Frauen Bundesliga
München, 09. April 2016, Bericht: Jenifer Edholzer

München RFC : FC St. Pauli
0 : 110

At our first home game in the second leg of the season FC St. Pauli made their way all the way from Hamburg to play us at our home pitch in Großhadern. Due to a last minute injury we were only able play with 14 players. So we started off with 14 against 14. As in the previous game, at the beginning we were able to apply good pressure with Zoé Chioato making great tackles against the opposing players after the kick. This is due to a tactile change we made during our last XV’s game in Mainz last week as Chioato and Audrey Collin switched positions to inside centre and fly-half respectively which allowed Chioato to make some fast chases after the kick. Unfortunately St. Pauli manged to shift quickly after receiving the ball causing us to be outnumbered and creating gaps on multiple occasions on either of our sides. St. Pauli had a good overview of the game with fast players and were able to cut through our defensive line far too quickly without being tackled properly. It was a very kicking intensive game, which is a little unusual for a Frauenbundesliga game, but we tried to adapt to it anyway. We have to improve on it, as we received counterattacks when kicking into the opponents open space. Our defensive line wasn’t building up quick enough to put pressure on Hamburg.
The second half started off more promising as we were able to hold St. Pauli off from scoring for over 20 minutes, even being one player down for the first 8 minutes after losing Anne Wang to a neck injury. St. Pauli was kind enough to take a forward player off the pitch, so that we played 13 against 13 with a smaller scrum. We found a way to improve our tackling and hold our ground by shifting faster and giving better support. This made it more frustrating when St. Pauli managed to score. After that we did have some good moments, especially as our new centre managed to kick after a penalty for a line out within the opponent’s 22 meter line. But it wasn’t enough. As it became more and more discouraging, even though we did not give up and prevented a couple more tries, especially as Elisa Semedo managed to make an important tackle after the St. Pauli winger broke through our right side, we seemed to feel more tired than the St. Pauli players in the last third of the second half.
Overall we have found numerous aspects of our game we have to improve on. Not only our rugby skills but also our mind set, as we knew St. Pauli are a strong side and we let this get to us early in the game. We know that we can do better and are determined to improve and show St. Pauli next season that we are stronger and can put up a good fight.
Big thanks goes out to Robert, who coached us in the last session before the match as well as on match day. We strongly appreciated the guidance! It was good to show up with a coach for our home game.
Player of the day: Stefanie Müller, for her strength and versatility as a No 8 and after the first half as an inside centre, as well has her enthusiasm.
Hammer of the day: Elisa Semedo, for some great tackles, which prevented tries, during a difficult game for a full-back.

Mannschaftsaufstellung München RFC:
1. Céline Calvo
2. Anne Wang (bis 40. min verletzt)
3. Lisa Goldmann
4. Hanna Roeloffs
5. Désirée Jaksch
6. Anne Bierwisch
7. Laura Bubl
8. Stephanie Müller

9. Heidy Pedraza
10. Audrey Collin
11. Carly Ludwig
12. Zoé Chioato (ab 40. Min. Stefanie Müller)
13. Lisa Steyer
14. Jenny Edholzer
15. Elisa Semedo