Frauen Bundesliga

München, 8.  November 8th 2014. Report: Kristina H.


München RFC : Stuttgarter RC
0 : 42

The match against our favorite opponent Stuttgart started in the sun and with encouragement from the men's team. Due to the improvement of MRFC and the ever growing team a close match was to be expected. From the beginning Munich showed excellent defense capabilities and put the opponent under pressure. However, most of the time Stuttgart, as an experienced 15's team, kept possession of the ball and the territory. MRFC made them fight hard to get their three tries in the first half. The second half started with an early try from Stuttgart's side. But during the second half, MRFC found more their own game. The constant pressure resulted in more scrums and penalities for them. The forwards were capable of winning turn-overs in the ruck. Our scrum-half, Marie, made the work of the opponent's #9 difficult and MRFC had a few good attacks, with e.g. Tanja Schütz making a break and a 5 m run. Unfortunately, MRFC was not able to convert the possession of the ball into points. Stuttgart played wittier, was more in love with the ball and quickly won it back. The rest of the match was again an immense defense work, with Aude being outstanding. Despite our efforts the final score was 0:42.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Desiree J.
2. Michaela S.
3. Tanja S.
4. Yvonne S.
5. Anne B.
6. Laura B.
7. Aude M.
8. Isabelle E.
9. Marie S.
10. Fernanda B. (captain)
11. Stéphanie L.
12. Tanja Schmidt.
13. Lisa S.
14. Dorothée M.
15. Audrey C.
16. Catherine T.
17. Susann F.
18. Maíra L.
19. Line Al S.
20. Monique T.

Player of the day: Marie S.

Hammer of the day: Aude M.

Rookie of the day: Line Al S.

Frauen Bundesliga

München, 1. Oktober 2014, Bericht: Aude Martinez


München RFC : SC Neuenheim
0 : 135

Am 11. Oktober hatte die MRFC Frauenmannschaft ihr erstes 15er Heimspiel und empfingen die Frauen von SC Neuenheim. Die gemeinte Aufstellung zählte 15+2 Ersatzspielerinen. Leider wegen 2 Erkränkungen und eine sehr kurzfristige Zurückziehung war MRFC nicht mehr in der Lage 15 Spielerinen aufzustellen und musste die ganze Team Aufstellung am letzten Augenblick neu machen. Einige Spielerinen mussten also an Positionen spielen, die sie früher noch nie besetzt hatten. SCN gab eine Spielerin ab damit beide Mannschaften zu 15 spielen konnten.
Nach 5 Minuten hatte SCN schon ihr 1. Versuch gelegt. 23 werden folgen… Verteidigung wird bei den nächsten Trainings Hauptthema sein. Das Ziel einer Niederlage unter 100 Punkte konnte nicht gehalten werden aber als positiver Punkt war die 2. Halbzeit überraschenderweise besser als die erste. Die MRFC Ladies konnten sogar eine Zeit lang den Ball behalten und drohten die gegnerische Verteidigung. Leider konnte keine bis zur Versuchslinie kommen. Gute Spielentwicklung und Takeln wurde von Dorothe M. gezeigt, was ihr den Hammer gewinnen ließ.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:
1. Michaela S.
2. Susann F.
3. Céline C.
4. Laura B.
5. ausgeliehen
6. Kristina H.
7. Heidy P.
8. Isabelle E.
9. Monique T. (captain)
10. Fernanda B.
11. Stéphanie L.
12. Tanja S.
13. Aude M.
14. Dorothée M.
15. Audrey C.

Player of the day: Laura B.

Hammer of the day: Dorothée M.

Rookie of the day: Susann F.




Frauen Bundesliga

Frankfurt, 20. September 2014, Bericht: Fernanda Brandi


SG Rhein Mainz : München RFC
80 : 0

The MRFC ladies woke up early once again to travel to Frankfurt to play against the SG Rhein Mainz. Even though everyone was a bit sleepy in the bus at first, the ladies started to get their minds into rugby, reviewing their positions and moves... or just having a bit of fun together! Our squad had some new faces and for a few of the ladies this would be their first rugby match! Exciting! Since our opponents did not have a full squad, it was agreed that we would play 12-a-side. The game was played in a very fast pace due to the Rhein Mainz team being pretty much composed by strong 7s players. Our team struggled to adjust to the quick dynamics of the game and many tries against us were scored due to us giving them space to make their game. That's certainly an aspect to be corrected in the future! Overall, the ladies were a bit frustrated with the final result but considering the short time we have been practicing 15s and training together as a team, it was understandable. This was the kind of game to observe our mistakes so we can work on them. The incremental improvements in our rugby skills are there and it's just a matter of time that we see them reflected in the game results. We'll definitely get there! The return back home was unexpectedly long due to problems on the road. However, that was actually a good thing since we got stuck in traffic and took the time to sing, dance and award the best players of the game. At the end, the day finished in the same way it started, lots of sleepy heads dreaming about rugby.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:

1) Tanja S.

2) Desiree J.

3) Vroni M. (from 45min, Susann F.)

4) Yvonne S.

5) Anne B.

6) -

7) -

8) -

9) Maira L.

10) Kerstin F.

11) Kris H.

12) Lisa S.

13) Fernanda B. (captain)

14) Stephanie L. (from 40min, Dorothee M.)

15) Audrey C.

Player of the day: Yvonne S.

Hammer of the day: Vroni M.

Rookie of the day: Anne B.

Frauen Bundesliga

Hamburg, 13. September 2014, Bericht: Fernanda Brandi


FC St. Pauli : München RFC
97 : 5

After many years playing in the 7s Regional League of the south of Germany, the MRFC ladies had their first official 15s match in the Bundesliga on September 13th in Hamburg. The MRFC ladies started their day taking the train to Hamburg at 5:30 and facing at least 6 hours of trip. The atmosphere among the MRFC ladies was great, lots of excitement and anticipation. Ahead of them there was a big challenge, to play against one of the strongest and most traditional teams in Germany, the St. Pauli ladies. Our hosts were celebrating their 25th anniversary and had planned a day of celebrations with games, a barbecue and a gala dinner for which we were all invited (thanks St. Pauli!). Their home ground was full of supporters, family and friends cheering for the St. Pauli ladies. The MRFC ladies were missing some of their key players but still managed to put together a mixed team of experienced and newer players to form a 15s squad. The match was at all times very fast paced and tough. Our forwards had to contain a very strong pack and our backline had to keep up with their well-structured and agile players. Even though St. Pauli found many opportunities to score, our team kept their good spirit and learned and improved at every moment. In one of the highlights of the match, Nanda (our vice-captain, acting captain for the day), intercepted the ball from St. Pauli’s backline in their own ground and being chased by three opposition players she managed to escape them and score our only try (which was highly celebrated). The match ended with a score of 97:5 but our girls kept their heads held up high and were happy for having got so far after practicing 15s for just a few weeks. We, as a team and individual players, recognize we have a long way to go but we appreciate every opportunity to play better rugby. We would like to also Sele, Miriam, Clara and Jenny for their support. And lastly, thank one of our players, Doro M., who is injured but have been by our side at all times helping and supporting the MRFC team. We all appreciate it.

Mannschaftsaufstellung MRFC:

1) Tanja S.

2) Desiree J.

3) Lisa G.

4) Vroni M.

5) Laura B. 

6) Jenny

7) Issy I.

8) Rossalyn Q. 

9) Maira L.

10) Kris H.

11) Clara

12) Lisa S.

13) Fernanda B. (captain)

14) Stephanie L.

15) Audrey C.

Try: Fernanda B.

Player of the day: Fernanda B.

Hammer of the day: Audrey C.

Rookie of the day: Stephanie L.