2. Bundesliga Süd
Stuttgart, 21. April 2018, Bericht:
Sam Cross

Stuttgarter RC : München RFC
5 : 67

MRFC Victorious in Stuttgart
The sun beat down in Stuttgart on Saturday as Munich travelled to Stuttgart for another match in the 2. Bundesliga, looking to rebound from a slightly lacklustre performance at Rottweil the week before. The boys had worked hard over the previous week and all on the bus were in high spirits as we departed Munich, heading West.
Upon arrival at Stuttgart, it became apparent that the home team had taken the phrase "sun's out guns out" too literally and were, to a man, walking around shirtless whilst going about their preparations for the game. Before we could stop him, Yassin 'Big-Rig' Barik had followed suit, though we were quick enough to prevent Cleggy from joining in. This stood in stark contrast to the MRFC coaching/support team of Warner, Moughty and Cross, who were to be observed spending almost the entire 80 minutes of the game huddled together, copiously applying sun cream - to avoid the British and Irish Lions becoming the British and Irish Lobsters.
The start of the game could hardly have been better for the men in blue. Scarcely had they kicked off before they crossed the try line, with Rama Govule charging over after a mere 2 minutes to score the first points of the game. Shortly thereafter, after another good kick-off and pressure from the Bavarians, Robbie Schuster also dotted the ball down to score, with Munich leading 0 - 14 with just 5 minutes gone.
The home side continued to fiercely contest, however, and scored a try of their own. Unfortunately for them, it was to be their last score of the day - testament to the visitors' tough defence. The hosts never ceased to fight throughout the entire game though, which is certainly to their credit.
As MRFC probed and tested the Stuttgarter defences, they found a rhythym and flow to their attack; it became clear that they were growing into the game and building on an already impressive start. Man of the match, Gerd Gerhards, had a fantastic day propping for 80 minutes in the heat and was seemingly omnipresent on the pitch. Brenner succeeded in drawing at least three men into every tackle on him, whilst the pack took control of the scrum. At one point, Karl Wolff made an extraordinary 5 tackles in about 20 seconds! The good use of a structured game which nonetheless allowed for individual creativity definitely was bringing out the best in the players. Fred Odur grabbed a couple of tries, and Robbie added another to his tally before halftime, leaving the score at 5 - 33 going into the break.
Thereafter the Münchner stamped their authority onto the game. Whilst the attack continued to impress, with Dougie and then Axle Mrkaa joining the tryscorers, even more pleasing was the defensive effort. The visitors dealt well with kicks, turning the tables on their opponents with swift counter-attacks. They did not repeat mistakes of over-committing to rucks and were much better placed to contain their opponents as a result. Further tries from Govule, Wolff and Kikawa rounded off a fine performance from MRFC, as they ran out 5 - 67 winners.

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Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Gerd Gerhards
2. Niklas Graf (ab 78.min Alan Moughty)
3. Guilherme Buff (ab 15min Karl Wolf)
4. Mariano Francolino (ab 58.min Olivian Gilea)
5. Ramathan Govule (ab 63.min Patrick Schenk)
6. Miguel Hernandez
7. Robert Schuster (ab 42.min David Clegg)
8. Sidney Brenner (ab 69.min Tautuki Choice)
9. Antoine Miguet
10. Frederic Begards
11. Alexandre Schranz
12. Fred Odur
13. Alexander Marka
14. Douglas Kenison (ab 42.min Sebastian Schüppel)
15. Brian Kikawa

Versuche: Ramathan Govule 3x, Robert Schuster 2x, Brian Kikawa 2x, Douglas Kenison, Alexander Marka, Fred Odur, Karl Wolf
Erhöhungen: Frederic Begards 5x, Fred Odur