Frauen Bundesliga
München, 6. Juni 2015, Bericht: Fernanda B.


 München RFC : SG Rhein-Main
5 : 37

Our last game of the season turned out to be in a very hot day in Munich. A beautiful day, indeed, but quite demanding due to the weather. Nevertheless, we came this far in the season and improved so much in all these past months that nothing would prevent us from giving our best in the match against Rhein-Main. Rhein-Main brought 13 players and it was decided that both teams should play without flankers. This demanded a bit of shuffling in our team but our players are quite versatile and everyone was up to their (new) positions. Also, due to the intense heat, it was agreed that we would play two halves of 40 minutes with a more than welcome water break in the 20-minute marks. The game started disorganized in the defense because we were having difficulties keeping one line and shifting in time. Even though our defense at the center was working fine, often too many players were too close to the ball instead of joining the line to cover the gaps. Rhein-Main used these opportunities to quickly get the ball wide to their centers and wings trying to outrun our last defense players. However, even with the opposing team succeeding in their task of breaking the line a few times, our team joined forces and was able to ambush their players forcing them to make mistakes (forward passes, going into touch) or pure and simple tackling them to the ground. Little by little our team started fixing the issues we were having and things started to flow better. We got many balls after rucks and even fighting a strong opposing scrum, our own squad managed to hold the pressure so our scrum-half could get the ball back to our players. Throughout the game, we had a better defense line and increasingly made more pressure, stole more balls, secured more rucks and managed to attacked more often as well. We got and stayed close to their try line many times and managed to score a great try, result of a team effort, with a mention to Desi who fought to get the ball into the in-goal area (but was held up) and Aude who got there just in time to get the ball from Desi and finally ground it for a well-deserved celebration. The last quarter of the match was the best for us... we were working much better as a team and trapped Rhein-Main into their own side (often behind the 22m line) for a long time since they were not being able to go through our line anymore. We would like to thank everyone who helped in this game, highlighting here both Vero and Sengül who came from Nürnberg to play (and have fun) with us. You are all more than welcome to join us in the future. :) And of course, to all our players who joined and sweated (a lot!) in this game. Overall, we had a fantastic first season in the Budesliga and it is all due to the players who sticked with the team and did not get frustrated with our tough games and challenging situation. Let's keep the optimism, dedication and commitment high and have an even better second season! ;)

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Désiree J.
2. Susann F.
3. Lisa G.
4. Veronika M.
5. Tanja S.
6. -
7. -
8. Dorothe M.
9. Line Al S.
10. Aude M.
11. Kristina H.
12. Sengül (Nürnberg)
13. Vero (Nürnberg)
14. Lisa S.
15. Audrey C. (capt)
16. Michaela S.
17. Imke G.
18. Kerstin F.

Player of the day: Line (for commanding well and organizing the defense line shouting her lungs out)
Hammer of the day: Aude (for being omnipresent on the pitch and being able to make try-saving tackles)
Rookie of the day: Sengül (for coming from Nürnberg even not feeling 100% but making a big difference in her first 15s game as our inside Center)