Bayerische 7er Meisterschaften

Ingolstadt, 2. Juli 2016, Bericht: Alexander Marka

The Tournament took place in Ingolstadt, who made a really great event out of it. Nevertheless it was an early start for us, as we had to be there and ready for our first game versus our “Arch Enemies”, Stusta at 10am. Even though we thought we had left so early, we arrived after Toby Lefherz had already organised and set up the MRFC tent, under which we would regenerate in between our matches.
After feeling pretty confident after our successful warmup, we were overwhelmed by Stusta’s fitness and speed in our first game. The first 7 minutes we were struggling to find into the game, however in the second half we started fighting back. We started focussing more on what we trained and on what Rory had taught us, but the fight was in vain, as we lost in the end and missed out on our first points in the group stages. In our break we decided to work on specifics and iron out the little mistakes that cost us the loss.
We knew we had to win the next game versus Rose Tower, which we knew would be a very tough match. They had very strong and powerful players, and we knew we would just have to use our tactics to beat them. However, even though we may have gotten into the game a little better than against Stusta, it was a very physical and tough game. Every tackle was a perfect hit, however the fact that it started raining cats and dogs caused several handling errors, which slowed down the game to Rose Tower’s Benefit. We started to focus more and adapt to the slippery conditions and then also started scoring our tries, with some great speed and agility. We could go off the pitch relieved having secured us some points with that win, which still game us hopes for the top four Play-offs. However, we knew we could do better and that we have to win the next game versus Würzburg, which would be the toughest so far.
Our third group game was tough. We fought and played the best we had so far in the tournament. Everybody  hit their first up tackles, there were close to no handling errors and we played exactly how Rory had trained us, using the gaps that opened up. We dominated the first seven minutes by leading with a couple of tries. And after thinking we were well ahead, which we really were, and two minutes left on the clock we slowed down, possibly also because of our energy levels. That was when Würzburg fought back, we had gotten into our old habits and missed several tackles only to let them score. Furthermore, I do not want to call out any names, but in my opinion there were a lot of wrong calls by the referees, which was very unfair and showed a rather low level of understanding of Sevens or even 15s Rugby. However, in the they got past us and scored a little to often, which only made us available as contenders for 5 place. Very frustrating, but sometimes you just have to take it and come back stronger next time.
We were determined not to lose any other game and were in the play-offs for 5th position. We wanted to show the other teams what we could do and played very strongly and fair in our last 2 games versus Ingolstadt, the hosts, and then once again Rose Tower, which turned out to be a very heated game. Ingolstadt played very well, however we were switched on and barely let them have the ball. Our passes were near to perfect and we played more unified than in any of the other games. Uncountable tries were scored. We were simply going to make the most of it. We already played Rose Tower, so we had an idea what their strengths and weaknesses were, and adapted really well to the situation. Rose Tower preferred to play down the middle so we decided to hit the wings in addition to speeding up the game as after rucks there were always some gaps in Rose Tower’s defensive line. Using our tactics we scored several tries, and Rose Tower was getting more and more frustrated. Unfairly, I provoked the whole Team and caused things to get very heated on and off the pitch. Which is now the reason, that I had to write this match report. However, after the game we all got together and had a great discussion with Rose Tower and their coach about this incident.
In the end, many tries, tackles and a couple of injuries later, we came out as 5th in the Tournament. I’m personally very proud of the energy and mentality put into training and especially how we worked together as team. Not exactly the result we wanted, but as mentioned before, we will learn from our mistake and come back stronger. It was a great tournament. Thank-you Ingolstadt and congratulations to Stusta on leading a Munich team to Victory.

Ergebnisse: Stusta (Lost), RT Vilseck (Win), Würzburger RK (Lost), TSV Ingolstadt (Win), RT Vilseck (Win)

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
Giacomo Bernobi, Sidney Brenner, Maxime Gelly, Niklas Graf, Julian Köhnlein, Borja Mandaluniz, Alexander Marka, Alan Moughty, Richard Schuster, Alexandre Schranz, Sandro Tschaidse, Scott Warner
Trainer: Rory Donoghue
Support: Tobias Lefherz, David Clegg, Philipp Mack, Henrique Zingg, Robert Schuster, Pablo Puyalto

Der MRFC belegte den 5. Platz

2. Bundesliga Süd, Aufstiegsspiel Bundesliga
Luxemburg, 21. Mai 2016, Bericht:
Rory Donoghue

RC Luxemburg : München RFC
12 : 9

As we learnt yesterday, Saturday is Rugby Day but this Saturday was an even more special Rugby day. It was the chance for the team to create another piece of club history and the team traveled with high hopes to Luxemburg. The preparation had been excellent and supported by our Oasis of experience and knowledge, Lofty, the team was ready.
Expectations for a Firestarter-like beginning were quickly tempered when it was clear that the 2 teams facing each other were  unwilling to give an inch.  Munich started in a controlled fashion and converted early their first chance for points through the boot of Sandro. The team was however soon Under Pressure, but fine defence all around kept the Luxemburg team out and despite conceding 2 kickable penalties (which Luxemburg were not able to convert) Munich, just before half time kicked their second penalty and went into the break 6 -0 to the good.
The second half started with Munich this time dominating territory but once again unable to create any significant trying scoring chances. Unfortunatley, like Luxemburg in the first half, the team lacked the Killers instinct and was unable to convert 2 penalties and instead of being ahead 12-0 the score remained as it was. Once again an attack by Munich was excellently stopped by Luxemburg and from the ensuing penalty (for not releasing) Luxemburg tapped quickly and a darting run by their no. 10 caught the otherwise excellent midfield defense napping. A pass to the supporting winger and Munich's lead was cut to 1 point.
However, the team stayed calm and when another penalty was given against Luxemburg, Sandro confidently stepped up and increased the lead to 4 points. Now it was time for Luxemburg to up the pressure and knowing that a penalty was not enough they went for the try. After a series of 5 metre scrums and pick and go's in front of the Munich posts, their number 9 squirmed over and the successful conversion but Luxemburg ahead for the first time in the game. Munich gave everything in the remaining 5 minutes to get within striking distance but there were no Angels to help Munich to cut the deficit and Luxemburg's excellent defense Seal(ed) their deserved win.
So, no Champagne Supernovas to celebrate at the end of the day for MRFC. But tomorrow is another day (actually tomorrow is Monday, and I don't like Mondays) and the team should look on the (Mr.) Brightside and reflect with Pride (in the name of..) on a great season. Who knows, there may be some child Prodigy among the MRFC talent (we will see on the 4/5 of June) who will look up to this current team for inspiration.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Karl Wolf
2. Maxime Gelly (ab 69.min Alex Loders)
3. Gerd Gerhards (von 10.min bis 15. min Alex Loders)
4. Bruno Diaquino (ab 70.min Sam Cross)
5. Padraig Noughton (ab 55.min Julian Bainbridge)
6. Niklas Graf
7. Scott Warner
8. Sidney Brenner (Capt)
9. Antoinne Miguet (ab 70.min Nino Haase)
10. Sandro Tschaidse
11. Alexander Marka (ab 71.min Tobias Lefherz)
12. David Clegg (ab 60.min Alan Moughty)
13. Sebastian Schüppel
14. Javier Gonzales (ab 33.min Alexandre Schranz)
15. Frederic Begards

Penalties: Sandro Tschaidse 3x

2. Bundesliga Süd, Aufstiegsspiel Bundesliga Halbfinale
München, 07. Mai 2016, Bericht:
Sidney Brenner

München RFC : RC Aachen
39 : 29

On Saturday the 1st Team MRFC Lions were playing the semi final of the 2nd Bundesliga against RC Aachen. After a nice Captains Run on Friday the Lions were ready to perform awesome at a crowded Stadium in Ludwig-Hunger-Straße. Both Teams were hungry for a win and the audience wanted to see a big game of rugby! On a sunny Saturday midday the crowd was waiting for the kickoff and both teams were ready for a clash of the titans! At the beginning Munich was pumping up the Level, some good phases and a penalty against Aachen right in front of their Posts. Munich took the first 3 Points with a nice kick from Sandro “The Leg” Tschaidse.
A lot of errors from Aachen and Munich were using them. The Lions are dominating the Scrum, so it is giving them the platform, for some good attacking balls. So Munich went on, carrying the Ball into the 22m of Aachen. Great work of the Forwards, now the ball is going through the hands of the backs, 10, 12, 13. And there he goes, Sebastian “Die Spinne” Schüppel, through the Defence of Aachen. Try Munich! Conversion from Tschaidse, he is having an awesome kicking day again. 10:0.
Kick off again, deep inside the Lions 22m and they are struggling to catch the ball and putting their self’s under pressure. Finally they got it and the ball finds his way into the touch line. Line out Aachen, but Bruno “the LatinDancer” is quicker and gets in front of his opposite! Munich with quick hands to get over the advantage line and the forwards are setting a platform for the backs. A fast ruck and the ball fly’s through the hands and Schüppel is getting around with the overlap, passes to the Winger Alexander Wolfgang “the Austrian” Marka, who is putting on 1, 2 steps, tackle offload to Scott “The SunCream” Warner and he makes is over the line. Great team effort by the Munich Lions. Try Munich and Tschaidse is still on a 100% with his kicks. 17:0.
So Aachen starts again with the Kick off. High Ball into the Munich forwards, and something happened, from struggling to catch the ball, Lions Nr.8, Sidney “The Vulnerable” Brenner, took his whole confidence and got up into the air and plucked the ball out of it! Took the contact and did set up a great platform for an attack. So the French Nr.9, Antoine “Dominici” Miguet, took the chance for an outstanding Box kick and Munich was chasing perfectly, Aachen got under pressure, they couldn´t pick up the ball, struggling, and there is Tschaidse picking up the ball, stepping, sprinting, tryyyy! Great try by Tschaidse, but he couldn’t get the conversion over. 22:0.
Restart Aachen with a kick off and a good chase from Aachen, kick Munich, ball in touch, 15m to the Munich try line. Line out won, good defence from Munich, but Aachen is going forward, the ref is blowing the whistle, penalty Aachen in Munich’s 22m. The Kicker is getting ready from Aachen, 1, 2 steps, the ball is flying, and not over!
15minutes left in the first half and Munich is performing well, but you can see that the sun is making both teams work. Munich is hustling their way up the field and a kick behind the Aachen back line, Nr.15 Aachen picks it up and puts it out. 22m line out for Munich. Good line out, 5 meter maul, ball goes out to the forwards again, but Karl “The animal” Wolf, does the “Loders” and didn’t catch the Ball – (Alex “The Demigod” Loders, he wanted me to get him a name like that! sth. like Herkules :D) Anyway, the back line picks it up, gives it quick through the hands, Nr.15 Alex “The Icecube” Schranz, get’s into the line and straight through in the try zone of Aachen. Try Munich and Tschaidse does it better then the last time and converts it. 29:0. 5mins left till the half time and it seems like Munich is already at the half time break. Aachen is making meters after meters, Munich is trying to defend, but the big Nr.8 of Aachen is going forward. Aachen is still going forward, pick and go, pick and go, close to the Munich try line and trough. Try Aachen. They just scored with the half time. Kick to the post not converted. Half time score 29:5.
Munich is starting back in the game with the kick off. Aachen is receiving and carrying it forward, phase per phase, Munich is defending. Then a big tackle by Munich’s Nr.8, Sid “The Spartan” Brenner, turns him a bit too much, Spear tackle on the Head. Ref blows and is talking to his sideman, and then pulls out the yellow Card, 10 minutes time off for the Captain. Could that be the “Dick of the Day” for the second time in a row!? (Yes it was!)
Now Munich is under big pressure, because Aachen is leading the game. Working good with the forwards, Munich is holding against them, great defence work, but can hold it and another try from Aachen. The Nr.10 is making the conversion and they shorten the score to 29:12.
Kick off and directly out. Line out Munich at own 22m, the thrown ball is too high, Aachen gets it and putting on some good hands and scores at the corner.  Munich has to change something or has to wake up again. Successful conversion. New Score 29:17. The Atmosphere is getting tense in the ranks, Munich performed such a good first half, but Aachen is hungry now.
“COM’ON MUNICH” – a wakeup call from Rory “The Legend” Donoghue!
And Aachen is still going, Munich is out of the game, seems like they missed the second wind. Aachen shows nice running skills from their backline, through the defence of Munich and scores. They can’t convert the try. Score 29:22.
Now it’s getting serious, Aachen is close to Munich, just one try they need, to get even. Something has to happen now! Kick off Munich and Aachen is trying to attack from that again. Good defence from Munich, but Aachen is making some meters. Knock on Aachen, Scrum Munich. Munich is attacking right from the Scrum at the Middle line. They have to put on some phases, Aachen is defending pretty well. But there is the gap, nice breakthrough from Nr.8, Sidney “Picamoles” Brenner. Aachen’s Nr.15 is covering, big pass to the wing Javier “Speedy” Gonzales and there he goes! Try Munich and conversion Tschaidse. Munich is back in the game! 36:22.
Awake now, Munich keeps on going, another good attack from Munich, but the ball went out into touch. But the Ref is blowing it back for a penalty against Aachen for an offside position. Almost 40 meters, and Munich wants the points. Sandro “The Georgien Topmodel” Tschaidse is getting concentrated, the ball in front of him, first step, second, baam and oooover! Brilliant! The Crowd is out of control! 39:22.
Now the time is on Munich’s side, but Aachen won’t give up that easy. They keep on going forward, phase per phase, forwards against forwards, but the defence is to strong. And there was a knock on. Scrum Munich. Munich is attacking, forwards are going, and then back to the back line, good hands and Tschaidse breaks through, runs, sees the 3 defenders from all sides, kick and the ball bounces into touch at Aachen’s 22m. Nice break and run, but Munich couldn’t get more out of it.
Aachen attacks again, going forward, making meters, at the 22m of Munich, Knock on. Scrum Munich, 2 minutes to play and Munich wants to change. Alan “The Language” Moughty, is doing the sub and its gives Munich a bit of time. Pschhh. The Ref blows the whistle, penalty against Munich – taking too long at the sub!
Quick tab Aachen and the ball is flowing through the hands and Munich is trying to keep up, but Aachen is too fast. Try Aachen and also the conversion. 39:29. Aachen is getting closer, but the Ref blows the whistle, Pschhh, Pschhh, Pschhhhhh! The Game is over Munich is in the final! Whooo! The supporters are giving everything, whole Munich can hear them! MRFC! MRFC! MRFC..

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Karl Wolf
2. Alex Loders (ab 55.min Maxime Gelly)
3. Gerd Gerhards
4. Padraig Noughton (ab 65.min Tautuki Choice)
5. Richard Schuster (ab 70.min Sam Cross)
6. Bruno Diaquino
7. Scott Warner
8. Sidney Brenner (Capt)
9. Antoinne Miguet
10. Sandro Tschaidse
11. Alexander Marka (ab 79.min Denmarbi Gill)
12. David Clegg (ab 60.min Nino Haase)
13. Sebastian Schüppel
14. Javier Gonzales (ab 72.min Tobias Lefherz)
15. Alexandre Schranz

Versuche: Sandro Tschaidse, Scott Warner, Sebastian Schüppel, Alexandre Schranz, Javier Gonzales
Erhöhungen: Sandro Tschaidse 4x
Penalties: Sandro Tschaidse 2x

2. Bundesliga Süd
Neckarsulm, 30. April 2016, Bericht:
Sidney Brenner

Neckarsulmer SU : München RFC
12 : 17

Meister 2. Bundesliga Süd


Saturday is a Rugby day! That’s why the 1st Team of the Munich Lions were Meetng at the Donnersbergerbrücke to hit the Road to Neckarsulm, at 6:45. They had to defend their lead at the top of the 2nd Bundesliga and with a win they will also win the 2nd Bundesliga. The last time MRFC won the 2nd Bundesliga is about 15 years ago. So there was big pressure on the boys to bring home the victory! The mood was good and the Lions had some time to rest on the bus, before the monumental kickoff, were the boys could write history! On a sunny midday their awesome support, the injured player Pablo “Escoba” Puyalto and the Manager Marc “the Linesman” Sijbers, got everything organized for a perfect match against the physical strong players of NSU. The physio Phillip “Sexy” Mack did a good job in rubbing Alex Loders strong and comparable Adonis Body for half an hour, to get him prepared for the game. At 13.00 o’clock the Munich Lions started the game with a kickoff playing against the sun, what was a little disadvantage, because their player coach Scott “The Skin” Warner, had to put on a second skin of sun cream, to protect his actual skin. NSU was tough and did put big pressure on MRFC from the 1st minute on. The big NSU forwards were fighting their way closer and closer to Munich’s try line and finally they could score in the 9th minute with nice hands to the Nr.15 under the posts and also converted it. From now on the game was hectically and way too many errors from both sides. Knock-on’s, Bad offloads and unplaced passes, not a good game of Rugby for the almost 100 Rugby Fans in Neckarsulm. But the Nr. 10 of Neckarsulm was leading the game with his good kicking game, to get Munichs back three under pressure.
The First 20min full of Scrums the NSU was dominating the Scrums and Munich struggled to hold the pressure of the big NSU front row. Somehow Munich managed to get a throw in 10m in front of the line of Neckarsulm and wanted to get the game even again. Trick throw at the Lineout from Munich made some meters but got blown back of the Ref from TVP Pforzheim Thomas Bolian. The Battle was even now. Both teams kept on fighting. 20th minute Munich’s Nr.8, Sidney “Performance” Brenner, saw the hole in the NSU defence and made a big break through, did put on 1,2 steps on the grass, looking like an elephant at the porcelain shop, and  dropped the ball at the offload. Knock-on. Scrum NSU.
32nd minute NSU was working their way forward aiming to the Munich try line and found their way through to score another try without converting it. 12:0 for the hosting team NSU. Not a good start for Munich to pretend their first place and for winning the league. At the end of the first half the big centre of the Lions David “the body” Clegg(ers) had to get subbed, because a NSU knee was hitting his back badly, while he was diving into another dropped ball. Alan “kauderwelsch” Moughty (gibberish) got in for him. And 3 minutes later Sidney “El Capitano” Brenner also had to leave the pitch, because of a dead leg and his performance got to an end. At least he tried to stay on the pitch, after two times on the ground and getting up again. But the Rugby God doesn’t want the captain to stay on, so he went of the pitch and the third row player Tautaki “the German” Choice got on for him. Brenners commitment wasn’t seen from his teammates so they decided to get him the DoD award for his injury. So Munich got into the half time by 12 points back to the physically strong NSU.
Munich had to change their game plan or at least adjust their game to the opposite! So their replacement and long experience player Alan “kauderwelsch” Moughty who was analysing almost the whole first half from the bench and showed Munich their strengths and weaknesses from the first half. So NSU started with the kickoff of the 2nd half. Both Teams were giving it to each other with new energy after the halftime break. Both sides with nice Attacks and breakthroughs, great defending work, including big hits and in the heat of the battle, Alex “Adonis” Loders had to leave the pitch, because of a back injury. So the big front rower Karl “the missing mullet” Wolf got on and showed everyone how to unload some massive power and energy. 35 minutes left, Munich was finding their way back into their game plan. With some good phases of the forwards, they started getting control of the game and made their way up to the NSU try zone. Contact, clean, pass and again contact, clean, pass and now the Munich back line was attacking, great hands and their number 11, Tobias “The Major” Lefherz, running on the sideline, 5 meters, 2 meters and TRY! So Munich could shorten the score from 12 points to 5 points and now the Kicking talent, Sandro “Hairy Wilkinson” Taschaidse, was showing his great skills, right from the outline he converted the first try of Munich. Score 12:7. Now Munich was fighting hard and was getting their game plan going. Again Munich was on the 22 meter line of NSU. Though game, but the Munich forwards were into it now, 1st phase, 2nd phase, still going, 5 meter in front of the score zone, whistle was blowing, penalty against Neckarsulm for falling over the ruck. What were MRFC going to do now, quick tab, scrum or a line-out? No nothing like that, they wanted the points! Easy 3 Points for Tschaidse and the score board says 12:10, such a thriller. Another substitution from Munich, Alex “The baby spider” Marka, is coming on for the 50th tests Match Man, Javier “The wolfman” Gonzalez, great game of the Latin American player.Munich kept on going, attacking, phases per phases, NSU kept on defending, and Munich was pointing with their fitness. 10minutes left, Munich was attacking with everything. 5 minutes left, the time was running down. What was Munich going to do? Nice kick from their Nr. 15, Fred “The peaceful” Begards, right back into the 5meter line of Neckarsulm, the fresh winger Marka went for the chase, getting closer, Neckarsulm was struggling to pick up the ball, Marka is almost there, kick from NSU, block Marka, Neckarsulm is trying to get on the Ball, Marka gets it, jumps in the air, lands, TRY, TRY, TRY! Alex “the joker” Marka is bringing Munich in front to a score of 15:12 and Tschaidse, of course converts the try, to a score of 17:12.
3 minutes left, Munich is leading, going for the win of the league. Neckarsulm is going hard. Also want to win that game. NSU is going up with phases, 1, 2, 3 phases. Now the backs showing awesome handling skills, the ball is wants to go till the winger, using the overlap, the winger has got space, just catching and running and it will be the win. The hands are moving the ball, pass, catch, pass, catch, the ball is almost there, he will score if gets the ball, the last pass,
and he drops it. No. No. No. That would’ve been the win for NSU. Scrum for Munich, they dominating it and winning it, 2, 3 phases, knock on, everyone is looking to the ref, is it the end? He’s checking the time and the whistle is getting closer to his mouth, 3 long whistles, dschüü, dschüüü, dschüüüü!
WIN, WIN, WIN! Over and out, Munich won the game and the 2nd Bundesliga, great effort of Munich, for fighting this physical and hard game till the end, also from NSU, for giving everything.

Fotos: hier  aus Neckarsulm

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Alex Loders (ab 46.min Karl Wolf)
2. Maxime Gelly
3. Gerd Gerhards
4. Sam Cross
5. Richard Schuster
6. Niklas Graf
7. Scott Warner
8. Sidney Brenner (Capt) (ab 35.min Tautuki Choice)
9. Antoinne Miguet
10. Sandro Tschaidse
11. Tobias Lefherz (ab 55.min Alan Moughty)
12. David Clegg (ab 32.min Alexandre Schranz)
13. Sebastian Schüppel
14. Javier Gonzales (ab 63.min Alexander Marka)
15. Frederic Begards

Versuche: Tobias Lefherz, Alexander Marka
Erhöhungen: Sandro Tschaidse 2x
Penalty: Sandro Tschaidse

2. Bundesliga Süd
München, 23. April 2016, Bericht:
Alan Moughty

München RFC : Stuttgarter RC
92 : 11

MRFC 1st prepared for the final home game of the league versus Stuttgart. One side playing for a home semi-final spot in the play offs, the other side playing to ensure they avoid relegation. A very dangerous proposition and as was mentioned during the week 'possible banana skin'. Munich kicked off and as expected Stuttgart were the ones playing like their lives depended on it and through their hard work they got the first 3 point of the game. The following 15 minutes MRFC went through the gears and crossed the white wash 3 times before Stuttgart replied with another 3 pointer.  19-6. The bonus point was wrapped up 5 minutes later when David danced his way over the line.  The final points of the half came from a well worked lineout move for Scott dot down. 33-6 half time.
During the break the message was simple - bring back 'our structure' into the game and work the phases. From the kick off, Munich did exactly what was asked and worked through the phases and with some great handling skills and off loads created 9 well worked tried. Stuttgart never gave up and showed great spirit to create a try of their own.
Over all a great team performance  with many players putting their hands up for a starting spot for next week game.

Fotos: hier

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Karl Wolf
2. Maxime Gelly
3. Alex Loders (ab 46.min Gerd Gerhards)
4. Bruno Diaquino (ab 65.min Sam Cross)
5. Padraig Noughton
6. Niklas Graf
7. Scott Warner
8. Sidney Brenner (Capt) (ab 61.min Tautuki Choice)
9. Antoinne Miguet (ab 65.min Alan Moughty)
10. Sandro Tschaidse
11. Tobias Lefherz (ab 71.min Julian Köhnlein)
12. David Clegg (ab 71.min Alexandre Schranz)
13. Sebastian Schüppel
14. Javier Gonzales (ab 54.min Alexander Marka)
15. Frederic Begards

Versuche: Sebastian Schüppel 3x, Sandro Tschaidse 3x, Scott Warner 3x, Tobias Lefherz 2x, David Clegg 2x, Frederic Begards
Erhöhungen: Sandro Tschaidse 11x