2. Bundesliga Süd
München, 29. Oktober 2016, Bericht:

München RFC : RC Stusta München
20 : 41

Last game of the first half of the 2. Bundesliga season for the blue lions with a derby against Stusta. Mrfc had great expectations for this game to show a better face than the beginning of the season. Second team started the day well with a great victory against the stusta's second team.
The blue lions started well with a nice attitude ball in hand and in defence. A few minutes only into the game and the MRFC opened the score thanks to our second center Fred Begards' boot.  Stusta replied directly scoring a try, 3/7 for the visitors. Stusta continue playing their game keeping us away from the ball amd scoring a second try. 12/03. After playing a quick tap penalty our new fly-half Pete Morris ran threw the black lines and fixed the stusta 15 and passed the ball to our 13 Fred Begards who scored our first try.
Half time and 8/12 for the visitors.
Stusta took the second half on their own scoring 3 tries in 20 min leading 29:08. The blue lions scored finally their second try after a nice lineout, with flanker Sam Cross offering a brilliant pass to our hooker Max Gelly in the channel who ran until the try line. 29/13 for Stusta. Two new tries from visitors after tackling errors and a last stand try from our fly half sealed the final score 20/41 victory with bonus point for the visitors.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Alex Loders
2. Maxime Gelly
3. Gerd Gerhards
4. Lucas Marchi (ab 65.min Christoph Hille)
5. David Clegg (Capt.) (ab 60.min Tom Grealish)
6. Sam Cross
7. Niklas Graf
8. Borja Mandaluniz (ab 55.min Tautuki Choice)
9. Denmarbie Gill (ab 60.min Alan Moughty)
10. Peter Morris
11. Patrick Mahn
12. Alexander Makra
13. Frederic Begards
14. Alexander Michelfelder (ab 10.min Jack Wills (ab 70.min Julian Köhnlein)
15. Nikolas McLachlan

Versuche: Frederic Begards, Maxime Gelly, Peter Morris
Erhöhung: Frederic Begards
Penalty: Frederic Begards