2. Bundesliga Süd
München, 9. September 2017, Bericht:
Antoine Miguet

München RFC : Heidelberger TV
26 : 7

After a defeat in Karlsruhe last weekend and for their first home game of the season, the Munich Lions knew that they have to improve to face a strong team of HTV, whose players always offer tough and fair rugby.
During the first half, the Lions spent most of the time on the opponent side. With a strong lineout and excellent ball protection in the rucks, backs could get clean. The Lions took advantage of this situation and scored the first  3 points thanks to Fred's boot. HTV managed to come in Munich 22's but missed the chance to get points thanks to a hard defense. Just before half time, on their scrum, the Lions passes the ball quickly to Schüppel who reached the holy land after a nice 55m run. 8-0 at half time.
At the beginning of the second half, Munich scores 3 points but then releases the pressure and HTV's response was immediate: strong ball carriages and a converted try. 11-7.
For 15 minutes, Munich and HTV could not score, due to strong defense and excellent occupation kicks from both sides. On a dangerous attack from HTV back line, Schüppel picked up the ball after a mishandling in the last pass and scores another try, which was turned into a penalty try after he has been high tackled in the try zone. Munich stayed on HTV side until the end. Begards kicked a nice 40m penalty. 21-7. Immediately after that, the Munich forwards wanted their own try and did it with Tooks after a brilliant succession of pick and go's. 26-7. Final score.
Another nice rugby day in Munich.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Guilherme Buff (ab 65.min Quentun Degroote)
2. Maxime Gelly (ab 75.min Joshua Kritzer)
3. Sergio Delgardo (ab 77.min Adrian Schiller)
4. David Clegg
5. Philip Mack (ab 35.min Gerd Gerhards)
6. Tobias Lefherz (ab 72.min Tautuki Choice)
7. Yassin Barik
8. Robert Schuster
9. Antoine Miguet (Capt.) (ab 75.min Denmarbie Gill)
10. Frederic Begards
11. Alexander Marka
12. Sam Cross
13. Sebastian Schuppel
14. Alexander Schranz (ab 75.min Alexander Michelfelder)
15. Jacob Fafiolu

Tries: Sebastian Schüppel, Sebastian Schüppel (Penaltytry), Tautuki Choice
Erhöhung: Penaltytry
Penalties: Frederic Begards 3x