2. Bundesliga Süd
Rottweil, 1. Oktober 2016, Bericht:
Sam Cross

RC Rottweil : München RFC
22 : 0

We all knew it was going to be a long day when the 9:00 meet came and went and not all team members had yet managed to make it to our designated meeting point in Pasing. At this point your intrepid (match) reporter was soundly asleep in his abode in south-east Munich, dreaming of a crushing victory in the day’s battle against the might of Rottweil. An irritated ringing roused him from his slumber and he found Captain Clegg to be the source of his interrupted sleep. A brief glance at the time as your hero picked up the phone made his knees weak. It was 9:10 - he’d slept through his alarm. A  sprint out of the door and a dash across town in the shortest time anyone has ever made it from Karl-Preis-Platz to Pasing could not save him from being 3/4 of an hour late. At this point, your author would like to point out that his alarm did not go off on this fine Sunday morning either and some preliminary googling has revealed a dark secret at the core of Apple’s organisation which indicates that the alarm setting on his phone was actually not functioning correctly - ( Despite discussions late into the night with Apple Customer Services, they are still absolutely refusing to write the match report and said they’ll sue me if I call them the Dick of the Day.
The match began with very methodical and intelligent play by Munich. The combination of Den’s control at the back of the breakdown and Fred’s pinpoint kicking enabled Munich to weather a storm with Rottweil persistently knocking against the door from 5 metres out for much of the first half. A well organised defensive line and good discipline against a predictably undisciplined Rottweil side allowed Munich to remain strong as their opposition attempted to batter down the door and reach pay-dirt. Eventually Rottweil’s attrition managed to wear down MRFC’s defence just enough to allow them to bundle over the line out wide for 5 points. The conversion was unsuccessful, leaving the game very finely balanced.
At times through the first half MRFC attempted to play Rottweil too much at their game, trying to smash the ball up the middle with big runners. Against such a physical side that tactic was never going to be successful. Munich had faced up well to their opposition at the set piece, as the line outs were competitive and the scrums were won even against the head on more than one occasion. The ball made its way all too seldom to the wings as Munich failed to capitalise on space on the flanks of the pitch. The territorial and kicking game was executed extremely well, but unfortunately MRFC were just unable to convert in the final third. As the half time whistle blew the score was 5-0 to the home side, which was an accurate reflection of the balance of play in the first 40 minutes.
After half time both sides were chomping at the bit, seeking to stamp their authority onto the game. The penalty count continued its rapid increase and the infamous Rottweil play we all know began to creep into the game. This culminated in a massive, late shoulder charge into scrum half Den with absolutely zero attempt to make use of the arms. To give you an indication of quite how bad it was, it’s what Ma’a Nonu would have called ‘a perfectly executed tackle’. The referee delved into his pocket and produced a yellow card.
Rottweil began to turn the screw and Munich found themselves facing heavy pressure. A couple of Munich errors allowed the Rottweilers to further increase their lead and another unconverted try  made the score 10-0. It was at this point that the tide began to turn and the home team began to secure their victory. Their big runners continued to take the ball over the gain line and, though Munich’s tackling was good and their defence well-organised, they were unfortunately unable to prevent the hosts from bundling over the line once more to make the score 17-0. Patrick also picked up a yellow card for Munich after a tackle which was deemed to be high. Shortly after the kick off Rottweil once more managed to get some meat, leaving the score at 22-0 with about 20 minutes remaining.
It was at this point that calmer heads at MRFC still prevailed and the away side began building phases and returning to the sensible tactical kicking game which had served them so well in the first half. Despite multiple trips into the opposition half throughout the latter stages of the game, the try didn’t quite materialise for them. For the team to handle the pressure so well and prevent Rottweil from running away with the game completely was a testament to the attitude and work rate of all the MRFC players. The flow of points for Rottweil was stemmed and once again the game remained tight throughout the final quarter.
The scoreline may not reflect it on this occasion, but the performance from the men in blue certainly warranted more. Rottweil were deserved winners in this clash, but in Fortress Großhadern with more than a mere 16 players and a home crowd behind the team, there’s certainly no reason to think that Munich couldn’t come away the victors. On the home leg we’ll need a large and enthusiastic crowd, so be sure to get down to show the boys your support. Munich can definitely take positives from this game and can go into next week’s game against 4th-placed Heidelberger TV full of confidence, despite this setback in Baden-Württemberg.

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Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Alex Loders
2. Maxime Gelly
3. Gerd Gerhards
4. Philipp Mack
5. David Clegg (Capt.)
6. Tautuki Choice (ab 60.min Sam Cross)
7. Niklas Graf
8. Borja Mandaluniz
9. Denmarbie Gill
10. Frederic Begards
11. Tobias Lefherz
12. William Ross
13. Alexander Makra
14. Patrick Mahn
15. Alexandre Schranz