Herren Regionalliga Bayern

Kempten, 09. April 2016, Bericht: Alan Moughty


Allgäu Rugby Kempten : München RFC II
16 : 24

MRFC traveled with a full complement of 22 players to the 'Allgau' Kempten the oldest town in Germany (So it claims). After a very hard game the previous week, Munich were well prepared for what was to come - from the kick off for a solid 15 minutes, Kempten set up camp on the 5m meter line and fought tooth and nail to cross the line for the opening try. After crossing over 3 times only to be held up and on other occasions driven back they never managed to get the try they were so desperately seeking. Having to in the end settle for a penalty kick 3:0. Munich kicked off and finally got their hands on the ball and started to work threw the phases with the forward making good ground. Eventually Munich got into the 22' and from the lineout after a powerful drive, Quentin aka 'Quickie' danced around the maul and dived over for the opening try of the game in the corner. Unable to add the extras Munich went in search of their second try which came through the forwards punching up the middle to set up the backs to spin the ball out wide only for the work horse Owain Williams to enter the line and power over for the try. With the extras added on this occasion Munich went into the break 3:12 in the lead.
The Half time chat was simple "stop playing as individuals in attack and work as a unit like in defense"
Second half started and it was Kempten that opened the scores with a well worked move to score in the corner 8:12. Munich made a few changes and regained control of the game to score two more tries - threw the slick hands Kevin Briggs and Quentin. Just before the end a lose kick turned favored the bold and Allgau scored the final try if the game in the corne. Bonus point win achieved and the focus turns now to Augsburg who after their opening games will be going in to the game as favorites.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Sergio Delgardo (ab 55.min Sebastian Boche)
2. Borja Mandaluniz
3. Quentin Degroote
4. Owain Williams
5. Nikolas Eggers
6. Tautuki Choice (ab 78.min Constantin Kuhl)
7. Jakob Rauch (ab 30.min Antoinne Ducardonnet, ab 76.min Christoph Hille)
8. Padraig Naughton
9. Caiel Harnischfeger
10. Alan Mpughty
11. Ivan Kendzor
12. Philipp Mack
13. Maximilian Sonntag
14. Michel Bonette (ab 41.min Alan Mpughty) (ab 53.min Simon Schröcker)
15. Pierre de Bartoli

Versuche: Quentin Degroote 2x, Owain Williams, Kevin Briggs
Erhöhungen: Alan Moughty 2x

Herren Regionalliga Bayern

München Freimann, 02. April 2016, Bericht: Owain Williams


RC Stusta München II : München RFC II
3 : 13

On the 2nd day of april 2016 the second half of the regional league season 2015/2016 kicked of for the MRFC 2nds with a trip to sunny StuSta. On a fine afternoon we arrived with a full complement of players primed and in peak fitness after the winter pause ready for the off. From kick off the MRFC were in good shape, playing the game we trained for and making a little head way against the StuSta defence. After a turn over from Munich playing one pass too many, the students won a penalty after MRFC were a little over eager to effect a turnover. This resulted in 3 points to the students on or around 5 minutes. Not to spoil the suspense of this report, but I can tell you now. The students would not score again... for much the rest of the half the game was played between the two 22m lines with not many breaks through either defence due to big hits and good coordinated defence from each side. On the few occasions Munich got an attack together we lost our momentum with a dropped ball or an attempted magic pass. Towards the end of the half Munich cranked the pressure a few notches and after a penalty to touch a line out drive resulted in a 20 metre lighting rush down the touch line from our inspirational caption Quentin 'Quickie' DeGroote who scored on the stroke of half time. Phil delivered the extra 2 and we finished the half 3-7 for MRFC.
At the start of the second half,  Munich again notched up the pressure against the students with harder, faster and bigger defence. A penalty from Alan put us further ahead but in the struggle to force the game MRFC started to give away penalties at the breakdown. Some were good calls but it also became clear that the usual competition for ball after tackles would not be permitted even when the steal was clear and fair. Due to this Munich adapted and decided not to compete on the floor but instead clear out and over the ball. This tactic worked for a while but eventually the students got their their game together and stormed the MRFC 22 in the final quarter. After repeated drives the students got within 10m of the MRFC line at which point coach alan decided to take a 10 minute breather after stooping one of the students from scoring on a quick tap. Shortly after another old boy Owain also opted for a ten minute rest having scragged a student by the collar to prevent a try. After this the 13 man Munich squad reacted well to the unexpected fitness test and survived a stern examination from the StuSta attack, eventually relieving the pressure with a fine steal from Padraig. Back on the field once more Alan coordinated a sustained drive to the StuSta 22 and returned with a 3 pointer. Back up to 15 again MRFC saw out the game with more good defence but could not score any more points.
Man of the Match: Quickie
Hammer of the Day: Quickie
DoD: Owain

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Quentin Degroote
2. Borja Mandaluniz
3. Sergio Delgardo
4. Owain Williams
5. Nikolas Eggers (ab 53.min Antoinne Ducardonnet)
6. Tautuki Choice
7. Henrique Zingg
8. Padraig Naughton
9. Caiel Harnischfeger (ab 53.min Simon Schröcker)
10. Kevin Briggs
11. Korbinian Vogel
12. Philipp Mack
13. Maximilian Sonntag
14. Michel Bonette (ab 41.min Alan Mpughty)
15. Pierre de Bartoli

Versuch: Quentin Degroote
Erhöhung: Philip Mack
Penalties: Alan Moughty 2x

Herren Regionalliga Bayern

Bad Reichenhall, 14.November 2015, Bericht: Padraig Noughton


RFC Bad Reichenhall : München RFC II
17 : 20

A crisp and overcast morning met the players as they assembled before the game. Sleepy heads were shaken away in preparation for the short, but important trip to Bad Reichenhall. The weather was perfect for rugby day, with just a slight breeze blowing lengthways along the pitch. The game began after a minutes silence was held in honour of the tragedy in Paris the night before. MRFC kicked off to a pumped Bad Reichenhall team, they were imposing themselves at the breakdown and after just two minutes their impressive inside centre intercepted a sloppy pass and ran half the field for an early breakaway try. The conversion was successful, 7-0 to the home team. MRFC settled into the game, playing simple rugby and dominating most aspects of the game. The pressure got to Bad Reichenhall as they conceded a penalty 15m in on their own 22. Javier Gonzalez hit the post and the rebound was cleared by the defence. Munich maintained the pressure only for another intercept from the BR centre, after a few offloads and one dubious decision (held up), a try was awarded for Bad Reichenhall, which was not converted. So far MRFC had dominated both set and open play, but were nonetheless 12-0 down. Shortly before half time MRFC had a line out within the opposition 22. The forwards set up a maul, peeled off the back and drove over the line for their first points of the game, with Padraig Naughton touching down in the corner. Half time 12-5 to the home team. Bad Reichenhall started strongly again from the restart. Their inside centre once again was the central player to their third score. A crossfield kick right into the hands of their left wing caught the Munich backline off guard and ran in to touch down. Not converted. Munich fought back brilliantly, controlling much of the territory and set pieces and it wasn’t long until no.8/prop Kevin Briggs barrelled over for a try shortly before the 50th minute. No conversion. The good work rate soon paid off again. Another Munich lineout 15m out, another maul and another try, this time from wonder kid Odi! Who was also man of the match. A final, frustrating, 20 minutes was in store for MRFC who had a strong position for much of the last quarter. After a replacement BR wing was sin binned for blatant offside, Briggs was denied a second try and the score remained 17-15. The final minutes saw the game becoming scrappy and inital try scorer Naughton was shown yellow with 7 minutes remaining. With time almost up, a great break from Lion Fellner-Feldegg saw him cross in the corner, to give Munich the lead for the first time in the game and also secured a bonus point. With 2 minutes to play, MRFC slowed the ball and ran down the clock for a hard fought and well won victory.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:

Herren Regionalliga Bayern

Nürnberg, 31. Oktober 2015, Bericht: Javier Gonzales


TSV 1846 Nürnberg : München RFC II
3 : 5

Saturday started quite early for the Lions and a full squad made the short trip to Nürnberg. It wasn't another game, a victory would guarantee MRFC a second place on the Regionalliga really close to Bad Reichenhall. A cold and foggy morning turned into a sunny and kinda warm day as the team approached Nürnberg. Everything was ready for another rugby day! The game itself was a bit chaotic with both teams having more intentions than rugby to show to the crowd. A few handling errors and slow balls in the ruck made it difficult for MRFC to do what they have been training during the last few weeks. Nürnberg had the iniciative in the first half, but a brilliant defence by Konsti "the wall" Bachmann, prevented the oppositon to score a try. They only scored by a  penalty and that set the score for the half time, 3:0 to the home team. For the second half the lions changed their mind and attitude and set the peace on the pitch. After a few minutes Kevin Briggs run through an ungarded ruck, avoided a few opponents and scored under the posts. A forgettable kick by the number 10 went a few centimeters out leaving a tight advantage on the score 3:5. MRFC kept control of the game for most of the second half, but a desperate Nürnberg team pushed the lions in their own 22 by the end of the game. But a great defense and the fresh legs that provided by 6 impact players kept Nürnberg away from MRFCs ingoal.
A special mention goes to Odi who played his first game for MRFC and got the Man of the Match!

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Marc Sijbers (ab 46.min Guilherme Buff)
2. Odirie Losaba
3. Antoinne Ducardonnet (ab 41.min Lion Fellner-Feldegg)
4. Padraig Noughton (ab 54.min Felix Mann)
5. Sam Cross
6. Tobias Mies (ab 41.min Henrique Zingg)
7. Jerome Prieto (ab 39.min Kevin Briggs)
8. Richard Schuster (Capt)
9. Robert Schuster
10. Javier Gonzales
11. Caiel Harnischfeger
12. Sharma Himanshu (ab 65.min Lion Holger Mannhardt)
13. Philipp Mack
14. Korbinian Vogel (ab 41.min Sebastian Strangmüller)
15. Konstantin Bachmann

Versuch: Kevin Briggs

Herren Regionalliga Bayern

München, 17. Oktober 2015, Bericht: Kevin Briggs


München RFC II : Würzburger RK
31 : 17

The Loins came out of the blocks roaring with a strong scrum lead by the solid Argentinian prop, definitely on a winner there (strongly suggest to quit his day job he was that good). However Würzburg quickly recovered and scored the first try through good short tight play. The Lions managed to compose themselves and quickly applied some pressure to force a penalty making it 3-7. A long battle  raged from 22 to 22 for the next 30 mins with both sides fighting hard to make ground. Alex The smallest and quietest cub from the lions kept his head down and lead the pack forward through good runs up the middle, knocking player after player out of his way. The hotly contested rucks ended up going Würzburg's way with another string of concise well timed runs soaking up the Lions defense allowing them to score a try. The Lions took it to heart with the Blonde Captain Richie McCaw rallying the troops and inspiring the talkative Tom to focus on running forward and score for the lions. Not to feel left out Alan quickly joined the conversation and converted to keep the Lions in the hunt shortly before half time.
Ten minutes into the second half the Schuster brothers teamed up with some quick pop passes to put the softer younger brother over the line. Würzburg managed to fight back and again put the Lions under pressure scoring on the wing. With a tied game the Lions refocused and rose up to the occasion and managed to put in 2 tries in the last 10 mins thanks to the duck diving Richie and the sneaky twinkle toes Alan to finish the game 31-17. Another good hard fought match with both teams putting everything on the pitch. DOD - Kev the touch judge (last time I'll help you buggers) MOM - Alex Hammer - Richie.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Marc Sijbers (ab 45.min Jerome Prieto)
2. Robert Schuster
3. Javier Gonzales (ab 3.min Tobias Mies)
4. Tom Grealish
5. Sam Cross
6. Tautuki Choice
7. Alexander Marka
8. Richard Schuster (Capt)
9. Alan Moughty
10. Sharma Himanshu
11. Pierre de Bartoli
12. Lion Fellner-Feldegg (ab 41.min Henrique Zingg)
13. Philipp Mack
14. Pierre de Bartoli
15. Stefan Strangmüller

Versuche: Tom Grealish, Robert Schuster, Richard Schuster, Alan Moughty
Erhöhungen: Alan Moughty 4x
Penalty: Alan Moughty