2. Bundesliga Süd
München Freimann, 03. Juni 2017, Bericht:
David Clegg

RC Stusta München : München RFC
15 : 11

The birds were silent,
the sun was hot.
The wind was still
and the babies cried not.

The pressure was rising,
the tension too,
and they all came together,
Those boys in blue.

And in years to come,
all will say:
That they remember what they did
on derby day.

A late kick off was a blessing in the scorching heat of the first days of June. Gathering at the Stusta pitch for the local derby one thing was clear for everyone involved – this was going to be one hell of a game. The memories of the home fixture at the beginning of the season still stung in the memories of some of the players and they were determined to make amends on this last league game of the season. However, they weren’t able to get off to a good start. Profiting from miscommunication in the Munich pack, Stusta managed to secure the ball right off of their kick-off. What followed were 11 minutes of hard running and a great build-up of pressure by Stusta with Munich defending hard in their own 22. The quick defensive line around the rucks put pressure on the attackers, forcing handling errors and winning Munich a scrum, which gave Pete the-scrum-coach Morris the opportunity to clear the lines with some excellent kicking. But the boys in blue didn’t have much time to rest, as Stusta were right back in the 22 applying more pressure with big ball carriers running hard lines at the blue wall of defence. In the end it was a mismatch well spotted by the Stusta back row forward who managed to weave his way between the two Munich props who were the last line of defence. 5:0 advantage to the home side. The fairly easy conversion was missed – in part thanks to Sam-I-Am-Cross who charged up to challenge the kicker and put him off enough to keep the opponent’s lead to just 5.
Inspired by their ferocious defence, Munich were eager to make quick amends and the response was what you would expect from a team of lions. Putting pressure on Stusta from the restart it took just 3 Minutes for MRFC to win a penalty on the 22. Fred-the-legs-Begards stepped up to the kicking T and comfortably slotted the ball through the uprights to make the score 5:3.
Now it was Stusta’s turn to respond but again they found a determined Munich defence difficult to overcome. There were no gaps this time. A number of set pieces gave the spectators something to cheer about – Stusta were dominant in the scrum but Munich were bossing the line-outs and so both teams found some solid platforms to play off of. After another long period of pressure in the Munich half, Munich were penalised for a side-entry in a ruck. Stusta took the chance to keep the score board ticking over – 8:3.
Determined to put the pressure back on Stusta, Pete-the-scrum-coach-who-should-have-focussed- a-bit-more-on-his-kicking-Morris kicked the ball straight out from the restart, giving Stusta a scrum in the centre of the pitch. Luckily for him, the loose forwards were on great form and a hard hit on the Stusta fullback running taking the inside line, dislodged the ball, forcing a knock-on and a scrum for Munich. ‘All part of the plan’ was the unashamed response from the Munich stand-off. After more scrums and more running and more tackles and more running and more lineouts, Alex Akram managed to turn over a ball in great style, only for the brother of Capri Sun Blues Caption Kehome Brenner to fly in with a high arm on the Stusta 13. The retaliatory punch was also spotted by assistant referee and after a bit of a discussion, both players were given 10 minutes to sit in the corner and think of what they had done. Munich started to build up the pressure and a brilliant attack built off of the solid work by the forwards in the line-out, was foiled by a lack of being able to catch a ball in the backs. But the pressure was enough to force another penalty within kicking range. Again Fred did the honours and the score just before half time was the 8:6. Munich were starting to profit from their extra fitness and the big Stusta ball carriers were beginning to tire. The final minute and a half wouldn’t change the score but big hits, big pressure and Alex Kamra, who was obviously fed up with running around on the wing, put his mark on the game by putting in one of his many big hits after chasing after a kick. The half time whistle came too soon for Munich but just in time for Stusta who needed to regroup.
The captain David-slow-legs-Clegg was replaced by Robbie-the-massive-legs-Schuster who immediately made an impact with big hits and strong attack work. On his centenary game for the club (for which the club had a special trophy made to present him with, which captain slow legs forgot at home) Guilherme Buff took up the captaincy for the remaining 40 minutes and led from the front.
Immediately Munich had a chance to score after some great pressure by the forwards pulling in the defence and creating the space out wide – the space the Sam-offload-Sam refused to spot as he darted inwards at the defence and threw an underhand offload straight into the Stusta defenders arms. Attacking opportunity gone. A loose kick a few minutes later and a missed tackle by Mario-some-mothers-like-his-legs-Tornero gave Stusta their only scoring opportunity and they took it, with their hooker running an impressive 30m sprint to touch down in the corner. The difficult conversion was successful meaning for the first time in the match Stusta lead by more than a converted try 15:6.
After a long period of pressure Munich finally managed to cross the line in the corner after scrums line outs and big ball carrying. The conversion was unsuccessful. 15:11. The Munich bench was being brought into play and apart from Billy the Centurion and Brice-the-workhorse-G’Nom,  all of the forwards were replaced. The new power brought onto the pitch meant Stusta spent the rest of the game stuck in their half and a lot of it in their 22. Towards the end of the match, a succession of penalties brought Munich to 5 metres in front of the Stusta line. But in the last play of the game, a penalty to Munich was overturned by the assistant referee who spotted an infringement. Stusta cleared into touch and the final whistle was blown. It was a bitter defeat after a tough and well balanced game.
Perhaps it wasn’t the victory Munich wanted, but it was certainly redemption for this fixture in the first leg of the season. A great thanks to the coach duo of Scott Walnuts Warner and Alan Redskin Moughty who managed to transform the team after a terrible first half of the season to end up putting on such a brilliant performance. And of course thank you to the supporters and fans who stuck with us. As is the case at the end of every season, we now say goodbye to some of our great players and hope to say hello to some new ones over the summer. Now it’s time to enjoy the 7s season and regroup ready for next season. See you all then.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Gerd Gerhards (an 75.min Sergio Delgardo)
2. Alex Loders (ab 50.min Maxime Gelly)
3. Guilherme Buff
4. Brice N´Gom
5. Mario Tonero (ab 60.min Yassin Barik)
6. Niklas Graf (ab 55.min Robert Schuster)
7. David Clegg (Capt.) (ab 41.min Lucas Marchi)
8. Sidney Brenner (ab 70.min Tobias Lefherz)
9. Antoine Miguiet (ab 75.min Alan Moughty)
10. Peter Morris
11. Alexander Makra
12. Sam Cross
13. Nikolaus McLachlan
14. Alexandre Schranz
15. Frederic Begards

Try: Peter Morris
Penalties: Frederic Begards 2x