2. Bundesliga Süd
München, 27. Mai 2017, Bericht:
Sam Cross

München RFC : Neckarsulmer SU
15 : 24

Since the last instalment of the rugby diaries, the earth has continued to turn on its axis, the sun has risen in the morning and set in the evening and, equally as repetitively, I once again find myself before my laptop on a sunny afternoon attempting to think of something vaguely interesting to report to my loyal readers regarding Saturday’s rugby game. The team apparently enjoy this reporter’s column so much that they are now willing to vote for him to write it for no discernible reason whatsoever. To combat this concerning trend I have used my standard match report template, but have purposefully failed to insert as many of my usual witticisms. It definitely has nothing to do with the fact that I’m running out of jokes. Stepping out into the ethereal haze of a blazingly hot day in Großhadern, the first team needed to round off a day of victories for the Women’s team and the 2nd XV in front of a decent crowd: if for no other reason than to attempt to impress the numerous female Dutch rugby players assembled behind the posts. Despite the best efforts of the team on the field and Mario’s ‘finest’ post-game chat off the field, MRFC were unfortunately without success in either endeavour. In reality the game was lost early on by the home side. Neckarsulm are the best team in the league for a reason (discounting the ludicrous 8 point deduction which currently has them sitting in 2nd place in the table) and were not going to give quarter to a Munich side which had been in the ascendance upon resumption of the season after the winter break. MRFC allowed two relatively soft tries within the opening minutes of the game which gave the away team a comfortable lead. From that point onwards, it was an uphill struggle for the home team to gain a footing in the game. The NSU defensive line was quick to rush up, cutting off most opportunities for the backs to spread the ball wide and profit from the expansive attacking play which had served them well until this point in the season. This was complimented by big, physical ball carriers who were looking to run the ball through the middle of the field, testing the defensive resolve of the home centres. There were further occasions where the Münchner equally lacked the clinical finishing which has plagued them at times throughout the campaign, as handling errors resulted in points being left on the field multiple times. Vote saboteur and hypocrite extraordinaire Maxime was seen devouring DIN A4 whilst taking long strides backwards in the scrum. Meanwhile, a series of basic errors from all areas of the team resulted in try-scoring opportunities left wanting. Gradually, though, the Gastgeber were able to work themselves back into the game. After a kick-and-chase try which was surprisingly not awarded by the referee, Pete Morris immediately bounced back to score in the corner from the ensuing scrum. Akram was also able to get one of his many names on the scoresheet again by scoring out wide.
Throughout the second half the home team were able to score once more via Morris. Fortunately, he has recently publicly confirmed that he shall be returning to the club whilst undertaking his postgraduate study at the LMU from 2018. After making such a binding commitment it would be very poor form on his part to renege on the promise.
Despite the improvement Munich were never quite able to catch up the impressive Neckarsulmer, but were able to demonstrate why the former have had such a resurgence in 2017 and gave a much better account of themselves than they did in the Hinrunde. On a different day, with a better start, the result could have been different. Nonetheless, credit to NSU for a tough but scrupulously fair game of rugby. Next week is the all important Munich Derby: the battle for bragging rights in The Keg for the duration of the summer. Any supporters willing to embark on the lengthy and treacherous journey to StuSta would be extremely welcome.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Gerd Gerhards
2. Maxime Gelly (ab 55.min Alex Loders)
3. Guilherme Buff (an 60.min Sergio Delgardo)
4. Yassim Barik (ab 75.min Owain Williams)
5. Mario Tonero
6. Niklas Graf
7. David Clegg (Capt.) (ab 70.min Alan Moughty)
8. Sidney Brenner
9. Antoine Miguiet
10. Peter Morris
11. Alexander Makra
12. Sam Cross
13. Nikolaus McLachlan
14. Tobias Lefherz (ab 65.min Alexander  Michelfelder)
15. Alexandre Schranz

Tries: Peter Morris 2x, Alexander Makra