2. Bundesliga Süd
Regensburg, 13. Mai 2017, Bericht:
Sam Cross

RC Regensburg 2000 : München RFC
14 : 64

The latest instalment of the rugby diaries is back by popular demand: i.e. the DoD didn’t want to write the match report and apparently yours truly has nothing better to do with his spare time. Stirring themselves from their slumber, dreaming of the green pastures of their homeland and with ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’ still ringing in their ears, the newly anointed “englische Münchner” descended on Regensburg on Saturday in the rearranged 2. Bundesliga Süd fixture. Avid readers of the German rugby press will be aware of recent accusations of the apparent Anglicisation of the away team, which certainly surprised many involved with the club. Speaking as approximately one third of the club’s massive English contingent, the present author can only hope that such reports come to fruition.
Munich kicked off to commence the game and placed Regensburg deep into their own territory, before quickly conceding a penalty, allowing the Oberpfälzer to clear their lines. The away team looked to control the game from the offset and took an early lead against a motivated Regensburg side to make the score 14-0 after two early tries. Fred Begards [France] had an impressive game from the tee kicking 7 conversions, despite missing one conversion attempt twice in a row after the home side had been kind enough to charge the kick early. The cherry red and whites were not going to go down easily in front of their home crowd though and the cultivated boot of their 12 put Munich under pressure with kicks which eventually led to a scrum on the Munich 5m line after the ball had been held up over the try-line. The defence of the aforementioned scrum was lacklustre out wide and led to Regensburg crashing under the posts for their first try of the game. Throughout the first half, DoD Makra [Austria] had seemingly made an ethical decision to go vegan. At least it certainly appeared as if, in the words of Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins, he was avoiding getting a ‘meat pie’, as minor errors resulted in a couple of opportunities left wanting. Little to worry though, as soon thereafter he made a u-turn on this decision and was caught positively butchering a try-scoring opportunity having broke through the line out wide and, in his eagerness to place the ball directly under the posts, knocking the ball on whilst being tackled by an opposition defender. Luckily, fly-half Morris [Austria] was able to capitalise on a slick backs move which exposed a large gap in the usually well-defended Regensburg midfield to dart over the line. The Munich side was prompted by Alan Moughty’s [Ireland] strong and stable leadership to use the (Br)exit ball to clear their lines and prevent Regensburg from further scoring opportunities in the first half. After further tries from deserved man of the match Brice N’gom [France] and Kehoma Brenner’s younger brother [Germany], the score at halftime stood at 33-7.
Throughout the second half the game fluctuated as both teams made a series of basic mistakes which resulted in further missed scoring opportunities for Munich, as well as an interception try for the hosts. MRFC were similarly able to capitalise on mistakes made by their opposition and produced spells of good attacking play, scoring further tries through Schüppel [Germany], Mkara [Austria], Begards [France], Tornero [Spain] and Buff [Brazil]. The true English players for Munich were looking to get a mention on the scoresheet but were unfortunately kept at bay. Especially the current writer couldn’t catch a break whilst playing against his old club as, despite an interception in the second half which was rightfully called back for an earlier advantage and a line break in the final play of the game which he messed up in an almost Mraka-esque manner, he was unable to score.
The game ended with MRFC the winners in a competitive, friendly, fair and well-refereed contest with the score at 14-64.

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Mannschftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Sergio Delgardo (ab 46.min Alex Loders)
2. Maxime Gelly (ab 68.min Martin Jose)
3. Guilherme Buff
4. Brice N´Gom
5. Mario Tonero
6. Niklas Graf
7. David Clegg (Capt.)
8. Sidney Brenner (ab 47.min Yassim Barik)
9. Alan Moughty
10. Peter Morris
11. Alexander Makra (ab 71.min Alexander Michelfelder)
12. Sam Cross
13. Sebastian Schüppel
14. Alexandre Schranz
15. Frederic Begards

Versuche: Sebastian Schüppel 2x, Frederic Begards, Sidney Brenner, Peter Morris, Mario Tornero, Brice N´Gom, Alexander Makra, Alan Moughty, Guilherme Buff
Erhöhung: Frederic Begards 7x