DRV Liga-Pokal
Karlsruhe, 17. März 2018, Bericht: Jacob Fafiolu

Karlsruher SV : München RFC
0 : 33

Another strong performance from MRFC in less than ideal conditions. The opposition Karlsruhe came hard and fast in the opening exchanges of the match. It was anyone’s game at this point. A great clearance kick was fielded by Brian the lion who then burst past three players giving a key pass to Fafiolu who gracefully charged like a gazelle under the posts. Adam Popperwell converts. 7:0 MRFC. The opposition Karlsruhe did not give up and looked dangerous in their attack until Brian the lion jumped what must have been 5 foot off the ground to intercept the ball! His offload was then fielded by none other than the gazelle Fafiolu who once again charged at the posts this time from the half way line. Adam Popperwell converts. 14:0 MRFC! The opposition still came but were met by fierce tackles from Robbie, Doug and Nick to name a few. Then disaster! Robbie was given a yellow Card for a high tackle! The opposition could smell blood but Munich held strong! After a strong drive from the forwards a penalty try was awarded to MRFC. Surely it was game over now. 77 mins and Govule decided to tear up the field running through 15 players to score. Popperwell once again with a sublime conversion. To complete the rout Mr cross sliced the opposition open with a key line after some great work from Jose and confirmed the well deserved win for MRFC! 33-0 final score.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Gerd Gerhards (ab 51.min Karl Wolf)
2. Niklas Graf
3. Jose Martin
4. Mariano Francolino (ab 60.min Joshua Kritzer)
5. David Clegg (ab 70.min Adrian Schiller)
6. Miguel Hernandez
7. Robert Schuster
8. Sidney Brenner (ab 12.min Ramathan Govule)
9. Antoine Miguet
10. Adam Popperwell
11. Brian Kikawa
12. Sam Cross
13. Jacob Fafiolu
14. Doug Kenison
15. Alex Schranz (ab 51.min Fred Odur)

Versuche: Jacob Fafiolu 2x, Ramathan Govule, Sam Cross, Penalty Try
Erhöhung: Adam Popperwell 4x