Frauen Bundesliga

Köln, 15. November 2014. Report: Stephanie L. and Line A.


ASV Köln : München RFC
51 : 0

The day for our ladies team started very early as they had to take the train to Köln at 5.30 AM to play against this year's Oktoberfest 7’s winner: the girls from ASV Köln. Our girls arrived on the field full of energy and with the will to play their best rugby after all the improvement they have made recently. The game started very well with a strong defensive line, good tackles and a shared ball possession. In spite of all their resistance, Köln managed to make two tries, before our forwards, in a remarkable action, stole the ball from the opponent, made a pass to our #12 who side stepped and enabled our #11 to make a break through. She succeed to pass the defensive line and to trick the full back with an inside-out step before being tackled 2m away from the try line. This action gave the girls even more motivation to bravely give their best. After 30min of game, some of our players got injured and coach Wiebke had to make adjustments in our game plan and some of the players’ position. The score at the end of the first half was 22-0. The second half-time started really well for Munich as they spent 20min near the opponent’s 22m line trying to make their first try, but the girls from Köln defended very well and didn’t let any try go through. We noticed once again our improvement when at the end of the game our former winger/new full-back Doro tackled #19, the strongest girl of the Köln's team, and our new winger Corinna, plazing for the very first time, tackled on her own Köln’s #13 who was making a breakthrough. The end score is 51-0. The girls were a bit unlucky in this game, but seeing ourselves many times so close to the try line let us know that Munich’s score is going to become positive very soon.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Desiree J.
2. Susann F.
3. Lisa G.
4. Yvonne S.
5. Rhonda C.
6. Monique T.
7. Michaela S.
8. Isabelle E.
9. Marie S.
10. Fernanda B. (captain)
11. Stéphanie L.
12. Lisa S.
13. Aude M.
14. Dorothée M.
15. Audrey C.
17. Maíra L.
18. Line Al S.
19. Anne W.
20. Corinna M.

Player of the day: Isabelle E.

Hammer of the day: Dorothée M.

Rookie of the day: Corinna M.