2. Bundesliga Süd, Aufstiegsspiel Bundesliga
Luxemburg, 21. Mai 2016, Bericht:
Rory Donoghue

RC Luxemburg : München RFC
12 : 9

As we learnt yesterday, Saturday is Rugby Day but this Saturday was an even more special Rugby day. It was the chance for the team to create another piece of club history and the team traveled with high hopes to Luxemburg. The preparation had been excellent and supported by our Oasis of experience and knowledge, Lofty, the team was ready.
Expectations for a Firestarter-like beginning were quickly tempered when it was clear that the 2 teams facing each other were  unwilling to give an inch.  Munich started in a controlled fashion and converted early their first chance for points through the boot of Sandro. The team was however soon Under Pressure, but fine defence all around kept the Luxemburg team out and despite conceding 2 kickable penalties (which Luxemburg were not able to convert) Munich, just before half time kicked their second penalty and went into the break 6 -0 to the good.
The second half started with Munich this time dominating territory but once again unable to create any significant trying scoring chances. Unfortunatley, like Luxemburg in the first half, the team lacked the Killers instinct and was unable to convert 2 penalties and instead of being ahead 12-0 the score remained as it was. Once again an attack by Munich was excellently stopped by Luxemburg and from the ensuing penalty (for not releasing) Luxemburg tapped quickly and a darting run by their no. 10 caught the otherwise excellent midfield defense napping. A pass to the supporting winger and Munich's lead was cut to 1 point.
However, the team stayed calm and when another penalty was given against Luxemburg, Sandro confidently stepped up and increased the lead to 4 points. Now it was time for Luxemburg to up the pressure and knowing that a penalty was not enough they went for the try. After a series of 5 metre scrums and pick and go's in front of the Munich posts, their number 9 squirmed over and the successful conversion but Luxemburg ahead for the first time in the game. Munich gave everything in the remaining 5 minutes to get within striking distance but there were no Angels to help Munich to cut the deficit and Luxemburg's excellent defense Seal(ed) their deserved win.
So, no Champagne Supernovas to celebrate at the end of the day for MRFC. But tomorrow is another day (actually tomorrow is Monday, and I don't like Mondays) and the team should look on the (Mr.) Brightside and reflect with Pride (in the name of..) on a great season. Who knows, there may be some child Prodigy among the MRFC talent (we will see on the 4/5 of June) who will look up to this current team for inspiration.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Karl Wolf
2. Maxime Gelly (ab 69.min Alex Loders)
3. Gerd Gerhards (von 10.min bis 15. min Alex Loders)
4. Bruno Diaquino (ab 70.min Sam Cross)
5. Padraig Noughton (ab 55.min Julian Bainbridge)
6. Niklas Graf
7. Scott Warner
8. Sidney Brenner (Capt)
9. Antoinne Miguet (ab 70.min Nino Haase)
10. Sandro Tschaidse
11. Alexander Marka (ab 71.min Tobias Lefherz)
12. David Clegg (ab 60.min Alan Moughty)
13. Sebastian Schüppel
14. Javier Gonzales (ab 33.min Alexandre Schranz)
15. Frederic Begards

Penalties: Sandro Tschaidse 3x