DRV Pokal
München, 23. September 2017, Bericht:
Alexander Marka

München RFC : Hamburger RC
7 : 23

The game started well, with München RFC showing some strong defensive structure. However, after ten minutes into the match, Hamburger RC’s enormous pack managed to push forward to make it 5-0. München RFC secured the ball on the restart. Den Gill made some great clearance kicks that hit touch. We used mistakes from the oppositions line out to regain possession of the ball. The support play of München’s forwards contributed to the backs getting more of the ball. Gaps started opening up and Sam Cross used that to München RFC advantage. He amazingly skipped past three tackles to score directly under the posts, and converted his own try. Hamburg RC hit back once again with their strong forwards, smashing it up the centre. However, our forwards heroically, including Yassin Barik, Niklas Graf and David Clegg, managed to withhold that force on the 5 meter line. Nevertheless, Hamburg scored making it 10-7. Now “Ruck Roulette” started. the last twenty minutes of the first half had München RFC on Hamburg’s 5 meter line, then again Hamburg on München’s 5 meter line. Sebastian Schüppel and Guilherme Buff made some great tackles.
The second half started with a blast. München RFC had lots of the possession. Despite this, they made a couple small mistakes and lost the ball at a line out. One thing lead to another, Munich missed a couple of tackles, resulting in Hamburg scoring in the 55th Minute, making it 15-7. Then after some apparent “bad sportsmanship” Sebastian Schüppel got a Yellow card leaving München with 14 men. Already in our own half, we defended bravely, yet we could not withstand the ongoing force of Hamburgs giants. They scored another try in the 65th Minute. Munich regained possession and started smashing up the the pitch, with Tobias Lefherz, and then towards the end Alexander Michelfelder managed to successfully clear kick over our defensive line. Korbinian Vogel and Stefan Strangmüller played very well on the wings supporting the full back. Alex Loders got subbed on and absolutely dominated some rucks, however did drop David Clegg in a line out and gave away a free kick. Simon Laurich came on as wing for Vogel. Owain Williams, who had been working like a machine all kept on working hard to secure the ball in the ruck. Gerd Gerhards, Maxime Gelly, who played his final game for Munich RFC, and Sergio Delgado managed to stabiles the scrum all game and were like work horses. In the end we conceded another penalty to make the final score 23-7. We only had 16 players available. Many of our usual first team players couldn’t play due to injuries and other reasons resulting in some players having their first team starting debut. Therefore, we should be really proud at what strength we displayed and how well the team worked together.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Sergio Delgardo (ab 55.min Alexander Loders)
2. Maxime Gelly
3. Gerd Gerhards
4. Owain Williams
5. Guilherme Buff
6. Niklas Graf
7. David Clegg
8. Yassin Barik
9. Denmarbie Gill
10. Alexander Michelfelder
11. AStefan Strangmüller (ab 75.min Simon Laurich)
12. Sam Cross
13. Sebastian Schuppel
14. Tobias Lefherz
15. Korbinian Vogel

Try: Sam Cross
Erhöhung: Sam Cross

2. Bundesliga Süd
München, 16. September 2017, Bericht:

München RFC : TSV Handschuhsheim II
50 : 0

Der TSV Handschuhsheim hat das Spiel abgesagt.

2. Bundesliga Süd
München, 9. September 2017, Bericht:
Antoine Miguet

München RFC : Heidelberger TV
26 : 7

After a defeat in Karlsruhe last weekend and for their first home game of the season, the Munich Lions knew that they have to improve to face a strong team of HTV, whose players always offer tough and fair rugby.
During the first half, the Lions spent most of the time on the opponent side. With a strong lineout and excellent ball protection in the rucks, backs could get clean. The Lions took advantage of this situation and scored the first  3 points thanks to Fred's boot. HTV managed to come in Munich 22's but missed the chance to get points thanks to a hard defense. Just before half time, on their scrum, the Lions passes the ball quickly to Schüppel who reached the holy land after a nice 55m run. 8-0 at half time.
At the beginning of the second half, Munich scores 3 points but then releases the pressure and HTV's response was immediate: strong ball carriages and a converted try. 11-7.
For 15 minutes, Munich and HTV could not score, due to strong defense and excellent occupation kicks from both sides. On a dangerous attack from HTV back line, Schüppel picked up the ball after a mishandling in the last pass and scores another try, which was turned into a penalty try after he has been high tackled in the try zone. Munich stayed on HTV side until the end. Begards kicked a nice 40m penalty. 21-7. Immediately after that, the Munich forwards wanted their own try and did it with Tooks after a brilliant succession of pick and go's. 26-7. Final score.
Another nice rugby day in Munich.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Guilherme Buff (ab 65.min Quentun Degroote)
2. Maxime Gelly (ab 75.min Joshua Kritzer)
3. Sergio Delgardo (ab 77.min Adrian Schiller)
4. David Clegg
5. Philip Mack (ab 35.min Gerd Gerhards)
6. Tobias Lefherz (ab 72.min Tautuki Choice)
7. Yassin Barik
8. Robert Schuster
9. Antoine Miguet (Capt.) (ab 75.min Denmarbie Gill)
10. Frederic Begards
11. Alexander Marka
12. Sam Cross
13. Sebastian Schuppel
14. Alexander Schranz (ab 75.min Alexander Michelfelder)
15. Jacob Fafiolu

Tries: Sebastian Schüppel, Sebastian Schüppel (Penaltytry), Tautuki Choice
Erhöhung: Penaltytry
Penalties: Frederic Begards 3x

2. Bundesliga Süd
Karlsruhe, 2. September 2017, Bericht:
Scott Warner

Karlsruher SV : München RFC
15 : 8

The Münchner RFC travelled to Karlsruhe in good spirits and feeling confident after a successful few weeks of pre season. The Lions travelled with a strong squad plus a small group of travelling fans, clearly excited for the start of the new season.
MRFC started strongly with some good possession and took an early lead thanks to the boot of Fred Begards. Despite some good continuity play from Munich, Karlsruhe were able to contain strong runs from Robbie Schuster, Nik Graf and Yassin Barik. Karlsruhe then began to take more control of ball thanks to a very solid set piece. The pressure was then on MRFC to try and contain the strong forward runners from the home side. Munich defended stoutly but the defence was finally unlocked thanks to a clever lineout play that caught the blues sleeping. This was followed by a penalty to take Karlsruhe to an 8-3 lead at Half Time. After a strong talking to at the break. The Lions started the second half in dream fashion. Schuster regathered the ball directly from kick off and was able to give the ball wide to Maxime 'paper eater' Gelly who showed moderate pace for a front rower to score in the corner. With 15 minutes left of the game both teams were pushing hard for a decisive score. It was the home team who again, using the strength of the lineout and big forward runners, were able to crash over the line next to the posts to take the lead (15-8).
Munich continued to knock at the door but were unable to convert the opportunities into points. The impressive Karlsruhe defence worked hard all day and, as the heavens opened, kept Munich out for a deserved win. MRFC will return to Fortress Großhadern next week to take on Heidelberger TV and know that with a couple of tweaks here and there can look forward to a successful season.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Gerd Gerhards (ab 71.min Sergio Delgardo)
2. Maxime Gelly
3. Guilherme Buff
4. David Clegg
5. Yassin Barik
6. Tobias Lefherz (ab 63.min Philip Mack)
7. Niklas Graf (ab 78.min Quentun Degroote)
8. Robert Schuster
9. Antoine Miguet (Capt.) (ab 60.min Denmarbie Gill)
10. Jacob Fafiolu
11. Alexander Marka
12. Sam Cross (ab 51.min Alexander Michelfelder)
13. Sebastian Schuppel
14. Alexander Schranz (ab 70.min Maximilian Sonntag)
15. Frederic Begards

Try: Maxime Gelly
Penalty: Frederic Begards

Bayerische 7er Meisterschaften

Fürstenfeldbruck, 1. Juli 2017, Bericht: Peter Morris



The MRFC ladies made their way to Fürstenfeldbruck where they would participate in the Bayerische Meisterschaft 2017. The team travelled incomplete but was taking part also to play a last tournament with our Zoe Vallinga.
The first game, against Stusta I was hard fought and the MRFC ladies were well able to show that even though the team wasn’t complete, they were still candidates to the title. At the end of the first half, our ladies were ahead with a 7:5 result but were unfortunately unable to keep the pace up for the second half, leading to a final result of 7:19 to Stusta I.
For the second game against Stusta II, the MRFC ladies had the upper hand winning with a convincing 31:5. Our Zoe V alone scored 5 tries, a nice way to remind the team how much she will be missed! But even though the win was by a comfortable difference, the game was tough and ended up with Audrey Collin being escorted to the Hospital to check up on a head injury and Desi had to leave the pitch due to an ankle injury.
Now with two less player and a couple of other casualties, the ladies had to get ready to play the semi-final against TSV 1846 Nürnberg. Thanks to the effort of all the remaining players, as well as the great help from players from Augsburg and Stusta, the team had now once enough players to go on and play the semi-final. It was once again a hard game but the Nuremberg ladies came up on top with a narrow result of 7:10.
The game for 3rd place was against the home team. With the fantastic help from players from the other teams, the MRFC ladies manage to gather the strength to play one last game and fight for the best of the two spots up for grabs. The final result was 26:15 for MRFC, confirming the 3rd spot to our amazing ladies.
It was definitely the result the team would like, but it was a great one nonetheless, especially considering that the team was far from complete for this tournament.

München RFC - RC Stusta München I  7:19
München RFC - RC Stusta München II  31:5
München RFC - TUS Fürstenfeldbruck  26:15
München RFC - TSV 1846 Nürnberg  7:15

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
Audrey Collin, Christina Ehinger, Desiree Jaksch, Dorothee Mues, Elisa Semedo, Heidy Pedraza, Zoe Chioato, Zoe Vallinga
Special thanks für die Aushilfspielerinnen: Claudia Reendon, StuSta und Rebekka Held, U18 aus Ulm

Der MRFC belegte den 3. Platz


On a warmer and sunnier than expected Saturday (this writer will blame the rather questionable forecasting of for his decision to not pack the factor-50 and the subsequent burn that followed) 11 of Munich’s finest Gentlemen (and Monsieur Gelly) made the short trip to Fürstenfeldbruck to compete in Bavaria’s prime rugby showcase.
Highlights of the pool stages: With our hardest pool match first against Nürnberg the boys knew that they had to get out of the blocks fast. Fortunately the streaming of the Lions game pre-Kick off was exactly what was needed to get MRFC pumped for the game. Unfortunately the game kicked off not 2 minutes after the “Sonny Bill Incident”. This may have led certain members of the team to discover their rugby-league spirit inside them. One enormous/unnecessary tackle later (which Mr Williams himself would have been proud of) and a rather good offload, left Munich 7-0 down. Not the best of starts but it was exactly what the team needed because this was to be our last try conceded until the final. The group stages finished with our points difference reading: 122-7.
One other memorable moment from the group stages was vice-captain fantastic Maxime very nearly butchering a routine 2-on-1 (or should I say almost consuming a delicious stack of A-4 paper) only to save himself last minute and throw an audacious offload to captain even-more-fantastic Sam Cross as Munich RFC demonstrated their ability to play champagne rugby. Now as the loyal readership may well know captain-fantastic Cross has had a rather tough time of things this season with regards to receiving unwanted prizes in the post-match analysis so therefore when I go on to say that his performance last Saturday was nothing short of colossal I mean it…(and I’m certainly not saying this because of the fact that I would be host-less for Oktoberfest if I am not nice to him). So on the Semis.
This was always going to be a step-up from the pool stages as Würzburg had looked very good in their group games. Not only did the boys step up their game but they put in one of the most complete Sevens performances seen by MRFC in recent memory (or so I’m told). Würzburg could simply not get the ball and admitted afterwards that they had received a “schooling” in the art of running rugby. A notable mention must be given to Axel Krama who had the game of his life under the watchful gaze of his future in-laws (it is rumoured that he has now passed the worthiness-test…keep June 24/2018 free people).
The showdown.
In a repeat of the final game of the season MRFC met their local and infinitely less handsome rivals Stusta. Pre-tournament StuSta had looked the team to beat and their performance up until the final did little to change the opinion of the watching crowd that this would be a very one sided final. However, despite lacking 20kg in weight and 15 cm in height per player, the Munich boys more than made up for it in terms of their unmatched jazz/joué/Spielwitz. The boys started the game in lightening fashion and soon found themselves 14-0 thanks to a Fijian style offloading game. The second try in particular was noteworthy for the fact that this writer beat the whole Stusta team twice and only to unselfishly pass the ball to Akram to score the try (the real events may have involved yours truly making a break and then proceed to tackle himself a few yards from the line thereby earning himself a well-deserved Dick of the Day award…thanks to the boys for sparing my blushes and scoring off the next phase).
 A moment of controversy followed our second try in which Doug made the biggest tackle of the day (including the Lions game-sorry Mr Williams). The seismic hit was apparently felt as far away as Tokyo and proceeded to earn Doug a yellow card for endangering the environment. Munich held out with 6 men up until the last play of the half where they simply ran out of numbers and StuSta scored in the corner. The second half began with a brilliant recovery off the Kick off by a combination of Graf muscle and Cross height. This led to a period of Munich pressure where a try was very controversially ruled out for a foot in touch-TMO please! Off the ensuing line-out StuSta’s freshly substituted on 2metre-tall centre ran the length of the field to cut the gap to two points. Unfortunately at this point Munich were beginning to tire and were struggling to keep the powerful running game of StuSta at bay. Despite some body-on-the-line defence from Den and Graf StuSta scored once again to take the lead 17-14.
The team fully believed we could score once more of the final phase to take the win. Unfortunately Maxime was yellow carded for being punched in the face (I do, at times, empathise with the StuSta player) and in a repeat of the final 15s match of the season StuSta kicked the ball out to earn themselves a hard fought victory. The boys were understandably gutted after playing such fantastic rugby all day but should be incredibly proud of the way they performed.
Congratulations to StuSta once again-they were worthy winners and hopefully we’ll get a chance to avenge the defeat soon. A special thanks to Maxime for organising and coaching the team to such a good level. A last word shall be given to captain Cross who was an inspiration on and off the pitch scoring 100 points, completing 50 tackles and making 25 turnovers. (Please can I have a spot on your couch!)

München RFC - TSV 1846 Nürnberg
München RFC - RC Meteors Nördlingen
München RFC - Vfb Ulm
München RFC - Würzburger RK  41:0
München RFC - RC Stusta München 14:17

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
Giacomo Bernobi, Sam Cross (Capt.), Leandro Damian Gatti, Maxime Gelly, Denver Gillies, Niklas Graf, Jamil Habash, Glen Douglas Kenison,Julian Köhnlein, Alexander Marka, Peter Morris,Alex Schranz

Der MRFC belegte den 2. Platz