2. Bundesliga Süd
Heidelberg, 29. April 2017, Bericht:
Alexander Makra

TSV Handschuhsheim II : München RFC
8 : 81

It was a cold Morning in Munich, when the 16 man Squad plus the Coach and one supporting fan met at Donnersbergerbrücke at 7:45am. Many of us were wondering, why we were meeting this early, even if the kick was planned for 4pm. However, who would have thought that the usual four hour journey to Heidelberg would take a staggering seven hours. It was on this bus ride, when it was clear to everyone that I, Alexander Marka, would be Dick of the Day for forgetting my Rugby Boots. Luckily, this problem was easily, solved as everybody seemed to have taken two pairs with them.
We arrived at TSV Handschuhsheim and got changed. We started warming up with surprisingly hot and sunny weather. Every player knew that we had to win this match. Before Kick-off David Clegg gave us some motivational words, ‘raving up’ the players and making them focus on their jobs.
Kick-off. Right from the start there was a lot of pressure from Munich causing Handschuhsheim to make mistakes. Munich received a penalty in the 3’ minute, which was gracefully slotted through the posts by Peter “scrum-coach” Morris to make it 3-0. However, in the 6’ minute Handschuhsheim was awarded a penalty to make it 3-3.
The game continued to be dominated by Munich, with extremely strong scrumming and great control by Antoine Miguet. Finally, after several phases Sebastian ‘Spider’ Schüppel opened the try scoring in the 20’ Minute by running a hard line and scoring with no chance of being tackled. Morris converted. making it 10-3 for Munich. Two minutes later Peter ‘slithery snake’ Morris had an amazing solo effort running half the pitch outpacing the opposition and scoring the second try of the match making it 15-3. Conversion was missed by Morris. We continued our game plan with solid exit strategy, as instructed by Coach Warner. Once again the centre opposition didn’t pay attention and Morris used his skill and speed to score his second try making it 20-3. We continued our game plan. After a line-out our forwards made a tremendous break on the right wing, offloading the ball to one another. David ‘Sunny-Bill-Williams-wannabe’ Clegg dummied the opposition, shocking Handschuhsheim fans, and made another 20 meter before making a special offload. We played another couple of phases, with some lovely passing skills by Sam Cross and several ‘pick and go’ by the forwards forced Handschuhsheim to make mistakes in defence giving us a penalty on the 5 meter line in the 35’ minute. Morris Tapped the ball and scored between two Handschuhsheim forwards who were scratching their heads at how he had gotten past them. Hattrick for Morris and this time he also converted to make it 27-3. To end the first 40 minutes, Schüppel managed to find a gap, hit it at pace and slip through several tackles to score his second try, which Morris converted, giving us a comfortable lead of 34-3 for the second half.
The second half continued just like the first. The forwards continued their strong game, winning nearly every scrum with Maxime Gelly skilful hooking and Gerd Gerhards and Guilherme Buff’s strength in the front row. Some stunning support from Alan Moughty and the pack helped Robbie ‘the beast’ Schuster power through some tackles to score under the posts. Easy conversion for Morris making it 41:3. Now Handschuhsheim realised they should switch on a little more and started attacking us, however astounding tackling performances from Tobias ’hammer’ Lefherz and controlled kick returns from Fred Begards kept us from conceiving a try. The ball was turned over and after some phases Nico McLachlan scored in the right corner in the 60’ minute and Morris converted once again. 48:3 for Munich. After the next kick-off we managed to keep the ball after our exit strategy. Once again the forwards supported each other well, only for Yassin ‘gay fish’ Barik to go over the line a score his first try for Munich’s first team. Morris converted to make it 55:3 in the 65’ minute. In the 70’ minute the backs played a lovely move for Marka to get the Ball on the left wing an score under the posts. Morris converted again. Munich lead by 62:3. In the 74’ minute TSV Handschuhsheim let us know that they are still here. They scored a try with a full team effort and many ‘pick and go’. Munich wanted to end the game in style and after a lovely clearance kick, Peter ‘selfish’ Morris managed to score in the right corner and convert making it 74-8. Then in the 80’ minute, Maxime Gelly made it over the line to and Morris converted to end the game with 81:8. Scoring 41 points in total Morris was clearly Man of the Match.

Mannschftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Gerd Gerhards
2. Maxime Gelly
3. Guilherme Buff
4. David Clegg (Capt.)
5. Yassim Barik
6. Tobias Lefherz
7. Robert Schuster
8. Alan Moughty
9. Antoine Miguet
10. Peter Morris
11. Alexander Makra
12. Sam Cross
13. Sebastian Schüppel (ab 70.min Maximilian Sonntag)
14. Nikolaus McLachlan
15. Frederic Begards

Versuche: Peter Morris 4x, Sebastian Schüppel 3x, Maxime Gelly, Robert Schuster, Yassim Barik, Alexander Makra, Nikolaus McLachlan
Erhöhungen: Peter Morris 9x
Penalty: Peter Morris