2. Bundesliga Süd
München, 8. April 2017, Bericht:
Sam Cross

München RFC : Karlsruher SV
53 : 0

On a day hot enough to burn most of MRFC’s British contingent - a whopping 22ºC - the 1st team took to the field to kick off their season after an inordinately long winter break. For MRFC, battling for their 2nd Bundesliga survival after a disappointing first half of the season, the game was like a cup final against the team just one place above them in the standings. After putting in the hard graft in training through rain, sleet and snow, the men in blue were ready to put on a performance for the sizeable crowd.
The game began with MRFC using sensible exit strategy from their own 22 to relieve pressure and capitalising on the pressurised Karlsruhe defence was Seb “I’ve got tickets to the Bayern-Dortmund game so I’m leaving at halftime” Schüppel who, avoiding both defenders and (miraculously) a dick of the day vote, crashed over the white line to open up the scoring for the home team after just four minutes of play. Emulating his idol, young Marka similarly carried over the line to score just minutes later. The latter attempt was duly converted by Pete, leaving the score at 12-0 after just 10 minutes of play.
The first half was a display of tactical line clearance from MRFC followed by good pressure in defence that managed to keep the Karlsruhe attacking threat at bay, especially with some big runners in the centres for the away team always threatening to break the line. The lineout clicked and the scrums were solid, though the challenge was well met by a strong Karlsruhe pack. Special mentions should go to the All-German back row trio of Schuster, Graf and Brenner whose excellent work rate around the park was plain to see and resulted in more than one turnover. This period of calm control was followed by two tries for Schuster in short succession before the break, demonstrating his sheer power by swatting away defenders before powering over the try line. As the referee blew for half time, the hosts were 24-0 to the good.
As Schüppel high-tailed it to the Allianz Arena, and after a thorough evaluation of the areas for improvement on the first half display, MRFC returned to the field for the second half. No sooner had the ball been put deep into opposition territory from the ensuing kick off than Robbie put in a massive hit on the opposition winger which was audible around the ground, proving he really is the complete package. Karlsruhe had turned away from their kicking game at this point and were looking to run the ball even from deep in their own territory. This proved a dangerous tactic, resulting in a turnover on their 22 for which they were made to pay by Munich, as Marka darted over the line for his second try of the game. Mr Morris dutifully tacked on the extras as MRFC began to extend their grip on the game. Pete, desperate to spend yet another week necking pints in the customary boat race, made a late push for the man of the match award with two tries of his own, backing his show and go to leave defenders stopped in their tracks. Unfortunately this attempt was hampered not only by his failure to convert his own tries (for which he can presumably blame the try scorer for not placing it directly under the posts…), but by Master Schuster rumbling over for his third score of the game in the 64th minute.  Credit must go to Karlsruhe for never giving up in spite of the scoreline, as they looked to build attacking play of their own. Unfortunately for them the pressure from the Munich defenders left them with little time to establish an attacking platform and one of the breaks they had was thwarted by a brilliant covering tackle by Alex Schranz. Nonetheless, Karlsruhe prevented Munich from scoring in the following quarter of an hour. However, the final play of the game resulted in yet another try for MRFC. This time Pete chose to ignore the large overlap outside of him and stepped inside, spun out of a tackle, then offloaded to Nik who himself evaded several tackles before putting the ball down right under the posts: more jazz than a Miles Davis biopic. As cramp got the better of the place-kicker, Captain Brenner stepped up to take the resulting conversion…and missed. How his name was also was not subsequently a strong candidate dick of the day remains a mystery.

MoM: Robert Schuster
Hammer: Yassin Barik
DoD: David Clegg

Fotos: hier

Mannschftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Gerd Gerhards (ab 50.min Quentin Degroote)
2. Maxime Gelly
3. Sergio Delgardo (ab 55.min Adrian Schiller)
4. Mario Tornero
5. Yassim Barik (ab 64.min Brice N´Gom)
6. Niklas Graf
7. Robert Schuster (ab 67.min Lucas Marchi)
8. Sidney Brenner (Capt.)
9. Antoine Miguet
10. Peter Morris
11. Alexander Makra (ab 70.min Alexander Michlfelder)
12. Sam Cross
13. Sebastian Schüppel (ab 41.min Nikolas McLachlan)
14. Alexandre Schranz (ab 60.min Ronan Lefebvre)
15. Frederic Begards

Versuche: Robert Schuster 3x, Alexander Makra 2x, Peter Morris 2x, Sebastian Schüppel, Niklas Graf
Erhöhungen: Peter Morris 4x