an outstanding condition, being able to provide two full squads with both men teams playing away. Besides that, enough manpower for almost an entire third team would have been available and attented during last weeks training sessions. Something, which is rarely seen in german Rugby, especially when the season heads into its final weeks. The sportive challenge for the MRFC XV II was clear: Playing against RC Würzburg, being on the 6th place of the Regionalliga Bayern before the match, brought the odds clearly onto the MRFC side. But the first half clearly showed, that things are not as easy as some might have thought. One has to admit, that the first half was tough to watch for the 100 spectators at Sportzentrum Feggrube and only their nice seating in the sun on a natural stand right in front of a beautiful vineyard scenery justified their 2€ entrance fee. Despite of the lack of game flow, it was obvious, that the interpretation of the hooking rules during the scrum have not been congruent neither between the two front rows nor the female referee. Although the MRFC spent the most time in the opponents half, 6 out of 8 own scrums where lost due to the mentioned problems while throwing in. If balls were won, they got often lost in the following breakdown or werent converted fast enough from the backline to use the width of the pitch succesfully. Thanks to the better discipline of the bavarian capitals players, most of the possible counter situations could be turned into own penalties, which spent some relief and territory through succesful touch kicks to the MRFC. Some breaks from Borja Mandaluniz gave the Munich squad an optical advantage, but which never gave the opportunity for scoring a try. Nevertheless, RC Würzburg used one of the rare penalties in their favour to lead by 3 : 0 at half time, since the opportunity for Munich to equalize was missed from a promising position from Saturdays kicker Nino Haase.
The half-time speech from captain Quentin Degroote was not noisy, but tried to awake everybodys full-commitment and the awareness, that the current table position is not winning a game... Some changes were made in the first row, which improved the cooperation between scrum-half Julian Köhnlein and his new hooker Simon Laurich. Since the props Degroote and Delgado could fully use their physical advantages now, the scrum problems for Munich were fixed and also the match was an absolutely different one now. More often secure and fast balls were given to the backline, who could finally gain ground, either by opening the game towards their wings Harnischfeger and Pierre de Bortoli, with his last MRFC appearance, or due to the good eye of fly half Kevin Briggs, who spotted some defensive gaps between the Würzburg forwards and backline and used them for some good runs. But even though Munich was now superior in every aspect of the game, handling errors in good positions kept them from scoring, until the middle of the second half. A long penalty kick was set into touch several meters in front of the Würzburg tryline. After winning the subsequent line-out and several forward phases it was Quentin Degroote, who scored the try for Munich finally on the very right-side of the field. The conversion was taken by left-feeted Louis Keller, who gave a strong display after being substitued on the wing, but unfortunately for Munich, just missed the goal. 5:3 for Munich with roughly 20 minutes to go. Munich kept on going but an unfortunate lost breakdown after Harnischfeger brought a ball close to the try zone after a wide pass from second center Max Sonntag and a centimeter forward pass after a nice play from Ben Coney Critchley to Haase kept the MRFC away from putting any further points on the board. Würzburg wasnt allowed to play consecutive phases if they got hands to the ball afterwards and even though the result was really tight, one had the feeling, that Munich was always able to handle every Würzburg attack. So the only time, Munich was under a pressure in their own 22, a smart fast lineout by Köhnlein and the following beautiful clearance kick by Crotchley ended all the hopes of Würzburg to take home more than their one defensive bonus point, which they clearly deserved. With the loss of Unterföhring to Augsburg, Munich is now 6 points ahead of the second TSV 1846 Nürnberg, who is the next opponent on homeground in Großhadern on Saturday May, 14th. The chance of winning the Regionalliga Bayern on home turf are rising and that this is deserved, even besides the sportive performance, was proven in the after matchs boat race, which was clearly won by Munichs Man of the Match (Borja Mandaluniz, most effective runner), Hammer of the Day (Pierre de Bortoli, nice defensive work in his last match) and Dick of the Day (Nino Haase, for underestimating the distance between Schwabing and Pasing in the morning).

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Quentin Degroote (Capt.)
2. Constantin Kuhl (ab 70.min Tobias Mies)
3. Sergio Delgardo (ab 63.min Sebastian Boche)
4. Owain Williams
5. Nikolas Eggers (ab 68.min Jakob Rauch)
6. Simon Laurich
7. Caspar Hasner
8. Borja Mandaluniz
9. Julian Köhnlein
10. Kevin Briggs
11. Pierre de Bartoli (ab 47.min Louis Keller)
12. Nino Haase
13. Maximilian Sonntag
14. Caiel Harnischfeger (ab 72.min Stefan Strangmüller)
15. Benjamin Coney-Critchley

Versuch: Quentin Degroote

Herren Regionalliga Bayern

München, 23. April 2016, Bericht: Alan Moughty


München RFC II : RC Unterföhring
21 : 21

The first of the double bills kicked of with Unterfoering taking on MRFC ll. The weather was perfect and in front of a large home crowd Mrfc ll kicked off. During the opening minutes MRFC kept the ball well and moved through the phases. The line out was working well but with some good defense Unterfoering kept Munich out. Unterfoering put the ball threw the hands and carried well. There lose-head been their main ball carrier well and made good ground.  The first penalty for Unterfoering was given for not rolling away and they opted for the line-out. A strong maul was formed but Munich defended strongly as they have done all season and turned the ball over and relived the pressure.
Discipline on Unterfoering side started to fade with repeated warnings for high tackles and side entry in the rucks costing them the first points of the game with a penalty kick. 3-0.  A few minutes later another lack of discipline offered the next penalty shot out on the far right which was missed - but only to be offered a second attempt minutes later from the same position which was put threw the uprights. 6-0. Eventually the man in charge had had enough and the first of the yellow cards was given just before half time. Munich did not manage to capitalize on the man advantage and it was Unterfoering who went into the break with a penalty kick opportunity which went just right of the posts.  During the break the message was clear "keep working hard as a team like in the first half, but you need to raise the tempo of the game"
The second half started with Munich receiving the ball and they moved wide and made good ground only for Unterfoering discipline once again to cost them - dearly this time round. Munich kicked for touch and through a well trained moved from the line out Borja crossed over in the corner for the opening try. A well converted kick was added. 12-0.  Again Unterfoering were reduced to 14 men and again Munich went to their line out.  Poor execution let Unterfoering clear their lines but the pressure was short lived. Munich ran the ball back and with some nice soft hands and powerful running Quentin crossed over for the second try. It stayed 18-0 as the conversion was missed. Unterfoering continued to believe in themselves and started the come back and got the first of their 3 tries via a blocked down kick. 18-7. Munich rang the changes, as 4 of the starting 15 had earned an opportunity to play in front of the coaching staff for the first team. 14 minutes remaining, and the errors on Munich side crept in. The kick off not going 10m awarding Unterfoering a scrum in the middle of the park.  They attacked right and made ground but a great turn over was executed only for it to be handed directly back to them which allowed them to power up the field and make camp on Munich line till they powered over for the second try. 18-14.  With their tales up Unterfoering went for the kill and got their third try plus the extras -18-21.  With only minutes  to play, Munich regathered themselves and from he kick off applied the pressure, with Unterfoering conceding the penalty under the pressure.  With Alan off the pitch "having just fecked off" as one member was heard quoting - hSam Croos then stood up and removed one boot and stuck the ball on the ground and kicked the ball through the posts. 21-21.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Quentin Degroote (Capt.)
2. Constantin Kuhl (ab 68.min Simon Laurich)
3. Sergio Delgardo (ab 64.min Sebastian Boche)
4. Sam Cross
5. Christoph Hille
6. Tautuki Choice (ab 25.min Henrique Zingg)
7. Caspar Hasner
8. Borja Mandaluniz
9. Alan Mpughty A(b 68.min Denmarbie Gill)
10. Leandro Gatti
11. Julian Köhnlein
12. Nino Haase
13. Benjamin Coney-Critchley
14. Caiel Harnischfeger
15. Konstantin Bachmann (ab 55.min Lion Feldner-Feldegg)

Versuche: Alan Moughty, Quentin Degroote
Erhöhung: Alan Moughty
Penalties: Alan Moughty 2x, Sam Cross

Herren Regionalliga Bayern

Augsburg, 16. April 2016, Bericht: Maximilian Sonntag


RFC Augsburg : München RFC II
13 : 18

Am Samstag den 16.4.2016 spielte der RFC München auswärts im Nachholspiel der Hinrunde gegen den RFC Augsburg. München, angereist mit einer Mischung aus alt und jung,  und dem erklärten Ziel die Tabellenführung gegenüber Unterföhring auszubauen. Für den RFC Augsburg galt die Devise dieses Spiel unbedingt gewinnen zu müssen um den Anschluss an die Spitze halten zu können und mit einem potentiellen Sieg auf Platz 3 des Tableaus zu klettern.
Zu Beginn des Spiels setzte sich München in der Augsburger 22 fest, kassierten jedoch einen Penalty in aussichtsreicher Position vor dem Augsburger Malfeld. Augsburg kam langsam aber sicher besser ins Spiel. Der Fly-half der Männer in Grün und Weiß brachte mit langen und vom starken Wind schwierig auszurechnenden Kicks den Full-back der Münchener Ben Critichley in Bedrängnis. Dieser konnte jedoch durch guten Einsatz einige brenzlige Situationen klären. 
Während die Gasse der Münchener gut funktionierte und im Gegenzug das Augsburger line-out unter Druck gesetzt werden konnte, ließen die Männer in blau das ein oder andere Tackle aus, was die starke Back-line der Augsburger auszunutzen wusste, lediglich der ungenaue finale Pass der Fuggerstädter verhinderten Punkte. In dieser Phase gelang  Augsburg ein Break und ein sicherer Versuch der samoanischen 13 konnte durch ein phantastisches Try saving-Tackle verhindert werden, nach beherzten Sprint über das halbe Spielfeld von Center Leon Fellner-Feldegg ( O-Ton : " ich bin noch nie so schnell gelaufen in meinem Leben "). Im Gegenzug bestrafte MRFC Urgestein Alan Moughty die Disziplinlosigkeiten Augsburgs ( gelbe Karte 27. Minute ) trotz des böigen Windes aus beachtlicher Distanz mit Penaltykicks über die Stangen  ( 21. 3:0 und 30. Minute 6:0). Der Druck der Augsburger blieb jedoch unverändert konstant und nach einer Serie von misstackles konnte Augsburgs Nummer 8 nur durch ein nicht regelkonformes Tackle vorm ablegen im Malfeld gestoppt werden. Outside-Center Maximilian Sonntag musste daraufhin 3 Minuten früher in die Halbzeit und in die sin bin (gelbe Karte 37. Minute ). 3 Minuten später schrieb Augsburg die ersten Punkte durch die Nummer 15 mittels Penalty auf ihr Konto (40. Minute ) zum Halbzeitstand von 6:3 aus Sicht der Landeshauptstädter.
Ersatzspieler Konstantin Kuhl analysierte das Spiel der Münchner und zählte die Schwachstellen  und Stärken auf, welche es in Halbzeit 2 zu verbessern galt. Da der MRFC in zu Beginn der 2. Halbzeit 7 Minuten in Unterzahl agieren musste, kam es zu taktischen Umstellungen. 
Die zweite Hälfte begann denkbar schlecht aus Sicht der Münchner. Augsburgs Fullback traf einen schwierigen Penalty zum Ausgleich in der 44. Minute. Keine 2 Minuten danach konnte Augsburgs Nummer 10 die Unachtsamkeiten der Verteidigungslinie Münchens nutzen und den Ball in der Ecke des Malfelds ablegen. 6:13 lautete der Zwischenstand nach erfolgreicher Conversion durch den Fullback der Augsburger (48. Minute ). Vollzählig und augenscheinlich wacher dank des Augsburger Weckrufes begann nun die beste Phase des MRFC. Kombiniert mit mangelnder Disziplin der Augsburger könnte man sich dank Penaltykicks in die Augsburger 22 vorarbeiten. Durch ein sicheres Line-out formierten die Forwards der blauen ein starkes Maul, welches erst kurz vor der Try-line gestoppt werden konnte. Nach ein paar Phasen in der Nähe des jeweiligen Rucks, schnappte sich der Münchner Scrumhalf Alan Moughty nach einem Penalty den Ball und erzielte durch die Beine der Abwehr hindurch den 1. Versuch für den MRFC ( 50. Minute). Die Erhöhung misslang nicht zuletzt der widrigen Windverhältnisse wegen. Neuer Spielstand 11:13. Anstatt die Münchner Punkte spielerisch zu beantworten, entschied sich Augsburg körperlich ein Zeichen zu setzen, auch außerhalb des Regelwerks. Die Folge war eine gelbe Karte für die bis dahin starke Nummer 10 der Augsburger (59. Minute ).  Das Fehlen des Verbinders machte sich in der Hintermannschaft Augsburgs bemerkbar, aber auch die Defensive stand nun deutlich besser als in Halbzeit 1. Weitere Penalties führten zu einem Line-out 10 Meter vorm Malfeld Augsburgs. Das Maul der Münchner setze sich in Bewegung und dank der Unachtsamkeit der Augsburger, welche die blinde Seite völlig unverteidigt ließen , erkannte der erfahrene Alan Moughty die Lücke und konnte in die Ecke des Malfelds einlaufen und den Ball noch relativ mittig platzieren(64. Minute). Die nun vom Winkel günstige Conversion verwandelte er souverän (65. min).  Augsburg benötige nun beim Stand von 18:13 einen Versuch mit Erhöhung um dieses Spiel noch für sich entscheiden zu können. Doch zuerst hatte München die Chance sich weiter auf die Punktetafel zu schreiben. Leider wurde ein Penaltykick der Münchner 9 auf die Malstangen buchstäblich vom Winde verweht. Es blieb also spannend. Augsburg wollte unbedingt gewinnen und drückte nun München in ihre 22. Abermals gelang der stark aufspielenden 13 der Augsburger ein Break - doch der ebenso formidable Flügel Caiel Harnischfeger stibitzte den Ball 1 Meter vor der Münchner try line aus dessen Armen. So verteidigte die letzten Minuten München sicher ihr Malfeld und schließlich ging München RFC dank einer starken Steigerung in der 2. Halbzeit und dank guter Disziplin -Captain Owain Williams hatte seine Mannen gut unter Kontrolle-, in einem harten, teils giftigen und intensiven Spiel als Sieger vom Feld und konnte die Tabellenführung ausbauen. Für eine wenig eingespieltes Team, die Backline der Münchner beispielsweise stand zusammen so noch nie auf dem Feld ( an dieser Stelle herzlichen Glückwunsch an Flyhalf  Leandro Gatti zum 1. Spiel für den MRFC und zum 1. Spiel seit 15. Jahren ) war die Leistung ansprechend, hat aber natürlich noch Potenzial. Mit entsprechenden gemeinsamen Spielen und Trainings wird diese Mannschaft sich jedoch kennenlernen und zusammenwachsen und dem gesamten MRFC in Zukunft noch viel Freude bereiten.
Im Gegensatz zur 1. Mannschaft des MRFC bleibt die 2. Mannschaft im traditionellen "Boat race" diese Saison ungeschlagen und grüßt auch dort von der Tabellenspitze.
Der Augsburg RFC erwies sich als guter Gastgeber und kann höchst verdient einen Bonuspunkt aus dem Spiel mitnehmen. Vielen Dank auch dem Schiedsrichter, der trotz der Härte das Spiel gut im Griff hatte und gleichermassen pfiff.
Kommende Woche empfängt der MRFC die Nachbarn aus Unterföhring, eine Partie zwischen dem 1. und 2. der Regionalliga, eine mir Spannung erwartete Partie. Unterföhring, in Rückrunde bisher ungeschlagen  jeweils mit Bonuspunkt gewonnen), möchte dem Traditionsverein aus der Nachbarschaft sicherlich ein Bein stellen und die Chance auf Platz 1 wahren. 

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Alberto Andreotto
2. Borja Mandaluniz
3. Sebastian Boche
4. Owain Williams
5. Nikolas Eggers (ab 41.min Caspar Hasner, ab 60.min Henrique Zingg)
6. Tautuki Choice (ab 75.min Christoph Hille)
7. Sam Cross
8. Kevin Briggs
9. Alan Mpughty
10. Leandro Gatti
11. Korbinian Vogel (ab 75.min Pierre de Bartolil)
12. Lion Feldner-Feldegg (ab 65.min Konstantin Bachmann)
13. Maximilian Sonntag
14. Caiel Harnischfeger
15. Benjamin Coney-Critchley

Versuche: Alan Moughty 2x
Erhöhungen: Alan Moughty
Penalties: Alan Moughty 2x