Frauen Bundesliga
Mainz, 02. April 2016, Bericht: Zoè Chioato

SG Rhein Main : München RFC
50 : 0

Time: 6:45 am, Location: Donnersberger Brücke, Temperature: approximately -5 L Temperature: approximately -5°

Still unaware that this would be THE day I would get my first sunburn in 2016, I was freezing my non-existent balls off waiting for the rest of my teammates at Donnersberger Brücke (why is everyone so damn late?). After realising that I was on the wrong side of the track, I finally met the rest of my still sleepy teammates (there’s no life before coffee they say!). Everything was loaded into our bus, we wished the men’s team good luck in Heidelberg an off we were on our 6-hour odyssey to Mainz. Picking up Jenifer Edholzer (NO you’re not allowed to sing “Swing low sweet chariot”!), Team Mexico Heidy Pedraza (late as usual!), Natalie Treitlein and Stefanie Müller on the way, we got to Mainz safe and sound…well let’s be honest: There was one small incident! Team Mexico was nearly forgotten at the Raststätte in Pforzheim. It took her too long to powder her nose some say.

Time: 10:00 am, Location: Mainz, Temperature: HOT

Arriving in sunny Mainz we met up with the rest of the squad, Elvira Beringer (Bamberg), Veronika Horn and Erica Myers (both Nürnberg). The usual Capri-Sonne Fairy Drink was distributed for good luck and everyone got her head into the game. Everyone was aware of the importance of this game as the SG Rhein/Main is ranked in 6th position and had not been overly cooperative when we wanted to postpone the home game in autumn (00:50 and 2 minus points for MRFC). Everyone was highly motivated!

Time: 3:00 pm, Location: Mainz, Temperature: Shit I forgot to put on sun cream!

The game began with an MRFC kick-off from Audrey Collin, a pressuring chase by Zoé Chioato, which led to a knock-on by Mainz and a MRFC scrum. Number 8 Stefanie Müller took the blind-side, offloaded to speedy winger Line Al Fassih and within 1 minute of play the MRFC girls where 10 meters short of the Mainz try-line. Unfortunately, the ball was lost and Mainz gained a few meters only to lose it again due to a turn-over by experienced hooker Céline Calvo. MRFC were putting pressure on the Mainz defence, but were too hectic in the attacking phases. Often the ball was given to players without support and the girls from Mainz did a good job in stealing the ball back. In attack although, the Mainz backs could not get past the well organised MRFC defense line. The center pairing with Myers and Chioato worked well together to prevent Mainz from breaking trough. They were supported by fullback Elisa Semedo, who as usual, didn’t miss a tackle. The first try of the game happened after a long passage of play, which created an overlap and so Mainz managed to score in the corner. The MRFC girls didn’t lose hope and continued being dangerous in attack, usually after well executed scrums/line-outs. With well-timed passes by fly-half Collin and excellent footwork from  Myers, the MRFC girls managed to put pressure on their opponents and make some breaks. Good tackles were made on both sides, although after yet another turnover ball, Rhein/Main managed to slip past the, not yet organized, Munich defence to score the second try of the game.
For the second half, the girls wanted to slow the ball down in attack, to enable the forwards to better organise themselves, thus avoiding losing the ball too quickly. Unfortunately, as the game continued, some strange calls by the referee were made, as Rhein/Main often held on to the ball after tackles. Obvious knock-ons and forward passes were missed by the referee, which led to another Rhein/Main try and MRFC, frustrated, started to give away penalties at the breakdown.

After reading the report of the second team I allowed myself to copy/paste a similar section of theirs: “Some were good calls but it also became clear that the usual competition for ball after tackles would not be permitted even when the steal was clear and fair. Due to this Munich did not adapted and decided not to compete on the floor but instead clear out and over the ball to panic and become insecure.”
Whereas the second team adapted and managed to win their game against StuSta II, the inexperienced Women’s team struggled to do so and after a quick penalty Rhein/Main scored again under the posts. Confidence as well as fitness faded and the girls tried their best to respect the referee’s unusual layout of the offside rule, thus allowing Rhein/Main to get over the gain line very easily. Like in the first half, after set pieces, MRFC was still dangerous with Müller, as well as Collin and Chioato breaking trough, but support was never there, and so the girls did not manage to score points, yet again.
And again the forwards can look back to a very strong and competitive pack.
The girls were really frustrated after the game, but yet again have learned a lot. Now they need to continue working on their flaws to improve and be able to at least score this season.

Time: Late, Location: Drunk in the bus, Beer Temperature: 5°C

Player of the day: Stefanie Müller, for her tireless work in defence, her powerful breaks in attack and her leadership on the field.
Hammer of the day: Zoé Chioato, for her huge hits, especially after kick-off and her defensive work in the backline.
Rookie of the day: Carlotta Ludwig, for making unbelievably brave tackles on the wing, in her first XVs game.
Bitch of[f] the pitch: Heidy Pedraza/Team Mexico, for taking too long in the shower, showing up too late at the meeting point and for nearly being forgotten at the Raststätte in Pforzheim. We love you anyway tiny scrum-half!

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1. Natalie Treitlein
2. Céline Calvo
3. Lisa Goldmann
4. Kimberley [RG Rhein/Main]
5. Veronika Horn
6. Laura Bubl
7. Elvira Beringer
8. Stefanie Müller
9. Heidy Pedraza
10. Audrey Collin
11. Jennifer Edholzer
12. Erica Myers (ab 41.min Carlotta Ludwig)
13. Zoé Chioato
14. Line Al Fassih
15. Ely Semedo
16. Sabrina Rott