2. Bundesliga Süd
Heidelberg, 16. April 2016, Bericht:
Sebastian Schüppel

Heidelberger TV : München RFC
24 : 36

Another big Rugbyday this saturday for the MRFC. They had to travel to Heidelberg to defend the first place oft he 2nd german bundesliga against HTV which where only one point behind them at 2nd place in the league and perhaps one of the best team in that league. Ambitions were high and the mood was awesome and so the lions took off at 7.30 to their destination Heidelberg. The must beautiful city in the world. Unfortunately the whole team needed to wait half an our hour for his center Sebastian Schüppel who forgot to buy a newspaper to satisfied the intellectual mind of Gerd Gerhards perhaps the most intelligent prop who has ever touch a rugbyball. So he was correctly voted the dod. What an idiot. After a great bustrip with our beloved busdriver who seems to be as old as the queen the lions arrived in Heidelberg with still plenty of time left to get to know the field. The weather was perfect for rugby and for the skin of our teamleader Scott Warner. With great support from the sideline el Presidente Helmut and his mate, Lofty Stevenson who is also called the Emmanuel Kant of Rugby and the injured second rower Richard Schuster who is only beautiful when you drink at least 2 litres of beer, which is not that difficult in Munich) the game started at 3 o clock. The ambitions where high on booth sides and everybody in the whole city could feel that. Both teams were keen to win this game. Munich to stay on top an heidelberg to get on top.
From the beginning it was Heidelberg who had the better start and they managed to put Munich under pressure with their big forwards and fast backs. But Munich defended very well and managed to keep their scoreboard clean. After 18 Minutes it was heidelberg who marked the first 5 points. After a well execuded lineout and beautiful maul they managed to drove ofter the try line to put them 5:0 ahead. Although the conversion was missed it was now munich wo needed to show that they are on top oft he league for a reason. And after the this first try Munich woke up started to getting better and better . It was now an equal game with chances to score tries on both sides. But munich managed to build pressure and  fought themselves into the 22 of heidelberg. And it was their wing Alex Schranz wo went over the tryline of heidelberg after a strong effort from the munich back rower Scott Warner (with a stomach full of fish and chips) . Unfortunately the ball was held up correctly by Heidelberg and so the score was still 5:0. But munich stayed in the 22 of Heidelberg. And 5 minutes later it was Lucas Marchi who dived over the tryline to put munich on the scoreboard just before halftime.
This first try for munich was crucial one but it was also a hard one .Heidelberg defended with everything they got and unfortunately the munich 9 Robert Schuster broke his arm just seconds before munich score the try. So Munich earned 5 points because the conversion of the georgian number 10 Sandro Tschaidse was not succesfull but they lost their number 9 who played a great season so far and will be painfully missed fort he last two games.
If the beginning oft he first half belong to HTV it was now Munich who put Heidelberg under pressure from the first minute of the second half. The Scrum worked very well and Munich dominated Heidelberg in this part of the. The lineouts starting to get better and better. And the new number 9 Antoine Miguet also called „metre en cul“ had a great day and played like he was back in 1789 and wanted storm the bastille on his own. Logically it was Munich who scored the first try after the second half by its georgian number 10 who went over the tryline after several well execuded forward phases. This time the ugly georgian found the traget to put munich 5:12 ahead.. But the only thing which is harder to earn the lead in such a game is to stay in front and defend the lead. But Munich did very well an kept playing like score was still 0:0. And so it was just 5 Minutes later that their back rower and former capri-sun-boy Sidney Brenner (who never mentioned before that he played once for the HRK and won three titles in one season) dived ofter the tryline after a beautiful assist from Maxime the coq en vine Gelly to put Munich further ahead. This time the conversion was also succesful by the georgian cheese footer. It was now a comfortable lead for munich of 5:19 but the munich teamleader remind his boys about the game Liverpool Dortmund not to do the same mistakes like Tuchel did and stay focused. But then suddenly the game turned around and the HTV boys starting to put pressure on the Munich defence and after two silly mistakes they managed to work their way through the defence and scored another try shorten the gap to 12:19. Now Munich needed to show that they can also play good rugby under pressure and they did. Just Seconds after the kickoff munich reclaim the ball and scored another try after several forward phases who did an awesome job in this period of the game to spread the Heidelberg defence. So it was the argentinian winger Javier Gonzales who got the ball  kicked it like Maradonna throw the Heidelberg defence and picked it up by himself after the tryline for his first try after the era of Seniora Kirchner. Although the conversion was just wide it was now Munich again ahead with a 12:24 lead. For the HTV this try was like Kryptonit for superman. The did everything to shorten the gap after two fast tries from Munich. And as they achieved to score this try they were hit by the Maradonna double Javier Gonzales who showed that Heidelberg is not Anfield road. Not yet. And so it was the center Sebastian Schüppel who scored another try for Munich just a few Minutes later to put Munich further ahead. HTV managed to shorten the gap again with a converted try. But after a misstake from the HTV fullback Sebastian Schüppel picked up the ball again and scored its second try just 3 before the final whistle and earned himself a extra proteinshake from his gym mate and brother in mind Alex Loders. At the end it was again the HTV boys who scored the final try for a 24:36 result.
At the end Munich took the win over Heidelberg. It was a tough game for both sides but much more important it also was a fair game. Despite the result of 24:36 this game could easily gone either ways.
Next weekend Munich is looking forward to defend the top oft he league against Stuttgart and try to keep their dream alive of winning the 2nd german bundesliga süd.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Karl Wolf
2. Alex Loders (ab 47.min Maxime Gelly)
3. Gerd Gerhards
4. Bruno Diaquino
5. Padraig Noughton
6. Luca Marchi (ab 73.min Niklas Graf)
7. Scott Warner
8. Sidney Brenner (Capt)
9. Robert Schuster (ab 39.min Antoinne Miguet)
10. Sandro Tschaidse
11. Javier Gonzales
12. David Clegg
13. Sebastian Schüppel (ab 78.min Tobias Lefherz)
14. Alexandre Schranz (ab 70.min Julian Köhnlein)
15. Frederic Begards

Versuche: Sebastian Schüppel 2x, Luca Marchi, Sandro Tschaidse, Sidney Brenner, Javier Gonzales
Sandro Tschaidse 3x