DRV Pokal
München, 23. September 2017, Bericht:
Alexander Marka

München RFC : Hamburger RC
7 : 23

The game started well, with München RFC showing some strong defensive structure. However, after ten minutes into the match, Hamburger RC’s enormous pack managed to push forward to make it 5-0. München RFC secured the ball on the restart. Den Gill made some great clearance kicks that hit touch. We used mistakes from the oppositions line out to regain possession of the ball. The support play of München’s forwards contributed to the backs getting more of the ball. Gaps started opening up and Sam Cross used that to München RFC advantage. He amazingly skipped past three tackles to score directly under the posts, and converted his own try. Hamburg RC hit back once again with their strong forwards, smashing it up the centre. However, our forwards heroically, including Yassin Barik, Niklas Graf and David Clegg, managed to withhold that force on the 5 meter line. Nevertheless, Hamburg scored making it 10-7. Now “Ruck Roulette” started. the last twenty minutes of the first half had München RFC on Hamburg’s 5 meter line, then again Hamburg on München’s 5 meter line. Sebastian Schüppel and Guilherme Buff made some great tackles.
The second half started with a blast. München RFC had lots of the possession. Despite this, they made a couple small mistakes and lost the ball at a line out. One thing lead to another, Munich missed a couple of tackles, resulting in Hamburg scoring in the 55th Minute, making it 15-7. Then after some apparent “bad sportsmanship” Sebastian Schüppel got a Yellow card leaving München with 14 men. Already in our own half, we defended bravely, yet we could not withstand the ongoing force of Hamburgs giants. They scored another try in the 65th Minute. Munich regained possession and started smashing up the the pitch, with Tobias Lefherz, and then towards the end Alexander Michelfelder managed to successfully clear kick over our defensive line. Korbinian Vogel and Stefan Strangmüller played very well on the wings supporting the full back. Alex Loders got subbed on and absolutely dominated some rucks, however did drop David Clegg in a line out and gave away a free kick. Simon Laurich came on as wing for Vogel. Owain Williams, who had been working like a machine all kept on working hard to secure the ball in the ruck. Gerd Gerhards, Maxime Gelly, who played his final game for Munich RFC, and Sergio Delgado managed to stabiles the scrum all game and were like work horses. In the end we conceded another penalty to make the final score 23-7. We only had 16 players available. Many of our usual first team players couldn’t play due to injuries and other reasons resulting in some players having their first team starting debut. Therefore, we should be really proud at what strength we displayed and how well the team worked together.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Sergio Delgardo (ab 55.min Alexander Loders)
2. Maxime Gelly
3. Gerd Gerhards
4. Owain Williams
5. Guilherme Buff
6. Niklas Graf
7. David Clegg
8. Yassin Barik
9. Denmarbie Gill
10. Alexander Michelfelder
11. AStefan Strangmüller (ab 75.min Simon Laurich)
12. Sam Cross
13. Sebastian Schuppel
14. Tobias Lefherz
15. Korbinian Vogel

Try: Sam Cross
Erhöhung: Sam Cross