DRV Liga-Pokal
München, 23. Juni 2018, Bericht:
Miguel Hernandez

München RFC : RC Unterföhring
24 : 12

The derby against Unterföhring RC was once again a tough and entertaining match to watch. Looking at the score, someone could say that it was an easy game for Munich, but that is not what we saw in Grosshadern,
Just in the beginning phases of the game, URC showed Munich that they were going for the win. After kicking and chasing the ball URC scored the first try and afterwards the conversion. It was 0-7 for URC, not the desired start for the lions. MRFC was not comfortable in his own field, having problems with both static phases: line outs and scrums. However, in around the 15th minute of the game, with MRFC playing on their opponent 22, Iuean Roberts Harry broke the URC defensive line and made an offload to Alex Marka, who did the same thing and pass to Mikel Herrnandez, who just had to dive on the try line, scoring the first try for MRFC. MRFC missed the conversion and the score was 5-7. In the following minutes, both teams had opportunities to score, specially MRFC did some good brakes using his centers but URC was good on tackling with the second defensive line and going quick for the ball, forcing penalty for not releasing. If was not until just before the half time, when Sidney Brenner made the second try after some good forward phases from the blues. MRFC failed again to make the conversion and the score in the half time was 10-7.
In the second half of the match we could see another MRFC, more secure in line outs as well as in scrum. However, URC managed to intercept a pass from MRFC and made the first try of the second half. The conversion was failed and the score was 10-12. MRFC continued dominating but the tries were not coming. Some time later, a player from URC did a delivery knock-on on a pass from Ramathan Govule and watched the first yellow card of the game. With one player more in the field, MRFC quickly managed to make the next two tries. In the first one, Govule broke the line and passed to David Clegg, who scored a try by stretching his arm towards the try line. The second came again from the hand of the number 8 Sidney Brenner, who scored after a line out and maul from the Blues and some standard forward phases. Both conversions were successful, thanks to the foot of Robin Compeyron. There was still time for more excitement in the last 10 minutes in Grosshardern, since two MRFC got yellow card, allowing URC playing with two more players the last minutes of the game. The first yellow card was for Mikel Hernandez for repeated offside (not back ten) after URC penalties being played quickly. The second yellow card was for Govule, for high tackling. Nevertheless, MRFC defended extraordinary with only 13 players on the field and URC had no chance to change the score.
The match ended 24-12, allowing MRFC to go to the semifinal of the Ligapokal. Congratulations.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Jose Munoz (ab 65.min Mathieu Gaugubus)
2. Joshua Kritzer (ab 30.min John O`Donnell)
3. Guilherme Buff
4. David Clegg
5. Owain Williams (ab 70.min Olivian Gilea)
6. Ramathan Govule
7. Miguel Hernandez
8. Sidney Brenner
9. Antoine Miguet (Capt.) (ab 55.min Alan Moughty)
10. Jamil Habash (ab 60.min Chris Hetherton)
11. Robin Compeyron
12. Alexander Marka
13. Sebastian Schüppel
14. Javier Gonzales (ab 30.min Alexandre Schranz)
15. Ieuen Roberts

Versuche: Sidney Brenner 2x, Miguel Hernandez, David Clegg
Erhöhungen:  Robin Compeyron 2x