2. Bundesliga Süd, Aufstiegsspiel Bundesliga Halbfinale
München, 07. Mai 2016, Bericht:
Sidney Brenner

München RFC : RC Aachen
39 : 29

On Saturday the 1st Team MRFC Lions were playing the semi final of the 2nd Bundesliga against RC Aachen. After a nice Captains Run on Friday the Lions were ready to perform awesome at a crowded Stadium in Ludwig-Hunger-Straße. Both Teams were hungry for a win and the audience wanted to see a big game of rugby! On a sunny Saturday midday the crowd was waiting for the kickoff and both teams were ready for a clash of the titans! At the beginning Munich was pumping up the Level, some good phases and a penalty against Aachen right in front of their Posts. Munich took the first 3 Points with a nice kick from Sandro “The Leg” Tschaidse.
A lot of errors from Aachen and Munich were using them. The Lions are dominating the Scrum, so it is giving them the platform, for some good attacking balls. So Munich went on, carrying the Ball into the 22m of Aachen. Great work of the Forwards, now the ball is going through the hands of the backs, 10, 12, 13. And there he goes, Sebastian “Die Spinne” Schüppel, through the Defence of Aachen. Try Munich! Conversion from Tschaidse, he is having an awesome kicking day again. 10:0.
Kick off again, deep inside the Lions 22m and they are struggling to catch the ball and putting their self’s under pressure. Finally they got it and the ball finds his way into the touch line. Line out Aachen, but Bruno “the LatinDancer” is quicker and gets in front of his opposite! Munich with quick hands to get over the advantage line and the forwards are setting a platform for the backs. A fast ruck and the ball fly’s through the hands and Schüppel is getting around with the overlap, passes to the Winger Alexander Wolfgang “the Austrian” Marka, who is putting on 1, 2 steps, tackle offload to Scott “The SunCream” Warner and he makes is over the line. Great team effort by the Munich Lions. Try Munich and Tschaidse is still on a 100% with his kicks. 17:0.
So Aachen starts again with the Kick off. High Ball into the Munich forwards, and something happened, from struggling to catch the ball, Lions Nr.8, Sidney “The Vulnerable” Brenner, took his whole confidence and got up into the air and plucked the ball out of it! Took the contact and did set up a great platform for an attack. So the French Nr.9, Antoine “Dominici” Miguet, took the chance for an outstanding Box kick and Munich was chasing perfectly, Aachen got under pressure, they couldn´t pick up the ball, struggling, and there is Tschaidse picking up the ball, stepping, sprinting, tryyyy! Great try by Tschaidse, but he couldn’t get the conversion over. 22:0.
Restart Aachen with a kick off and a good chase from Aachen, kick Munich, ball in touch, 15m to the Munich try line. Line out won, good defence from Munich, but Aachen is going forward, the ref is blowing the whistle, penalty Aachen in Munich’s 22m. The Kicker is getting ready from Aachen, 1, 2 steps, the ball is flying, and not over!
15minutes left in the first half and Munich is performing well, but you can see that the sun is making both teams work. Munich is hustling their way up the field and a kick behind the Aachen back line, Nr.15 Aachen picks it up and puts it out. 22m line out for Munich. Good line out, 5 meter maul, ball goes out to the forwards again, but Karl “The animal” Wolf, does the “Loders” and didn’t catch the Ball – (Alex “The Demigod” Loders, he wanted me to get him a name like that! sth. like Herkules :D) Anyway, the back line picks it up, gives it quick through the hands, Nr.15 Alex “The Icecube” Schranz, get’s into the line and straight through in the try zone of Aachen. Try Munich and Tschaidse does it better then the last time and converts it. 29:0. 5mins left till the half time and it seems like Munich is already at the half time break. Aachen is making meters after meters, Munich is trying to defend, but the big Nr.8 of Aachen is going forward. Aachen is still going forward, pick and go, pick and go, close to the Munich try line and trough. Try Aachen. They just scored with the half time. Kick to the post not converted. Half time score 29:5.
Munich is starting back in the game with the kick off. Aachen is receiving and carrying it forward, phase per phase, Munich is defending. Then a big tackle by Munich’s Nr.8, Sid “The Spartan” Brenner, turns him a bit too much, Spear tackle on the Head. Ref blows and is talking to his sideman, and then pulls out the yellow Card, 10 minutes time off for the Captain. Could that be the “Dick of the Day” for the second time in a row!? (Yes it was!)
Now Munich is under big pressure, because Aachen is leading the game. Working good with the forwards, Munich is holding against them, great defence work, but can hold it and another try from Aachen. The Nr.10 is making the conversion and they shorten the score to 29:12.
Kick off and directly out. Line out Munich at own 22m, the thrown ball is too high, Aachen gets it and putting on some good hands and scores at the corner.  Munich has to change something or has to wake up again. Successful conversion. New Score 29:17. The Atmosphere is getting tense in the ranks, Munich performed such a good first half, but Aachen is hungry now.
“COM’ON MUNICH” – a wakeup call from Rory “The Legend” Donoghue!
And Aachen is still going, Munich is out of the game, seems like they missed the second wind. Aachen shows nice running skills from their backline, through the defence of Munich and scores. They can’t convert the try. Score 29:22.
Now it’s getting serious, Aachen is close to Munich, just one try they need, to get even. Something has to happen now! Kick off Munich and Aachen is trying to attack from that again. Good defence from Munich, but Aachen is making some meters. Knock on Aachen, Scrum Munich. Munich is attacking right from the Scrum at the Middle line. They have to put on some phases, Aachen is defending pretty well. But there is the gap, nice breakthrough from Nr.8, Sidney “Picamoles” Brenner. Aachen’s Nr.15 is covering, big pass to the wing Javier “Speedy” Gonzales and there he goes! Try Munich and conversion Tschaidse. Munich is back in the game! 36:22.
Awake now, Munich keeps on going, another good attack from Munich, but the ball went out into touch. But the Ref is blowing it back for a penalty against Aachen for an offside position. Almost 40 meters, and Munich wants the points. Sandro “The Georgien Topmodel” Tschaidse is getting concentrated, the ball in front of him, first step, second, baam and oooover! Brilliant! The Crowd is out of control! 39:22.
Now the time is on Munich’s side, but Aachen won’t give up that easy. They keep on going forward, phase per phase, forwards against forwards, but the defence is to strong. And there was a knock on. Scrum Munich. Munich is attacking, forwards are going, and then back to the back line, good hands and Tschaidse breaks through, runs, sees the 3 defenders from all sides, kick and the ball bounces into touch at Aachen’s 22m. Nice break and run, but Munich couldn’t get more out of it.
Aachen attacks again, going forward, making meters, at the 22m of Munich, Knock on. Scrum Munich, 2 minutes to play and Munich wants to change. Alan “The Language” Moughty, is doing the sub and its gives Munich a bit of time. Pschhh. The Ref blows the whistle, penalty against Munich – taking too long at the sub!
Quick tab Aachen and the ball is flowing through the hands and Munich is trying to keep up, but Aachen is too fast. Try Aachen and also the conversion. 39:29. Aachen is getting closer, but the Ref blows the whistle, Pschhh, Pschhh, Pschhhhhh! The Game is over Munich is in the final! Whooo! The supporters are giving everything, whole Munich can hear them! MRFC! MRFC! MRFC..

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Karl Wolf
2. Alex Loders (ab 55.min Maxime Gelly)
3. Gerd Gerhards
4. Padraig Noughton (ab 65.min Tautuki Choice)
5. Richard Schuster (ab 70.min Sam Cross)
6. Bruno Diaquino
7. Scott Warner
8. Sidney Brenner (Capt)
9. Antoinne Miguet
10. Sandro Tschaidse
11. Alexander Marka (ab 79.min Denmarbi Gill)
12. David Clegg (ab 60.min Nino Haase)
13. Sebastian Schüppel
14. Javier Gonzales (ab 72.min Tobias Lefherz)
15. Alexandre Schranz

Versuche: Sandro Tschaidse, Scott Warner, Sebastian Schüppel, Alexandre Schranz, Javier Gonzales
Erhöhungen: Sandro Tschaidse 4x
Penalties: Sandro Tschaidse 2x