2. Bundesliga Süd
München Freimann, 21. Oktober 2017, Bericht:
Douglas Kenison

Stusta Rugby München : München RFC
52 : 7

Yesterday's game was totally poor and sad for the MRFC (1st 15s) especially to all supporters, family, friends, Coach and MRFC President. Who flew all the way to Stusta to witness the toughest game in History. But turns out did'nt goes as what we had been trained and planned. Full time defeated with 52-7 ☹.
It went well since the game had already  started about 10mins I guess, Stusta scored there first try followed by MRFC Olivian Gilea scored a try for us and his first try for MRFC 1st team (congrats bro). Then suddenly things changed fast Stusta changed there playing speed. I dont know which food these dudes eats before the game starts. The main thing is im still proud for our team for fighting and pushing till the end. We made LOADS of mistakes especially "TACKLES". As far as I know we will never stop here we will keep on fighting and hitting hard for our next Homegame ahead of us against RC Rottweil. Special thanks to the MOM (Oli) HOM (Rob&Nik) and the (Dick of the Day) which is myself (no info) lol. Aswell to our 2nd team with there victory against Stusta II welldone boys. Nothing more to explain Lets all put this game behind us our past and focus on our future games. Learn from our mistakes and make it better.
MOTTO - One Heart MRFC!!! HEYYY!

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Sergio Delgardo (ab 50.min Karl Wolf)
2. Alex Loders
3. Gerd Gerhards
4. Guilherme Buff
5. David Clegg
6. Olivian Gilea (ab 55.min Luca Marchi)
7. Niklas Graf (ab 45.min Tautuki Choice)
8. Robert Schuster
9. Antoine Miguet (Capt.)
10. Frederic Begards
11. Douglas Kenison
12. Sam Cross
13. Tobias Lefherz
14. Javier Gonzales (ab 41.min Alexander Michelfelder)
15. Jakab Fafiolu

Versuch: Gerd Gerhards
Erhöhung: Frederic Begards