Bayerische 7er Meisterschaften

Ingolstadt, 2. Juli 2016, Bericht: Alexander Marka

The Tournament took place in Ingolstadt, who made a really great event out of it. Nevertheless it was an early start for us, as we had to be there and ready for our first game versus our “Arch Enemies”, Stusta at 10am. Even though we thought we had left so early, we arrived after Toby Lefherz had already organised and set up the MRFC tent, under which we would regenerate in between our matches.
After feeling pretty confident after our successful warmup, we were overwhelmed by Stusta’s fitness and speed in our first game. The first 7 minutes we were struggling to find into the game, however in the second half we started fighting back. We started focussing more on what we trained and on what Rory had taught us, but the fight was in vain, as we lost in the end and missed out on our first points in the group stages. In our break we decided to work on specifics and iron out the little mistakes that cost us the loss.
We knew we had to win the next game versus Rose Tower, which we knew would be a very tough match. They had very strong and powerful players, and we knew we would just have to use our tactics to beat them. However, even though we may have gotten into the game a little better than against Stusta, it was a very physical and tough game. Every tackle was a perfect hit, however the fact that it started raining cats and dogs caused several handling errors, which slowed down the game to Rose Tower’s Benefit. We started to focus more and adapt to the slippery conditions and then also started scoring our tries, with some great speed and agility. We could go off the pitch relieved having secured us some points with that win, which still game us hopes for the top four Play-offs. However, we knew we could do better and that we have to win the next game versus Würzburg, which would be the toughest so far.
Our third group game was tough. We fought and played the best we had so far in the tournament. Everybody  hit their first up tackles, there were close to no handling errors and we played exactly how Rory had trained us, using the gaps that opened up. We dominated the first seven minutes by leading with a couple of tries. And after thinking we were well ahead, which we really were, and two minutes left on the clock we slowed down, possibly also because of our energy levels. That was when Würzburg fought back, we had gotten into our old habits and missed several tackles only to let them score. Furthermore, I do not want to call out any names, but in my opinion there were a lot of wrong calls by the referees, which was very unfair and showed a rather low level of understanding of Sevens or even 15s Rugby. However, in the they got past us and scored a little to often, which only made us available as contenders for 5 place. Very frustrating, but sometimes you just have to take it and come back stronger next time.
We were determined not to lose any other game and were in the play-offs for 5th position. We wanted to show the other teams what we could do and played very strongly and fair in our last 2 games versus Ingolstadt, the hosts, and then once again Rose Tower, which turned out to be a very heated game. Ingolstadt played very well, however we were switched on and barely let them have the ball. Our passes were near to perfect and we played more unified than in any of the other games. Uncountable tries were scored. We were simply going to make the most of it. We already played Rose Tower, so we had an idea what their strengths and weaknesses were, and adapted really well to the situation. Rose Tower preferred to play down the middle so we decided to hit the wings in addition to speeding up the game as after rucks there were always some gaps in Rose Tower’s defensive line. Using our tactics we scored several tries, and Rose Tower was getting more and more frustrated. Unfairly, I provoked the whole Team and caused things to get very heated on and off the pitch. Which is now the reason, that I had to write this match report. However, after the game we all got together and had a great discussion with Rose Tower and their coach about this incident.
In the end, many tries, tackles and a couple of injuries later, we came out as 5th in the Tournament. I’m personally very proud of the energy and mentality put into training and especially how we worked together as team. Not exactly the result we wanted, but as mentioned before, we will learn from our mistake and come back stronger. It was a great tournament. Thank-you Ingolstadt and congratulations to Stusta on leading a Munich team to Victory.

Ergebnisse: Stusta (Lost), RT Vilseck (Win), Würzburger RK (Lost), TSV Ingolstadt (Win), RT Vilseck (Win)

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
Giacomo Bernobi, Sidney Brenner, Maxime Gelly, Niklas Graf, Julian Köhnlein, Borja Mandaluniz, Alexander Marka, Alan Moughty, Richard Schuster, Alexandre Schranz, Sandro Tschaidse, Scott Warner
Trainer: Rory Donoghue
Support: Tobias Lefherz, David Clegg, Philipp Mack, Henrique Zingg, Robert Schuster, Pablo Puyalto

Der MRFC belegte den 5. Platz